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KD0ZJV-5 N0RC-9 08/02 21:41:54z Send another Yeah. I'm already home lol{6EC0C
N0RC-9 KD0ZJV-5 08/02 21:38:39z Reply headed home{30
KD0ZJV-5 N0RC-9 08/02 21:31:18z Send another Yo{1552F
KD0ZJV-5 N0RC-9 07/29 21:28:10z Send another Chasing sondes?{B748F
KD0ZJV-5 K0ION 07/26 18:18:55z Send another Good afternoon{AC41D
KD0ZJV-5 K6MZ 07/08 16:39:54z Send another Coords are 39.0000N,-95.0000W. Guessing might be a default?{61ED9
KD0ZJV-5 K6MZ 07/08 16:39:41z Send another Greetings! Every once in a while you show up in Kansas on aprs.{70E15
N0RC-9 KD0ZJV-5 07/08 00:17:31z Reply AA:QSL. I'm driving. Will reply when safe.
KD0ZJV-5 N0RC-9 07/08 00:15:53z Send another Howdy{3DC7B
N0RC-9 KD0ZJV-5 07/01 22:03:51z Reply gmas is overthere{26
KD0ZJV-5 N0RC-9 07/01 22:02:00z Send another 4 some reason I thought her daycare was closer to your house{C983B
N0RC-9 KD0ZJV-5 07/01 22:00:49z Reply getting maddie{25
N0RC-9 KD0ZJV-5 07/01 21:59:44z Reply yup{24
KD0ZJV-5 N0RC-9 07/01 21:59:14z Send another Looks like u are right down the road from my qth{2ED9D
KD0ZJV-5 VB3YEE 07/01 18:46:56z Send another Howdy ligma balls{D9BCF