KC9ZUN messages

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KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 21:31:55z Send another Test message 10{1i}FA
KD0WLB KC9ZUN 11/12 21:25:14z Reply test 10 back to you
KD0WLB KC9ZUN 11/12 21:17:34z Reply standard path 2{UK}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 21:11:41z Send another Test message 8{1h}FA
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 21:03:29z Send another Test message 6{1e}
KD0WLB KC9ZUN 11/12 21:02:47z Reply trying again{FA}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 21:01:51z Send another Test message 7{1f}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 20:44:57z Send another Test message 5{1d}
KC9ZUN K9ESV-10 11/12 20:42:26z Send another Testing direct path{1c}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 20:36:35z Send another Test message 3{1a}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 20:27:14z Send another Test message{1Z}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 20:23:45z Send another Test message{1Y}
KD0WLB KC9ZUN 11/12 18:32:17z Reply are you out and about?{2
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 18:30:33z Send another I'll try another one. Did you receive this?{1X}
KC9ZUN KD0WLB 11/12 18:21:07z Send another Hey, there you are!{1W}
KD0WLB KC9ZUN 11/12 18:14:30z Reply yup im here :){1
KC9ZUN WT9M-5 11/12 15:54:30z Send another Test message de KC9ZUN EN52va{1V}
KC9ZUN W9ROB-15 11/11 13:17:52z Send another Picked up your APRS signal in the Chicago Suburbs{1U}
KC9ZUN K0KOC-7 10/29 13:35:54z Send another Hello from KC9ZUN EN52 va via ISS{1T}
KC9ZUN RS0ISS 10/29 13:33:47z Send another Hello ISS from Illinois! de KC9ZUN EN52va{1S}
NP4JV-9 KC9ZUN 10/17 00:57:01z Reply Hello from DM41{1
KC9ZUN RSOISS 10/17 00:56:49z Send another Hello ISS de KC9ZUN EN52va{1R}
KC9YTT KC9ZUN 10/14 20:13:56z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
KC9ZUN RSOISS 10/14 20:13:40z Send another Hello ISS from Illinois, de KC9ZUN, EN52va{1O}