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K0ION KD0YUJ-9 06/05 18:18:42z Reply rr{JM}
KD0YUJ-9 K0ION 06/05 18:17:54z Send another yes and mainly due to two rds closed for resurfacing{55
K0ION KD0YUJ-9 06/05 18:15:23z Reply Backroading?{JL}
KD0YUJ-9 K0ION 05/29 12:10:53z Send another wally world{54
K0ION KD0YUJ-9 05/29 11:56:36z Reply Must be Price Chopper time.{DI}
KC0NOX KD0YUJ-9 05/14 20:46:53z Reply Hello.{12