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K0ION-7 KD0RIH-9 09/19 19:05:22z Reply Roger that {8
KD0RIH-9 K0ION-7 09/19 19:04:50z Send another i hope,dont see them for sale {24
K0ION-7 KD0RIH-9 09/19 19:02:50z Reply If you get it for a good deal {7
KD0RIH-9 K0ION-7 09/19 19:01:47z Send another yes {23
K0ION-7 KD0RIH-9 09/19 19:00:39z Reply R u considering the Glen Briggs device?{6
K0ION-7 KD0RIH-9 09/19 18:59:23z Reply Cash-ola{5
KD0RIH-9 K0ION-7 09/19 18:58:58z Send another bank {22
K0ION-7 KD0RIH-9 09/19 18:58:32z Reply Drive thru?{3
K0ION-7 KD0RIH-9 09/19 18:57:33z Reply Watch now{2
K0ION-7 KD0RIH-9 09/19 18:55:14z Reply Testing mobilinkd tnc{1
K0ION KD0RIH-9 09/08 11:53:06z Reply Yacht Rock on S/XM #311{PX}
K0ION KD0RIH-9 08/10 14:15:57z Reply Coming bak a day early?{JK}
WE3MAY-9 KD0RIH-9 08/05 19:59:59z Reply Hi, how are you?{24
K0ION KD0RIH-9 08/01 14:35:25z Reply You really need to update the repeater freq as you move along!{DQ}