KE4AZZ messages

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N1MHV KE4AZZ 03/22 00:54:13z Reply AA:Acknowledged de N1MHV, 73
KE4AZZ N1MHV 03/22 00:53:42z Send another QSL your aprs is working 73 de ke4azz{EJ}
KE4AZZ KM4UFN-7 03/22 00:33:54z Send another ISS PKT was QRT @16:00 for Spacewalk{EI}0
KM4UFN-7 KE4AZZ 03/21 23:20:28z Reply .825 Mhz{2
KM4UFN-7 KE4AZZ 03/21 23:14:47z Reply ISS fly by 8pm Will beacon 145.850{1
KE4AZZ KM4UFN-7 03/21 23:07:12z Send another Just Hammin it KE4AZZ 73{EH}0
KM4UFN-7 KE4AZZ 03/21 22:56:25z Reply Hey Whats Up? de KM4UFN el 97{0
KE4AZZ 9G5AR-7 03/21 04:30:04z Send another de ke4azz el87{EG}
KE4AZZ NI4J-9 03/21 03:26:59z Send another Hi Steven{EF}0
NI4J-9 KE4AZZ 03/21 03:24:01z Reply GOOD{5
N1MHV KE4AZZ 03/20 21:48:22z Reply Greetings from N1MHV testing APSR{OE}
PY6TL-5 KE4AZZ 03/20 18:51:14z Reply 73 de PY6TL KE4AZZ{1
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 03/19 00:59:49z Send another QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{15
KE4AZZ KB2M-4 03/19 00:58:49z Send another QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{17
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 03/17 23:27:27z Reply I have left my station on over the weekend. I see I have hit the+{YY}EE
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 03/17 20:45:06z Send another Telemetry from NO-84{EE}
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 03/17 20:44:35z Reply AA:KM4YHZ. E.T. Phone Home
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 03/17 20:44:27z Send another PSAT]APRSON,ARISS,qAR,KM4YHZ:T#881,847,069,735,724,401,00011000{ED}
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 03/17 20:44:05z Send another your Igate is working good{EC}
KE4AZZ KM4YWZ 03/17 20:40:40z Send another PSAT]APRSON,ARISS,qAR,KM4YHZ:T#881,847,069,735,724,401,00011000{EB}
KE4AZZ KM4YWZ 03/17 20:27:27z Send another I gate is working{E9}
KE4AZZ CQ 03/17 20:19:51z Send another de KE4AZZ via Satellite NO-84 73{DC}
KE4AZZ CQ 03/17 18:43:17z Send another Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ el87 73{93}
N1MHV KE4AZZ 03/12 12:30:22z Reply de N1MHV EM74{FA}
KE4AZZ KE7KUS-9 03/11 23:05:27z Send another de ke4azz 73{E8}
KE4AZZ KB4ZC 03/11 14:59:10z Send another DE KE4AZZ 73{E7}
EMAIL-2 KE4AZZ 03/09 22:56:19z Reply Email sent to{IP}E6
KE4AZZ EMAIL-2 03/09 22:56:19z Send another de KE4AZZ via Sat NO84{E6}
KA2CZU-2 KE4AZZ 03/09 21:24:14z Reply FM29 in NJ{1
KE4AZZ VE3FFB 03/08 22:04:54z Send another DE KE4AZZ{E3}
EMAIL-2 KE4AZZ 03/08 15:37:26z Reply Email sent to{69}E2
KE4AZZ EMAIL-2 03/08 15:34:25z Send another via no-84{E2}
AI9IN KE4AZZ 03/08 15:33:38z Reply QSL es 73 de AI9IN, Steve
KE4AZZ AI9IN 03/08 15:33:03z Send another de ke4azz 73{E1}
KE4AZZ PY6TL-5 03/08 15:30:33z Send another de KE4AZZ EL87 73{E0}
KE4AZZ W3PRL-1 03/08 04:43:14z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{Dz}
KE4AZZ KB4ZC 03/07 16:15:47z Send another de ke4azz 73{Dy}
N1MHV KE4AZZ 03/06 15:19:45z Reply QSL de N1MHV 73{FH}
KE4AZZ K4WPX-7 03/03 15:55:50z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{Dw}1
K4WPX-7 KE4AZZ 03/03 15:54:58z Reply Hi from EL89 in FL QSL?{1
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 19:53:32z Send another My ground Sation didn't get in, but portable station did from{Du}LJ
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 19:33:29z Reply I didnt get sqat that pass{LJ}
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 19:23:23z Reply Hello{LH}
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 19:07:09z Reply still broken.{LE}
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 19:07:07z Reply I hear other stations, but nothing from the ISS. I think they+{LD}
N1RCN KE4AZZ 02/24 19:05:09z Reply [AA] QSL and 73 de n1rcn EL87 {00
KE4AZZ N1RCN 02/24 19:04:56z Send another This station is transmitting packets at a high rate, which can cause congestion in the APRS network.{Dt}
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:58:28z Reply calling them no answer. Getting close to their bed time.{LB}Dr
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:58:27z Reply the passes alittle, so I had to use tracking to verify. I tried+{LA}Dr
