KE4AZZ messages

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KE4AZZ CM5ADR 10/23 20:27:14z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{B1}00
CM5ADR KE4AZZ 10/23 20:26:08z Reply Hello {00
KE4AZZ KL7JKC-6 10/23 20:24:53z Send another de ke4azz 73{9z}
KE4AZZ KD9EFO 10/23 20:24:28z Send another de ke4azz 73{B0}
KE4AZZ KC5ILO-2 10/23 20:22:43z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{9y}
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 10/22 21:15:58z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{9w}
KE4AZZ-6 KE4AZZ 10/21 20:33:34z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{70
9Y4D-8 KE4AZZ 10/19 22:24:31z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS WOULD BE MY GUESS.:)
KE4AZZ KB6LTY-3 10/17 23:56:57z Send another de ke4azz 73{9u}
XE3ISS-8 KE4AZZ 10/17 02:09:22z Reply de KE4AZZ via ISS 73{76
XE3ISS-8 KE4AZZ 10/17 02:08:42z Reply de ke4azz el87{74
N4WXB KE4AZZ 10/16 23:15:20z Reply QSL yes and 73 via ISS N4WXB
KE4AZZ N4WXB 10/16 23:15:14z Send another de ke4azz 73{9s}
KE4AZZ N6CO 10/16 23:11:48z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{9r}
KE4AZZ N6RFM 10/16 21:36:41z Send another de ke4azz 73{9o}
KE4AZZ NQ9P-9 10/16 21:35:58z Send another de ke4azz 73{9n}
KB8BMY-10 KE4AZZ 10/16 16:36:42z Reply 73 de mike{1
KM4ZEQ-7 KE4AZZ 10/14 23:22:11z Reply Greetings from Kyle - EM84{1
KM4ZEQ-7 KE4AZZ 10/14 23:21:40z Reply AA:ack
KE4AZZ KM4ZEQ-7 10/14 23:21:35z Send another de ke4azz 73{9l}
KF5TJR KE4AZZ 10/14 21:12:29z Reply KF5TJR Greetings{UF}9e
KE4AZZ KC9YTT 10/14 21:11:23z Send another qsl de ke4azz{9h}
KC9YTT KE4AZZ 10/14 21:10:45z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
KE4AZZ KB2M 10/14 21:09:13z Send another de ke4azz 73{9f}
KE4AZZ KF5TJR 10/14 21:09:04z Send another de ke4azz 73{9e}
KE4AZZ KB2M 10/14 19:33:20z Send another de ke4azz 73{9d}
KE4AZZ VE7JMN-1 10/14 00:11:13z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{9b}
KE4AZZ ALL 10/12 20:53:02z Send another de KE4AZZ EL87{9Y}
KE4AZZ KB6IGK 10/12 16:57:28z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{9Z}
KB6IGK KE4AZZ 10/12 16:54:02z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {0
KE4AZZ KD7QAS-8 10/09 02:56:31z Send another de ke4azz 73{9X}
KE4AZZ VU3NUF 10/09 01:41:16z Send another
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:07:26z Reply Sir, how to configure APRSIS32 to gate messages from the ISS{QQ}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:07:08z Reply is the configuration of the XML file?{QP}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:06:56z Reply Sir, how to configure APRSIS32 to gate messages from the ISS. What+{QO}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:04:25z Reply But does not Gate it ahead{QN}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:04:21z Reply International Space Station{QM}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:04:08z Reply Fm RS0ISS To CQ [21:45:58R] [+++]>ARISS -+{QL}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:04:03z Reply sound modem decodes the following packet from the ISS:{QK}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/08 03:02:03z Reply Sir, how to configure APRSIS32 to gate messages from the ISS. My+{QJ}
KF5TJR KE4AZZ 10/08 02:13:05z Reply 73 KF5TJR{SO}
KA8YES-6 KE4AZZ 10/08 02:11:37z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KE3LB KE4AZZ 10/08 00:38:12z Reply you are 599 in pa 73
KE4AZZ KC5TGT-7 10/07 03:05:15z Send another de ke4azz 73{9U}1
KC5TGT-7 KE4AZZ 10/07 03:03:44z Reply TNX for call. EM42 de KC5TGT{1
KE4AZZ-8 KE4AZZ 10/06 23:27:44z Reply 73{0
KE4AZZ KE4AZZ-8 10/06 23:26:58z Send another Thanks for the check in.{9T}
VU3NUF KE4AZZ 10/06 01:52:38z Reply Hi! thanks for the msg, de VU3NUF.. 73{QH}
KE4AZZ KA8YES-6 10/05 03:13:14z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{9O}
