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KD5JSY-1 KD5JSX-5 09/14 21:08:04z Send another 3rd test using high p{3
KD5JSY-1 KD5JSX-5 09/14 21:02:41z Send another msg 2, plz reply{2
KD5JSX-5 KD5JSY-1 09/14 20:53:54z Reply got it{9
KD5JSY-1 KD5JSX-5 09/14 20:50:09z Send another test 1 tkd{1
KD5JSY-1 kd5jsx-5 09/14 19:39:14z Send another 2nd msg, plz reply{2
KD5JSY-1 kd5jsx-5 09/14 19:30:13z Send another test 1 thursday from Y{1
KD5JSX-5 KD5JSY-1 09/14 19:23:54z Reply test 2 Thursday {7
KD5JSX-5 KD5JSY-1 09/14 19:05:13z Reply test from science {6
KD5JSY-1 KD5JSX-5 09/12 21:12:10z Send another got your 409{5
KD5JSX-5 KD5JSY-1 09/12 21:09:49z Reply test Tuesday 409{5
KD5JSY-1 KD5JSX-5 09/12 21:07:24z Send another test 3{4
KD5JSX-5 KD5JSY-1 09/12 20:52:58z Reply test from tkd {4
KD5JSY-1 KD5JSX-5 09/12 20:43:35z Send another test 2{3
KD5JSY-1 KD5JSX-5 09/12 20:40:07z Send another test 1{2
WXBOT KD5JSY-1 09/12 20:35:44z Reply ,Mostly Cloudy High 81{WI
WXBOT KD5JSY-1 09/12 20:35:39z Reply 3 Miles S Whitewright TX. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon{WH
KD5JSY-1 WXBOT 09/12 20:35:31z Send another todat{1
WXBOT KD5JSY-1 08/10 18:27:20z Reply nd around 5 mph.{DB
WXBOT KD5JSY-1 08/10 18:27:15z Reply ot, with a high near 100. Heat index values as high as 114. West wi{DA
WXBOT KD5JSY-1 08/10 18:27:10z Reply 3 Miles S Whitewright TX. Heat Advisory, This Afternoon,Sunny and h{CZ
KD5JSY-1 WXBOT 08/10 18:27:03z Send another today full{1
WXBOT KD5JSY-1 08/09 17:44:52z Reply ,Hot and Breezy High 103{WV
WXBOT KD5JSY-1 08/09 17:44:47z Reply 3 Miles S Whitewright TX. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon{WU
KD5JSY-1 wxbot 08/09 17:40:17z Send another today{1
KD5JSX-5 KD5JSY-1 07/29 16:56:25z Reply test Saturday {2
KD5JSX-5 KD5JSY-1 07/27 20:43:36z Reply test Thursday {1
KD5JSY-1 kd5jsx-5 07/27 20:32:21z Send another test 2{1
KD5JSY-1 kd5jsx-5 07/27 20:30:14z Send another test 1{1