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KD7YZ N4PWH-10 07/22 12:34:51z Send another ?QRU RPT2M?
KD7YZ N4PWH-10 07/22 12:33:48z Send another ?QRU?
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:52:53z Reply So I tried a few of them tonight.{UE}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:52:36z Reply http://www.df8ls.de/documents/APRS-Queries.pdf{UD}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:52:27z Reply Oh, forgot. I found a good summary of APRS Queries at:{UC}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:50:08z Reply 73, Mark, KE6BB{UB}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:49:55z Reply Good nite, Bob.{UA}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:49:26z Reply That is OK, and you will still gate messages from RF to IS.{TZ}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:48:46z Reply checked, so it is Receive-Only in the response to my IGate Querie.{TY}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:48:45z Reply Looks like the port for AGWPE-1 does not have the Xmit Enabled box+{TX}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:39:16z Reply It says AGWPE-1 is working!{TW}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:38:06z Reply THAT WORKED!{TV}
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:37:55z Send another Ports[3/3] 07-18 13:40:44 NMEA OK
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:37:55z Send another 2089 2092 /hr
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:37:55z Send another Ports[2/3] 07-18 13:40:44 APRS-IS OK 2015 1907 1953 2106 2128 1955+
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:37:55z Send another Ports[1/3] 07-18 13:40:44 AGWPE-1 OK
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:37:55z Reply ?APRSS
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:36:00z Send another AA:Hi, this is my Robot reply. I am learning pgm APRIS/32
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:35:42z Reply de Mark, KE6BB{TU}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:35:30z Reply worked. For some reason APRSP didn't.{TT}
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:35:29z Reply Bob, just tried a few APRS Queries. Ver, Ping, and IGate all+{TS}
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:33:05z Send another KD7YZ>APWW10,TCPIP*,qAC,T2USANE
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:33:05z Reply ?PING?
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:32:31z Send another 2012/08/30 09:19: APRSIS32 Win v6.2 b9200 p2 1.8/1.8%
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:32:31z Reply ?VER
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:31:05z Send another IGate[2/2] AGWPE-1[AGW] Receive-Only
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/19 04:31:05z Send another IGate[1/2] No IGate Activity RF Receive-Only!
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/19 04:31:05z Reply ?IGATE
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:48:36z Reply Tnx!{HE}JE
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:48:19z Send another rr the email. kd7yz@denstarfarm.us fwiw{JE}HD
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:47:57z Reply 73.{HD}JD
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:47:46z Send another anyway chow time, tnx es 73 for a bit{JD}HC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:47:24z Send another Roberts a long time ago.{JC}HC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:47:23z Send another I think I reueled an Army Helicopter in Clarita ehen going to Camp+{JB}HC
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:46:53z Reply My email is rv6amark@yahoo.com if you need to try that.{HC}JA
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:46:16z Reply you can contact me any time.{HB}JA
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:46:06z Reply I will leave my setup on as much as I can. {HA}JA
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:45:40z Send another Elmer Help ..hopefully we can continue this{JA}GZ
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:45:39z Send another XYL callinbg for Supper ...geeee ... but many thanks for the+{IZ}GZ
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:45:35z Reply I just saw another beacon about 4 minutes ago, and {GZ}IY
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:44:01z Send another yes{IY}GY
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:42:53z Reply and Enabled checked.{GY}IX
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:42:52z Reply So, click on CONFIGURE>PORTS>APRS-IS and be sure you have Beacon+{GX}IX
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:42:10z Send another what are the Mic-E "messages" i get thru the day?{IX}GW
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:42:09z Send another Indeed. How did u be able to discern I was at KBD or radio? and+{IW}GW
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:41:05z Reply Adding a new set of tiles is best saved for a later day.{GW}IV
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:40:21z Send another know a name{IV}GV
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:40:20z Send another Re the Tile-Sets. Mine sez Original. if I select New then I must+{IU}GV
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:39:23z Send another RR the beacon .. sewe, I do not have that turned on, I think{IT}GV
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:38:39z Reply under configure>Map{GV}IS
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:38:14z Reply Re: "no new tiles" may mean something is not configured correctly{GU}IS
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:37:15z Send another it. do I show up there now .. and BTW, no new tiles D/L yet{IS}GT
