KF5QFG-7 messages

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SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/22 02:29:45z Reply @me KF5QFG-7 Yet another reply to Ragnar.{M4981
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/22 02:28:03z Reply @me KF5QFG-7 Another reply to Ragnar.{M4978
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/22 02:26:21z Reply @me KF5QFG Reply to Ragnar.{M4977
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/22 02:25:14z Send another @ME Test from Ragnar.{035
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 22:47:29z Reply @carol KFQFG-7. I got it. Let me know if this works.{M4952
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 22:18:23z Send another @CAROL This is from my radio!{034
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 22:08:22z Reply Aliases: me nate carol{C4946
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 22:08:22z Send another #alias LIST{033
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 22:07:21z Reply The alias carol can now be used instead of 5756448672{C4945
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 22:07:20z Send another #alias ADD CAROL 5756448672{032
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 22:04:55z Reply Aliases: me nate{C4944
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 22:04:21z Send another #alias LIST{031
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 22:02:52z Reply The number 576448672 is invalid{C4943
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 22:02:51z Send another #alias ADD CAROL 576448672{030
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 22:00:55z Reply Aliases: me nate{C4941
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 21:59:44z Reply The alias nate can now be used instead of 5756495309{C4939
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:59:21z Send another #alias LIST{029
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 21:57:22z Reply Aliases: me nate{C4940
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:57:22z Send another #alias LIST{028
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:54:41z Send another #alias ADD NATE 5756495309{027
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 21:53:16z Reply Aliases: me{C4938
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:53:16z Send another #alias LIST{026
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 21:53:13z Reply Invalid syntax. Please try again.{C4937
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:51:42z Send another #alias NATE 5756495309{025
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:50:34z Send another @ME QUICK TEST{024
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 21:38:41z Reply The alias me is 5756495209{C4933
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:33:38z Send another #ALIAS SHOW ME{023
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:24:26z Send another @5756495309 But typing gs really tedious!{022
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:22:05z Send another @5756495209 But typing is tedious!{021
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:18:30z Send another @5756495309 Yep!{020
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:14:52z Send another @5756495209 Yep!{019
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 21:12:42z Reply @5756495309 That's cool! Does this response come through?{M4930
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 21:08:43z Send another @5756495309 Hi Nate, just testing some digital radio stuff.{018
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 20:56:43z Send another @ME ALIAS TEST{017
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 20:53:54z Reply The alias me can now be used instead of 5756495209{C4920
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 20:53:53z Send another #alias add me 5756495209{016
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/21 17:50:18z Reply @5756495209 KF5QFG-7 This is a much longer test reply. Yadda yadda {M4896
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/21 17:47:32z Send another @5756495209 This is another SMS test.{015
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/20 22:56:14z Reply @5756495209 KF5QFG-7 A longer reply this time.{M4852
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/20 22:53:15z Reply @5756495209 KF5QFG-7 A longer reply this time.{M4851
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/20 22:52:21z Send another @5756495209 A LONGER TEST MESSAGE THIS TIME{013
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/20 22:48:13z Reply @5756495209 KF5QFG-7 another reply{M4850
SMSGTE KF5QFG-7 06/20 22:45:34z Reply @5756495209 KF5QFG test reply{M4849
KF5QFG-7 SMSGTE 06/20 22:42:56z Send another @5756495209 test message{012