KF7YEM messages

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K6MOX KF7YEM 01/24 23:24:01z Reply Fun stuff a{4
KF7YEM K6MOX 01/24 23:23:25z Send another Logan Utah DN41CR
KF7YEM KC9YTT 01/24 00:13:38z Send another Logan Utah ND41CR
KC9YTT KF7YEM 01/24 00:13:01z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
K6MOX-1 KF7YEM 01/24 00:12:27z Reply Hello from jim via iss{1
KF7YEM SMSGTE 01/20 19:57:23z Send another @8012288911 Text from Jorden's hamradio.{006
KF7YEM BJ1SI 01/19 00:57:39z Send another Hello
KF7YEM SMSGTE 01/19 00:19:15z Send another @8012257243 Text Via Hamradio
KF7YEM-7 KF7YEM 01/18 21:16:12z Reply SMSGTE @4358963632 phone +ht{4
KF7YEM-7 KF7YEM 01/18 21:14:12z Reply SMSGYE @4358963632 hello from phone ht{3
SMSGTE KF7YEM 01/18 20:49:19z Reply @4358963632 Yes{M6500
SMSGTE KF7YEM 01/18 20:48:54z Reply @4358963632 yes{M6499
KF7YEM SMSGTE 01/18 20:48:02z Send another @4358963632 hello {008
SMSGTE KF7YEM 01/18 06:03:57z Reply The command 8012257243 does not exist{C6451
KF7YEM SMSGTE 01/18 06:03:57z Send another #8012257243 Text Via Hamradio
SMSGTE KF7YEM 01/18 05:32:56z Reply @4358963632 hello{M6450
KF7YEM EMAIL 01/18 05:29:42z Send another jorden.luke@gmail.com Hello...
SMSGTE KF7YEM 01/18 05:28:48z Reply @4358814946 Poor girl just wanted to be held. I get it{M6449
SMSGTE KF7YEM 01/18 05:28:08z Reply @4358814946 Love you{M6448
KF7YEM SMSGTE 01/18 05:27:40z Send another @4358814946 I Love you
VA7DXC KF7YEM 01/18 05:00:57z Reply QSL 73 DE VA7DXC CN89
KF7YEM-7 KF7YEM 01/18 01:36:40z Reply Just a test{2
KF7YEM EMAIL 01/18 01:11:28z Send another jorden.luke@gmail.com Hello
KF7YEM @43589636 01/18 00:10:04z Send another Test
KF7YEM NWS 01/18 00:09:06z Send another @4358963632 Test
VA7DXC KF7YEM 01/17 05:49:45z Reply Hello from Vancouver BC CN89 QSL?
W7BOZ KF7YEM 01/16 04:21:59z Reply What are you running for APRS?{GW}
W7BOZ KF7YEM 01/16 04:19:50z Reply What are you running for APRS?{GU}
W7BOZ KF7YEM 01/16 04:18:22z Reply ?APRST
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:17z Send another WG0THS-9,WW0LFZ-7,WY7CDL-9
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:17z Send another W7MJP-7,W7ORW-1,W7PEC-7,W7SAR-9,W7SJW-9,W7TIC-10,W7TIC-8,WA7MXZ-5,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:15z Send another N7YET,NARROW,NG6K-9,NJ7J-10,PHILL,PRMPT,RCHFLD,REDSPR,REX,RUTH,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:15z Send another N6RSX,N6RVI-6,N7BYU-1,N7PEG-10,N7RVS-1,N7RXE-9,N7SHM-1,N7UWX,N7UWX-5,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:14z Send another KK7CVP-9,KR1P-10,KR7W,KU5R-6,LGU,MALAD,MAUER,MHILL,N0FXE-9,N6DTO-13,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:13z Send another KG7FOQ-13,KI5FUN-7,KI7CC,KI7DAD-2,KJ7BC-9,KJ7JJV-7,KK7ALA-5,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:13z Send another KF6RAL-10,KF6RAL-14,KF6RAL-2,KF6RAL-6,KF7ELV-9,KF7PNE-9,KF7VJO-3,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:12z Send another KE7ERE-1,KE7GHK-4,KE7NZA,KE7TAS-9,KE7VVT-9,KE7WYU-9,KF6RAL-1,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:11z Send another KC7CVI,KC7RAG-2,KD7GIZ-10,KD7HOE-15,KD7OUT,KD8YQL-9,KE6AQZ-9,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:11z Send another K6MOX,K7BYI,K7DAE,K7GL,K7UHP,K7UHP-2,K8BKT,KB7ITU,KB7STN-3,
KF7YEM Heard 01/16 02:13:07z Send another AA1HE-9,AG1T-9,AG7LY-7,AG7MM,AG7MM-15,AG7UN-7,AJ6KW-1,BEARLK,
KF7YEM K6MOX 01/15 04:10:48z Send another Hello DN41cr
W7BOZ KF7YEM 01/14 04:44:18z Reply Great to see another APRS Station.{GQ}
W7QL KF7YEM 01/14 03:23:24z Reply HELLO FROM FROM DN40
KB6LTY-3 KF7YEM 01/14 03:22:21z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N6RSX KF7YEM 01/12 04:57:27z Reply Greetings from socal DM13
W6WW KF7YEM 01/11 05:46:06z Reply QSL 73 DE W6WW DM14
KF7YEM W6WW 01/11 05:45:56z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
W6WW KF7YEM 01/11 05:45:32z Reply HELLO VIA ISS QSL?? 73 DE W6WW DM14
KE5ZGI-7 KF7YEM 01/08 13:06:05z Reply 5x9 DM72aw Qsl?{57
KF7YEM-7 KF7YEM 01/06 05:32:52z Reply Test HT message {1
W7BOZ KF7YEM 01/05 14:27:45z Reply Nice to see another APRS station on the air! Kevin{NR}
W7BMH-2 KF7YEM 01/05 13:50:44z Reply Heard you via ISS in CN84 QSL?
K6MOX KF7YEM 01/04 14:41:08z Reply 73s from jim{1
KF7YEM K6FVC 01/04 14:39:30z Send another Hello.
KF7YEM NWS 12/25 15:06:11z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.4