KD7YZ-15 messages

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KD7YZ-15 N4TNA-9 11/15 18:29:43z Send another copy u fine from west grnp county{XI}
KD7YZ-15 WA8VWY-7 11/15 16:43:31z Send another what type plane is it u aree flying? I am rated in a few things.{XJ}
KD7YZ-15 KH6BFD 11/08 12:28:25z Send another Not sure how u copied me ...still learning. was rx the RS0ISS pls+{IP}
KD7YZ-15 RS0ISS 11/07 12:45:17z Send another CQ FROM EM88LL KY{VN}
KD7YZ-15 RS0ISS 11/07 12:45:00z Send another ?APRSP
KD7YZ-15 KA8YES-6 10/20 19:54:08z Send another UR 59 IN EM88LL
KD7YZ-15 Heard 10/20 17:35:22z Send another K1WY,KA8YES-6,N1NCB-1
KD7YZ-15 Heard 10/20 17:34:11z Send another K1WY,KA8YES-6
KD7YZ-15 Heard 10/20 17:31:35z Send another K1WY
KD7YZ-15 Heard 10/20 14:21:45z Send another KB6LTY-3,KD9JJR-7,KA8YES-6,KB2M-2,K1WY
KD7YZ-15 Heard 10/20 14:17:35z Send another KB6LTY-3,KD9JJR-7,KA8YES-6
KD7YZ-15 KE4AZZ 10/20 13:31:16z Send another ke4azz ur 59 and in the log{AB}
KD7YZ-15 KD7YZ-15 10/20 01:56:41z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
KD7YZ-15 KD7YZ-15 10/20 01:56:41z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,10,-1280,0,1,0
KD7YZ-15 KD7YZ-15 10/20 01:56:41z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,mA,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
KD7YZ-15 KD7YZ-15 10/20 01:56:41z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,Current,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
KF0ED KD7YZ-15 10/19 20:40:38z Reply test{OO}
KD7YZ-15 KD7YZ-1 10/15 20:29:27z Send another ryryryryryrty{PZ}
KD7YZ-15 W9YOY-9 10/07 00:07:29z Send another hello from Near Greenup in the N.E{IN}
KD7YZ-15 KD7YZ-1 09/21 23:37:57z Send another RYRYRYRYRY{IG}