N6RFM KE4AZZ 10/04 02:27:41z Reply qsl from FN41iq. Cheers
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 10/02 19:09:38z Send another de ke4azz 73{9K}
K8RDS-1 KE4AZZ 09/30 21:16:07z Reply QSL! - QSL via LOTW - Thanks de Dean, Portage Mich EN72
HP1RIS KE4AZZ 09/28 21:01:34z Reply Nice to heard you on ISS
KE4AZZ HP1RIS 09/28 21:01:34z Send another de ke4azz 73{9I}
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/28 21:00:51z Send another de ke4azz 73{9H}
KE8FZT-7 KE4AZZ 09/26 22:46:37z Reply I QSL from EN72! Andrew/KE8FZT{4
KE4AZZ CQ 09/26 22:46:14z Send another de ke4azz via International Space Station{94}
9Y4D-3 KE4AZZ 09/25 20:24:04z Reply SEE YOU ON ANOTHER PASS
KE4AZZ KL7JKC-6 09/23 23:45:49z Send another de ke4azz 73{9G}
TG9ANF KE4AZZ 09/23 23:43:08z Reply Hello All. 73s -- UISS
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/23 23:42:36z Send another de ke4azz 73{9F}
9Y4D-3 KE4AZZ 09/23 22:07:54z Reply [AA] hi form 9y4d in t&t..w.i{09
KE4AZZ 9Y4D-3 09/23 22:07:49z Send another de ke4azz 73{9C}
KE4AZZ N4JXP-7 09/23 00:40:10z Send another qsl de ke4azz el87 73{9B}
KF5TJR KE4AZZ 09/23 00:35:52z Reply QSL KF5TJR{DM}
HP1RIS KE4AZZ 09/22 02:24:00z Reply QSL TNX and 73
9Y4D KE4AZZ 09/21 22:07:32z Reply GOOD TO SEE YOU ON THIS PASS 73 DE 9Y4D..=/IxJa&
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 09/21 00:44:04z Reply Greetings from KM4YHZ, W4LX ft Myers{XW}
KE4AZZ KK4YEL-1 09/19 02:26:35z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{99}
KE4AZZ 9Z4DZ-1 09/18 00:07:48z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{98}
KE4AZZ CQ 09/17 14:37:02z Send another Live Op That Actually QSL's{97}
KE4AZZ KN4IUD-11 09/17 11:05:54z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{96}
KE4AZZ HG5OAP-1 09/16 15:37:26z Send another APRS + SA 73 de KE4AZZ
KE4AZZ K9JKM 09/16 15:18:57z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{95}
HG5OAP-1 KE4AZZ 09/16 11:37:42z Reply ?VERSION{45
KE4AZZ CQ 09/15 12:26:54z Send another Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ el87 73{93}
KE4AZZ NZ4D 09/15 04:26:21z Send another de ke4azz via International Space Station
9Z4DZ-1 KE4AZZ 09/15 01:06:23z Reply Grace and Peace to All.... de 9Z4DZ
KE4AZZ 9Z4DZ-1 09/15 01:06:07z Send another 73 ke4azz{92}
9Z4DZ-1 KE4AZZ 09/15 01:05:54z Reply 73 , de 9Z4DZ
9Z4DZ-1 KE4AZZ 09/15 01:05:41z Reply U R 5 9 via the ISS de 9Z4DZ
9Z4DZ-1 KE4AZZ 09/15 01:05:15z Reply Grt seeing U on this pass... de 9Z4DZ
NZ4D KE4AZZ 09/14 18:17:22z Reply Florence passes.{GT}
NZ4D KE4AZZ 09/14 18:06:42z Reply I do wish you would cease your CQ Earthling messages until+{GS}
KE4AZZ WD9EWK 09/14 16:44:38z Send another qsl de ke4azz{91}
WD9EWK KE4AZZ 09/14 16:38:11z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {4
KK4SHF-7 KE4AZZ 09/14 15:21:54z Reply MC Good to hear u,73 john EL97 {0
KB8VND-7 KE4AZZ 09/14 03:34:09z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{61
N7FMH-15 KE4AZZ 09/13 14:29:08z Reply Is the ISS digipeater working now?{RV}
N7FMH-15 KE4AZZ 09/12 18:09:04z Reply Greetings from FN42!{RU}
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/11 14:20:33z Send another de ke4azz el87{8x}
KE4AZZ K9JKM 09/11 12:41:25z Send another qsl de ke4azz{8u}
AG5DL KE4AZZ 09/11 04:31:44z Reply QSL from Joe in Alamo, TX EL06we
KE4AZZ W6D 09/10 15:08:55z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{8t}
WA1GOV-10 KE4AZZ 09/10 13:49:04z Reply ISS over EL87WA AOS 10Sep18 15:08:43 UTC AZ 264 MaxEL/AZ 2/238
KE4AZZ WA1GOV-10 09/10 13:49:00z Send another ISS{8s}
KE4AZZ WA1GOV-10 09/10 13:47:35z Send another iss{8r}
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/10 13:36:25z Send another de ke4azz 73{8q}
KE4AZZ CQ 09/10 13:35:27z Send another de ke4azz via International Space Station{8p}
KE4AZZ ARISS 09/09 14:29:17z Send another de ke4azz via International Space Station{8o}