KE3LB messages

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KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 01/13 14:55:30z Send another K0KOC-1,KA8YES-7,N3UPY-9{UISS54}
KE3LB W4TBD-6 01/13 14:52:19z Send another QSL FN21 QRZ LOTW 73 VIa PSAT
KE3LB K1WY 01/08 15:41:35z Send another QSL FN21 QRZ LOTW 73 VIA ISS
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 01/08 15:41:28z Send another W8LR,K1WY{UISS54}
NP4JV-9 KE3LB 01/07 20:38:44z Reply 17:40 NOT 19:40
KE3LB NP4JV-9 01/07 19:40:30z Send another great thx 73
NP4JV-9 KE3LB 01/07 17:49:11z Reply DM41 AZ{1
KE3LB N2YDC-7 12/30 17:06:31z Send another season greetings
VE4NSA KE3LB 12/30 17:03:19z Reply Have a great day!
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 12/24 23:05:11z Send another N8HM,N1NCB-2,K0KOC-1{UISS54}
KE3LB N8HM 12/24 23:04:46z Send another hi paul 73 de ke3lb
KE3LB N8HM 12/24 23:04:20z Send another hi paul 73
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 12/24 23:03:46z Send another N8HM,N1NCB-2{UISS54}
KE3LB N8HM 12/24 23:02:52z Send another hi paul and patrick
N8HM KE3LB 12/24 21:23:12z Reply 73{7
NJ7H-9 KE3LB 12/24 21:23:08z Reply EM90{32
KE3LB 2X2L 12/24 21:22:13z Send another heard you via PSAT Archbald PA FN21fl
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 12/24 21:21:47z Send another WD9EWK-9,K0KOC-1,KK4FEM-7,NJ7H-9,2X2L{UISS54}
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 12/24 21:20:50z Send another WD9EWK-9,K0KOC-1{UISS54}
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 12/24 21:20:43z Send another WD9EWK-9{UISS54}
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 12/22 22:24:47z Send another W0NBC{UISS54}
KE3LB VE3NKL-6 12/13 23:48:22z Send another good copy pse respond via ISS 73
KE3LB WA9LKZ 12/10 20:29:32z Send another thanks 73:)
WA9LKZ KE3LB 12/10 20:04:42z Reply Herad u thru ISS north of Chicago
K4KDR-6 KE3LB 12/10 19:54:43z Reply Heard you via ISS-UHF in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KE3LB KC2MVA 12/09 21:28:51z Send another hello from fn21 jack
W8LR KE3LB 12/05 22:37:49z Reply 599 de W8LR Jerry Middletown OH{4
KE3LB W8LR 12/05 22:37:28z Send another FN21fl 8800r and elk in rotor pse respond 73
KC3MN-3 KE3LB 12/05 00:29:15z Reply no probkem{05
KE3LB N3FCX 12/04 23:31:53z Send another FN21fl pse call 73 via ISS
VE3KHR KE3LB 12/04 23:31:05z Reply Good Evening 73 DE VE3KHR
W4TBD-6 KE3LB 12/04 22:31:52z Reply Got the message, thanks!
W4TBD-6 KE3LB 12/04 21:54:04z Reply good copy in virginia de W4TBD
KE3LB W8LR 12/04 00:20:38z Send another hi thanks 73 ke3lb via ISS
KE3LB W4TBD-6 12/03 22:46:50z Send another 599 archbald pa email to confirm
KE3LB WA3LWR-1 12/03 22:32:27z Send another hello bob its jack
KE3LB KE3LB 12/03 22:20:58z Send another hello from archbald pa
KE3LB WA3LWR-1 12/03 22:17:18z Send another hello bob
KE3LB N3SNN-1 12/03 00:07:21z Send another hello from jack fn21 archbald pa
KE3LB BLNQSL1/1 12/02 23:38:39z Send another W8LR,WV5Y{UISS54}
KE3LB K3DNA 12/02 22:32:07z Send another hello from archbald pa fn21fl
KE3LB CAMP(N2FS 12/02 17:28:20z Send another hello from fn21 archbald pa
KE3LB CAMP(N2FS 12/02 17:23:50z Send another new to this do u copy
KE3LB CAMP(N2FS 12/02 17:22:40z Send another good copy here fn21
KE3LB VE3CJG-9 12/02 16:23:04z Send another new to this are you on ht trying to see if i have ssid right
KE3LB VE3CJG-9 12/02 16:20:59z Send another hello name is jack do u copy
KE3LB N0AWA-14 12/02 16:07:46z Send another ok wont hold it 73
KE3LB N0AWA-14 12/02 16:05:29z Send another name is jack ok thanks for help
KE3LB N0AWA-14 12/02 16:03:47z Send another ok thanks are u mobile truck trying to figure ssid
N0AWA-14 KE3LB 12/02 16:02:51z Reply yes de Al{23
KE3LB W3IRO 12/02 15:53:51z Send another new to aprs msg do u copy me
K4FDS-15 KE3LB 12/02 15:45:25z Reply Hello from I81 Winchester.{AS}
KE3LB K4FDS-15 12/02 15:41:33z Send another hello from fn21 jack
KE0KHA-7 KE3LB 12/02 04:17:00z Reply No problem, anytime{6
KE3LB KE0KHA-7 12/02 04:16:40z Send another ok wont hold it thx for help 73
KE0KHA-7 KE3LB 12/02 04:16:00z Reply thx for the msg, 73{5
KE3LB KE0KHA-7 12/02 04:15:42z Send another ok dave nice to meeet u
KE3LB KE0KHA-7 12/02 04:15:04z Send another this is preety cool
KE0KHA-7 KE3LB 12/02 04:14:41z Reply I am in Ely mn{3
KE3LB KE0KHA-7 12/02 04:14:28z Send another name is john
KE0KHA-7 KE3LB 12/02 04:13:46z Reply I am dave{2
KE3LB KE0KHA-7 12/02 04:13:34z Send another rrr thanks for response
KE0KHA-7 KE3LB 12/02 04:12:51z Reply roger{1
KE3LB W3IRO 12/02 04:09:18z Send another trying to understand this do you copy me
KE3LB N3RN 12/02 03:55:04z Send another also guessing how this works
KE3LB N3MBK 12/02 01:05:23z Send another hello 73 new to this thx
KE3LB KC3MN-15 12/02 01:00:09z Send another thx 73 new to this
KE3LB KC3MN-15 12/02 00:50:58z Send another thanks 73
KE3LB K3JML-1 11/27 20:11:53z Send another new to UiSS software thx 73
KE3LB KB3EJM-3 11/18 03:01:29z Send another rrr
KE3LB KB3EJM-3 11/18 02:48:40z Send another anycopy?
KE3LB K3JML-1 11/18 02:41:57z Send another QSL an
KE3LB K3JML-1 11/18 02:41:24z Send another QSL and 73
KE3LB NWS 11/18 02:07:59z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
KE3LB NWS 11/13 06:38:17z Send another Hello...