KC9ZUN messages

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KC9ZUN KD0WLB 07/24 02:39:38z Send another Testing new path setting{0Z}
KC9WPR-3 KC9ZUN 07/22 12:09:40z Reply %{99
KC9ZUN N8TJG-10 07/20 03:17:41z Send another Test message{0Y}
KD0WLB KC9ZUN 07/16 01:05:03z Reply ok ssid off {RA}
KD0WLB-3 KC9ZUN 07/15 13:11:08z Reply did you send me a message?{QZ}
K9JKM KC9ZUN 07/15 13:06:47z Reply QSL 73
N1RCN KC9ZUN 07/15 13:06:43z Reply 73 via ISS de n1rcn el 87 n1rcn@amsat.org
KC9ZUN K9JKM 07/15 13:06:36z Send another De KC9ZUN va ISS EN52va{0W}
K9JKM KC9ZUN 07/15 13:06:14z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
KC9ZUN N0AGI-2 07/15 13:05:22z Send another De KC9ZUN via ISS EN52va{0V}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 07/15 13:04:34z Send another De KC9UN via ISS{0U}
KC9ZUN WD9EWK 07/15 13:01:31z Send another De KC9ZUN EN52va{0T}
KC9ZUN WD9EWK 07/09 16:41:56z Send another Seen via ISS{0P}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 07/09 16:41:07z Send another Good Morning ISS!{0N}
KC9ZUN N0VWX 07/09 16:40:27z Send another Seen via ISS{0O}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-7 07/09 15:43:57z Send another Test message{0M}
W9LOL KC9ZUN 07/09 15:30:48z Reply THANKS FOR THE MSG
KC9ZUN W9LOL 07/09 15:30:32z Send another test message{0J}
KC9ZUN KD9AEZ-9 07/09 15:29:11z Send another test{0I}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-10 07/07 03:01:02z Send another Are you operating this evening?{0H}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-3 07/07 03:00:17z Send another Are you operating this evening?{0G}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-3 07/06 02:19:48z Send another Let me know if you get this.{0E}TR
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-3 07/06 02:15:43z Send another Got it{0F}TS
KD0WLB-3 KC9ZUN 07/06 02:14:20z Reply message back{TS}0E
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-3 07/06 01:54:51z Send another Nice! How cool is that!{0D}TR
KD0WLB-3 KC9ZUN 07/06 01:52:11z Reply ok i got yours as well, its just qrm from the opening{TR}0C
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-3 07/06 01:51:35z Send another Yep, sure did!{0C}TQ
KD0WLB-3 KC9ZUN 07/06 01:46:27z Reply this get to you?{TQ}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB-3 07/06 01:42:22z Send another Testing, did it make it through?{0B}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 07/06 01:35:54z Send another Testing{0A}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 07/02 15:35:46z Send another Are you setting up today?{09}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 07/02 13:07:21z Send another Test via ISS{04}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 07/02 13:05:56z Send another Test via ISS{02}
K9WKD-10 KC9ZUN 06/30 02:43:44z Reply PATH= KC9ZUN>APX204,K9MEV-1,WIDE2*
K9WKD-10 KC9ZUN 06/30 02:43:43z Reply PATH= KC9ZUN>APX204,WIDE2-1,qAR,K9ABR-10
KC9ZUN KY9H 06/30 02:38:53z Send another test{0O}
KC9ZUN K9WKD-10 06/30 02:37:38z Send another test{0N}
K9WKD-10 KC9ZUN 06/30 02:36:22z Reply PATH= KC9ZUN>APX204,WIDE2-2,qAR,K9ABR-10
KC9ZUN K9WKD-10 06/30 02:36:21z Send another ?APRST
KC9ZUN N9LEM-10 06/30 02:33:34z Send another test{0M}
KC9ZUN KC9WPR-3 06/30 02:32:15z Send another test{0L}
KC9ZUN W9WMP 06/30 02:30:27z Send another test{0K}
KC9ZUN K9WKD-10 06/30 02:28:21z Send another test{0J}
KC9ZUN KY9H 06/30 02:25:30z Send another test{0H}
KC9ZUN NSRC-FD 06/30 02:22:46z Send another test{0G}
KC9ZUN K9WKD-10 06/30 02:21:16z Send another test{0F}
KC9ZUN K9WKD-10 06/30 02:20:23z Send another test{0E}
KC9ZUN KC9HHB-9 06/30 02:19:43z Send another Test{0D}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 06/30 02:11:48z Send another Hey, I see you're live!{0C}