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KF0QQR-2 KD0YUJ 06/13 22:30:19z Reply 73 Ben from Chillicothe{M0001
WE3MAY-9 KD0YUJ 06/11 23:55:04z Reply that is a long haul{62
KC0NOX KD0YUJ 06/08 14:01:52z Reply On my way to KC 146.52{22
N0TMH-9 KD0YUJ 06/07 14:26:51z Reply yes nice openinq!{14
N0TMH-9 KD0YUJ 06/07 13:09:32z Reply QSL, thx for msg {13
KF0ICI-9 KD0YUJ 05/31 22:11:27z Reply hey did u see the changer on the phone system?{42
KF0ICI-9 KD0YUJ 05/25 10:25:40z Reply fixed{41
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/25 00:35:51z Send another i will be away from phone.you can leave a msg{07
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/25 00:06:14z Send another i cant think of any possibilities{06
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/25 00:04:01z Send another i get your voice mail, so you havent been booted{05
KF0ICI-9 KD0YUJ 05/25 00:03:09z Reply i got red light no service{40
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/25 00:03:05z Send another did you pay your HH bill?....LOL{04
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/25 00:00:31z Send another i can get to KC wide okay using 94077{03
KF0ICI-9 KD0YUJ 05/24 23:59:08z Reply mine is down idk why{39
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/24 23:58:55z Send another Left you a msg on HH{02
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/24 23:57:41z Send another Mine appears to be working.Had Do Not disturb active{01
KF0ICI-9 KD0YUJ 05/24 23:54:54z Reply hey is ur phone downe also?{38
K0ECS-2 KD0YUJ 05/23 21:45:03z Reply rejZ
KD0YUJ W4JUU-10 05/19 21:56:11z Send another Your test bulletin recd{0c}
KD0YUJ KD0OPS-9 05/18 20:22:12z Send another copying your beacon from Holt MO{01
KF0ICI-9 KD0YUJ 05/03 22:16:14z Reply Good deal i was reply back 73 KF0ICI{33
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/03 22:07:01z Send another Hi Matt..got your message from earlier.Have a good weekend{05
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/03 21:44:43z Send another Good afternoon Matt.recd your message from earlier{05
KD0YUJ KF0ICI-9 05/03 21:41:49z Send another Good afternoon Matt{05
KF0ICI-9 KD0YUJ 05/03 20:14:24z Reply Good afternoon happy Friday Olathe ks{32
K0ECS-2 KD0YUJ 05/03 14:18:55z Reply rej0503
KD0YUJ ALL 05/03 14:18:25z Send another Good morning from Holt MO{0503
KD0YUJ KD0YUJ 05/02 23:23:47z Send another PARM.Avg 10m,Avg 10m,RxPkts,IGateDropRx,TxPkts
KD0YUJ KD0YUJ 05/02 21:23:47z Send another EQNS.0,0.005,0,0,0.005,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
KD0YUJ KD0YUJ 05/02 01:23:47z Send another UNIT.Rx Erlang,Tx Erlang,count/10m,count/10m,count/10m
KC0NOX KD0YUJ 04/30 16:18:41z Reply {21
KC0NOX KD0YUJ 04/30 16:13:14z Reply on 52 {20
KC0NOX KD0YUJ 04/30 16:10:00z Reply hi passing thru{19
KD0YUJ KD0YUJ 04/19 20:55:56z Send another test
REPEAT KD0YUJ 04/08 14:08:24z Reply K0ESM 147.3750+ T156.7 5.8mi ESE{4795
REPEAT KD0YUJ 04/08 14:06:51z Reply N0TIX 147.0450+ Toff 7.4mi SSW{4796
REPEAT KD0YUJ 04/08 14:05:49z Reply K0BSJ 145.1900- Toff 9.7mi SSE{4797
KD0YUJ REPEAT 04/08 14:05:46z Send another N 3
K0ION KD0YUJ 04/06 13:12:54z Reply AA:Not at keyboard.