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KF0KVO-10 N0TMH-9 05/16 19:53:50z Send another no thumbs up emojie {14
N0TMH-9 KF0KVO-10 05/16 19:50:23z Reply no just playing with ht{12
KF0KVO-10 N0TMH-7 05/16 19:47:29z Send another you out walking??{13
KF0KVO-10 N0TMH-7 05/16 19:40:33z Send another text to speech would be a godsend{12
KF0KVO-10 N0TMH-9 05/16 19:32:49z Send another pretty cool feature. Hope the knob holds out. LOL{11
N0TMH-9 KF0KVO-10 05/16 19:26:54z Reply yes sir you are!{11
KF0KVO-10 N0TMH-9 05/16 19:24:12z Send another hey Tim. Making progress on APRS"{10
KF0ICI-9 KF0KVO-10 05/16 19:20:33z Reply just sent u email{37
KF0ICI-9 KF0KVO-10 05/16 19:18:01z Reply a{36
N0TMH-9 KF0KVO-10 05/16 19:13:06z Reply hello hank{10
KF0KVO-10 KF0ICI-9 05/16 18:53:45z Send another hey back{09
KF0ICI-9 KF0KVO-10 05/16 18:53:36z Reply test{35
KF0ICI-9 KF0KVO-10 05/16 18:51:37z Reply hey{34