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:58:25z Reply Yeah, was looking at that, My ISS tracker on my phone is off on+{KZ}Dr
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 17:53:36z Send another next ISS pass in about an hour is over heard for us{Dr}KY
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:52:26z Reply internet back on.{KY}Dq
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:52:25z Reply couple months ago. Took a screenshot of it. I just turned my+{KX}Dq
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:52:24z Reply Thats AWSOME. I got on through the ISS once before it crapped out+{KW}Dq
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 17:51:19z Send another{Dq}KV
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 17:51:18z Send another you made it into NO-84{Dp}KV
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:50:24z Reply Just got a ACK from ARISS. Had to turn the internet off to get it.{KV}Dn
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 17:49:47z Send another qsl de ke4azz{Do}14
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:44:14z Reply GOTTCHA{14
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:41:10z Reply as well. No issue here. using APRSIS for my messages. Lazy I know.{KU}Dn
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:41:09z Reply Nice, I have to open PSTRotator, I have it open and ready, your S(+{KT}Dn
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 17:40:23z Send another your sign 5/9 here{Dn}KS
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 17:39:23z Send another waiting on no-84 in few...i'm good on{Dm}KS
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:38:27z Reply working on setting up desktop.{KS}
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:38:25z Reply Don't know if this will reach you VIA VHF or WEB, but Hello.+{KR}
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:36:05z Reply SET{13
KM4YHZ KE4AZZ 02/24 17:35:51z Reply GREETINGS{12
KE4AZZ KM4YHZ 02/24 17:33:55z Send another Hi Bryan,{Dl}
N1MHV KE4AZZ 02/24 17:27:11z Reply QSL de N1MHV 73{BY}
KE4AZZ KN8FEL-2 02/24 04:19:04z Send another de ke4azz{Dk}
K4WPX-7 KE4AZZ 02/24 04:17:08z Reply Hi from EL89 in FL QSL?{90
KE4AZZ KD0KZE 02/24 04:13:35z Send another de ke4azz{Di}
KE4AZZ KN8FEL-2 02/24 02:42:04z Send another de ke4azz{Dh}
KE4AZZ AI9IN 02/23 20:06:21z Send another de ke4azz 73{Dg}
N4IWI-4 KE4AZZ 02/23 18:32:53z Reply GREETINGS{DQ}
W4JHM-6 KE4AZZ 02/23 18:29:40z Reply Heard you via NO-84 in Edgewater, FL EL98
W4JHM-6 KE4AZZ 02/23 18:29:24z Reply QSL and 73 via NO-84 W4JHM EL98
KE4AZZ K4WPX-7 02/23 03:25:54z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{De}81
K4WPX-7 KE4AZZ 02/23 03:23:19z Reply TNX for call EL89 in FL QSL{81
N1RCN KE4AZZ 02/21 20:01:40z Reply de n1rcn EL87 QSL?
KB4NDR KE4AZZ 02/20 23:40:37z Reply Thanks, de FM06cc Greensboro NC 73
KE4AZZ KB4NDR 02/20 20:48:55z Send another de ke4azz{Dc}
KE4AZZ KL7JKC-6 02/19 20:06:52z Send another QSL de KE4AZZ 73{Da}0D
KL7JKC-6 KE4AZZ 02/19 20:04:54z Reply Good Afternoon!!!!{0D}
KE4AZZ KD4YAL 02/16 13:56:26z Send another de KE4AZZ how copy?{DY}
KE4AZZ XE3ISS-9 02/15 13:47:38z Send another de ke4azz 73{DX}
KB0VBZ KE4AZZ 02/14 19:16:14z Reply CQ de KB0VBZ DM78
KE4AZZ N0VWX 02/11 23:42:00z Send another de ke4azz{DW}
KE4AZZ KC9YTT 02/11 00:33:29z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{DV}
KC9YTT KE4AZZ 02/11 00:33:16z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's (KC9YTT Actual)
N0BPI-7 KE4AZZ 02/10 18:04:36z Reply Greetings KE4AZZ Loud And Clear From Minnesota{25
KP4IA KE4AZZ 02/10 02:44:48z Reply GREETINGS... 73{21
KE4AZZ KP4IA 02/09 04:52:07z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{DT}
KE4AZZ N0BPI-7 02/09 00:39:04z Send another qsl de ke4azz{DS}
XE3EA KE4AZZ 02/08 14:00:35z Reply 73{03
XE3EA KE4AZZ 02/08 04:58:12z Reply 73 from EL51ea{02
KE4AZZ XE3EA 02/08 03:20:33z Send another de ke4azz el87 73{DR}
VE2NGO KE4AZZ 02/07 23:55:25z Reply hi from FN35 in QC{1
AI9IN KE4AZZ 02/07 00:47:09z Reply QSL QSO via ISS AI9IN 73 de Steve EM79!
KE4AZZ AI9IN 02/07 00:46:20z Send another qsl de ke4azz 73{DP}