KF0BMD-11 messages

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KF0BMD-6 KF0BMD-11 10/19 13:33:03z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{01
KF0BMD-11 KD4QNA-7 10/16 00:52:46z Send another Delay msg reply, 20 bytes of you here in Denver 🚀📡
KF0BMD-11 K6MOX-1 10/15 15:11:11z Send another Good Morning, I got you here in Denver,CO QSL 73's
K6MOX-1 KF0BMD-11 10/15 15:03:14z Reply 73s from jim{1
KF0BMD-11 KF0BMD-6 10/14 15:53:20z Send another AA:Msg received via ISS Denver,CO
KF0BMD-6 KF0BMD-11 10/14 15:53:07z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{95
KF0BMD-11 K6MOX-1 08/20 13:56:14z Send another Beaming Back! Got you here in Denver,Co via ISS qsl 73's
KF0BMD-11 K6MOX-1 08/20 13:53:28z Send another Good morning! Got you here in Denver,Co via ISS qsl 73's
KD4QNA-7 KF0BMD-11 08/20 13:20:21z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{16
K6MOX-1 KF0BMD-11 08/20 13:12:42z Reply 73s ready to start beaming {2
KF0BMD-11 WA5RR 08/15 22:40:25z Send another Packet received via ISS here in Denver,CO 73's
KF0BMD-11 KD4QNA 08/15 22:01:40z Send another QSL Rcvd Here in Denver 73's{64
KF0BMD-11 K6MOX-1 08/15 16:23:15z Send another QSL - Packet received via ISS here in Denver,CO DM79NR
WA5RR KF0BMD-11 08/15 15:35:46z Reply EM04 Op Korey QSL?
K6MOX-1 KF0BMD-11 08/15 15:32:15z Reply Beeming started{1
KF0BMD-11 NA1SS 08/15 15:31:59z Send another Beam Me Up Captain @DM79nq{63