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:37:14z Send another well, now the "ME" house is about as close to exact as I can get+{IR}GT
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:36:51z Reply Ok, you just sent a beacon 18 sec. ago.{GT}IQ
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:36:04z Reply that{GS}IQ
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:35:58z Reply or something like.{GR}IQ
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:35:58z Reply I think that is what you are seeing. They will usually say "int"+{GQ}IQ
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:35:57z Reply The program uses "Internal Packets" to handle some internal tasks.+{GP}IQ
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:35:22z Send another some of the antennas I have on the ridge{IQ}GO
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:35:22z Send another page best sez it. I want to trry to be an iGate and make use of+{IP}GO
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:35:21z Send another Hi Mark..Bob (displaced) in or near Ashl;and KY on a farm ..QRZ+{IO}GO
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:34:21z Send another beacon off{IN}GO
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:34:20z Send another from be about Porj: Battery something .. every 15 mins and I have+{IM}GO
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:34:19z Send another I asked a question on yahoo group .. I keep seeing a 15 min packet+{IL}GO
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:34:05z Reply By the way, I am Mark, KE6BB, in Santa Clarita, CA{GO}IK
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:33:19z Reply best i can tell.{GN}IK
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:33:19z Reply You actually have a pretty good understanding of the setup... as+{GM}IK
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:32:16z Reply set it closer.{GL}IK
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:32:15z Reply and i think the higher resolution map tiles will download once you+{GK}IK
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:32:14z Reply Yes, you are correct. The zoom is important. Do the best you can+{GJ}IK
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:30:23z Send another map lacks detail at a zoom{IK}GI
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:30:23z Send another I need to zoom in to be able to pin-point. however, the obverlay+{IJ}GI
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:30:08z Reply in both cases.{GI}II
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:30:08z Reply I just checked it out on mine, and "Tracking" should be "Follow"+{GH}II
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:28:22z Reply Screen/Follow/Me and Screen/Follow/Locked{GG}II
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:27:54z Reply I ***think*** it should say "Follow" instead of "Tracking"{GF}II
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:26:09z Reply Doesn't corolate to mine either...{GE}II
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:24:49z Reply Let me digest that a bit.{GD}II
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:24:28z Send another you…{II}GC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:24:28z Send another gives you a nice black dot at the dead center of the screen as+{IH}GC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:24:27z Send another Locked are both checked. This isn't actually required, but it+{IG}GC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:24:27z Send another 1) Ensure that Screen / Tracking / Me and Screen / Tracking /+{IF}GC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:23:47z Send another tracking me and screen for example{IE}GC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:23:46z Send another that link I copied, does not corolate to many of the screen+{ID}GC
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:22:35z Reply your position...I think.{GC}IC
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:22:34z Reply I haven't tried aprs commands for a long time. I just requested+{GB}IC
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:20:42z Send another Yes. but I have GPS disabled .. or so it sez{IC}GA
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:20:05z Reply Your gps just got a fix and you are in north east KY?{GA}IB
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:19:17z Send another but this is Home and I really do no need that{IB}FZ
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:19:03z Send another well, I have a GPS on Port4{IA}FZ
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:18:54z Reply You don't need one unless you go mobile{FZ}HZ
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:18:45z Send another here now ...http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/doc:set-location{HZ}FY
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:18:35z Reply Are you planning on using a gps?{FY}HY
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:18:28z Send another yes{HY}FX
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:18:07z Reply OK, so you have seen Julian's (G4ILO sk) startup video. {FX}HX
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:17:02z Send another {HX}FW
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:17:02z Send another is after that that I started fiddling with the Configure drop-down+{HW}FW
KD7YZ KE6BB-1 07/17 22:17:01z Send another I went there and thought I watched the right vid two days ago . It+{HV}FW
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:16:33z Reply I am looking for a video right now.{FW}HU
KE6BB-1 KD7YZ 07/17 22:16:12z Reply There is a wiki with lots of information at aprsisce.wikidot.com{FV}HU