KF5WUF-9 messages

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KF5WUF-9 K0KOC-7 12/06 04:39:39z Send another hello from OKC em15{1
KF5WUF-9 W0ARP-15 12/01 12:55:49z Send another got you in OKC. EM15. 73{1
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 12/01 12:51:59z Send another @wife hi sent thru iss{2
KF5WUF-9 WB5HJV-1 12/01 12:51:55z Send another got ya in OKC 73{1
KF5WUF-9 KE8FZT-7 12/01 12:39:51z Send another got you in OKC EM15 73{1
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 12/01 12:31:49z Reply Email sent to kf5wuf@outlook.com{383
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 12/01 12:28:48z Send another me hello thru iss{6
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 12/01 12:27:48z Send another @wife hi. sent thru ISS{1
SMSGTE KF5WUF-9 11/30 23:19:44z Reply @wife Hi{M4331
KF5WUF-9 N6DAN-7 11/30 23:15:40z Send another hello from Oklahoma. 73{1
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 11/09 18:25:47z Reply wife added.{929
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 11/09 18:22:47z Send another wife kengiek2@hotmail.com{5
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 11/09 18:21:55z Reply me added.{926
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 11/09 18:21:36z Reply me test reply{928
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 11/09 18:20:15z Reply Email sent to kf5wuf@outlook.com{927
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 11/09 18:20:14z Send another me test{4
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 11/09 18:19:54z Send another me kf5wuf@outlook.com{3
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 11/09 18:18:21z Reply No email address found!{925
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 11/09 18:18:21z Send another me test{2
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 11/09 18:17:57z Send another me KF5WUF@outlook.com{1
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 11/09 18:13:27z Send another me test{1
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 11/09 18:07:28z Reply Email sent to KF5WUF@outlook.com{924
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 11/09 18:07:28z Send another KF5WUF@outlook.com test{1
SMSGTE KF5WUF-9 10/31 17:09:08z Reply The number 4056181782 has been associated with this callsign.{C2983
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/31 17:09:07z Send another #mynumber add 4056181782{2
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/25 19:36:50z Send another test test{2
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/25 19:33:11z Send another @4056181782 test 2{1
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/25 19:24:56z Send another @4056181782 test{1
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/25 19:23:22z Send another @4056181782 testing{2
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/25 19:16:49z Send another @4056181782 testing{1
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 10/25 00:26:12z Send another kengiek2@hotmail.com testing, also sent via ham{1
EMAIL-2 KF5WUF-9 10/25 00:23:07z Reply Email sent to KF5WUF@outlook.com{702
KF5WUF-9 EMAIL-2 10/25 00:23:07z Send another KF5WUF@outlook.com testing{1
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/25 00:12:08z Send another @4053086543 sent via ham{3
KF5WUF-9 SMSGTE 10/24 22:58:53z Send another @4053086543 sent from my radio :){2