KE4SYV messages

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KE4SYV KE4AZZ 08/14 01:27:37z Send another I saw you call thanks and 73
KE4AZZ KE4SYV 08/13 02:20:41z Reply de ke4azz via iss 73{0U}
KE4SYV KK4PP 07/20 02:22:20z Send another Thanks, just getting into ISS KE4SYV
KK4PP KE4SYV 07/20 02:14:50z Reply QSL & Good evening!
XE3ISS-8 KE4SYV 07/19 15:09:07z Reply 73{59
XE3ISS-8 KE4SYV 07/19 03:05:53z Reply 73{58
KE4SYV KC9YTT 06/25 21:15:06z Send another I saw you on the last pass, KE4SYV
KC9YTT KE4SYV 06/25 20:48:48z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's