KD0YUJ-9 messages

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KB6LTY-3 KD0YUJ-9 12/08 19:33:41z Reply HELLO VIA ISS/NO-84- 73 CHRISTY DM14
KC5TGT-7 KD0YUJ-9 12/06 19:41:39z Reply Hi de KC5TGT EM42 in MS{1
WD9EWK KD0YUJ-9 12/06 19:40:30z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
TA5AHO-4 KD0YUJ-9 12/02 22:08:41z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS+ /
KD0YUJ-9 KC0NOX 11/20 19:26:39z Send another have a happy and safe thanksgiving from Evan in Holt{10
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED--1 10/17 15:18:37z Send another the tubes in my gps arent warming up{09
KD0YUJ KD0YUJ-9 10/13 23:43:12z Reply Testing{01
WXBOT KD0YUJ-9 10/07 20:42:16z Reply owers Likely 70% High 66{CW
WXBOT KD0YUJ-9 10/07 20:42:11z Reply 3 Miles WSW Lawson MO. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,Sh{CV
KD0YUJ-9 WXBOT 10/07 20:42:02z Send another today brief{08
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 10/04 16:39:18z Send another got it{07
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 10/04 16:38:27z Reply Easy to double dash with the mobile rig. 73{31
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 10/04 16:37:52z Reply Rx'd ur earlier aprs message.{30