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N6RVI-6 KC9YTT 09/05 03:59:20z Reply thanks for the report, sorry late reply, 73
W0ARP KC9YTT 09/04 19:55:22z Reply Roger, it's unmaned, mostly an I-Gate at this point but you have+{ME}
KC9YTT Heard 09/04 17:30:30z Send another AA0FO,N7NEV-1,N0VWX,KC5ILO-10,N5JEP-7,W7QL,KC5ILO-6
KC9YTT Heard 09/04 17:29:24z Send another AA0FO,N7NEV-1,N0VWX,KC5ILO-10,N5JEP-7
KC9YTT Heard 09/04 17:28:40z Send another AA0FO
WN9Q KC9YTT 09/04 15:55:21z Reply 59 en64 hello
KC9YTT Heard 09/04 15:55:03z Send another K8IRC,KA8YES-6,K1WY,WN9Q,K3RRR,K3DQB,KE4AZZ
K3RRR KC9YTT 09/04 15:54:51z Reply QSL from FM19jb - 13 miles from the White House
K3RRR KC9YTT 09/04 15:54:30z Reply Greetings from 13 miles from the White House
KC9YTT Heard 09/04 15:53:59z Send another K8IRC,KA8YES-6,K1WY,WN9Q
KC9YTT Heard 09/03 18:23:18z Send another KK6OTJ-7,KF5SMH-1
KC9YTT KF5SMH-1 09/03 18:21:19z Send another hello from KC9YTT
KC9YTT Heard 09/03 18:20:36z Send another KK6OTJ-7
K3RLD-1 KC9YTT 09/03 16:49:09z Reply TNX for call. FN20 in PA{2
KC9YTT K3RLD-1 09/03 16:47:50z Send another [AA] Greetings! KC9YTT@outlook.com{02
KC9YTT Heard 09/03 16:47:21z Send another K1WY,KD0PMZ-4,K5UBQ,K3RLD-1,KE4AZZ,W4TBD-6,KB4FLC,WB4UAH-7
KC9YTT Heard 09/03 16:46:01z Send another K1WY,KD0PMZ-4,K5UBQ
KC9YTT Heard 09/03 16:44:49z Send another K1WY,KD0PMZ-4
K3RLD-1 KC9YTT 09/03 15:14:10z Reply You are 599 into FN20 in PA{1
KC9YTT Heard 09/03 15:10:56z Send another K9JKM
KC9YTT Heard 09/02 12:49:02z Send another N6RVI-6,N6DAN-7,K1WY
KC9YTT Heard 09/02 12:45:22z Send another N6RVI-6,N6DAN-7
KC9YTT Heard 09/02 11:13:06z Send another W0ARP-15,KA8YES-6,K1WY
KC9YTT Heard 09/02 11:10:31z Send another W0ARP-15,KA8YES-6
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 19:40:26z Send another W7QL,KM4AZW,KG5TVS,W4TBD-6,W2RTV-6,K1WY,KE4AZZ,KA8YES-6,KF5JRV-11
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 19:38:11z Send another W7QL,KM4AZW,KG5TVS,W4TBD-6,W2RTV-6,K1WY,KE4AZZ,KA8YES-6
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 19:37:26z Send another W7QL,KM4AZW,KG5TVS
KM4AZW KC9YTT 08/27 19:37:15z Reply Hello! 73!
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 19:36:40z Send another W7QL
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 18:03:55z Send another KD8THX-6,K1WY,WN9Q
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 17:59:25z Send another KD8THX-6,K1WY
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 17:58:40z Send another KD8THX-6
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 14:48:40z Send another N6DAN-7,K0FFY,WN9Q
KC9YTT WN9Q 08/27 14:46:34z Send another Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 14:46:11z Send another N6DAN-7,K0FFY
KC9YTT Heard 08/27 14:43:23z Send another N6DAN-7
N4SG KC9YTT 08/14 18:23:01z Reply Thanks, got the little house to show! 73
KC9YTT Heard 08/14 01:25:44z Send another N0VWX,N0AN-6,K9JKM,N0KBA,K4RTS-1,W4TBD-6,N0JPD,N4SG,KE4SYV,KM4YSC-2
KC9YTT Heard 08/14 01:25:01z Send another N0VWX,N0AN-6,K9JKM,N0KBA,K4RTS-1,W4TBD-6,N0JPD,N4SG,KE4SYV
KC9YTT Heard 08/14 01:24:14z Send another N0VWX,N0AN-6,K9JKM,N0KBA,K4RTS-1,W4TBD-6
KC9YTT Heard 08/14 01:23:39z Send another N0VWX,N0AN-6,K9JKM,N0KBA
KC9YTT Heard 08/14 01:21:19z Send another N0VWX,N0AN-6,K9JKM
K9JKM KC9YTT 08/13 23:47:04z Reply 599 nr Chicago EN52
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 23:47:00z Send another K9JKM,N0AN-6,KB8OTK-9,N0AGI-2
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 23:45:42z Send another K9JKM,N0AN-6,KB8OTK-9
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 22:08:44z Send another N0AGI-2
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 20:31:43z Send another N0AN-6
K9JKM KC9YTT 08/13 18:56:13z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
KK4NAM KC9YTT 08/13 18:54:33z Reply qsl thx! 73 via ISS
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 18:53:13z Send another K0KOC-7,KK4NAM,N0VWX
WD9EWK KC9YTT 08/13 18:51:41z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {2
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 17:20:53z Send another KE4AL-9,WU2V,AK3Q-1,K1WY
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 17:18:52z Send another KE4AL-9,WU2V
KE4AL-9 KC9YTT 08/13 17:16:46z Reply Hi! EM71 in AL.{4
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:17:28z Send another N4SG
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:17:28z Send another K5UBQ,N0AN-6,K9JKM,KE4SYV,N0KBA,W0ARP-15,K1WY,N0JPD,K0KOC-7,
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:16:58z Send another K5UBQ,N0AN-6,K9JKM,KE4SYV,N0KBA,W0ARP-15,K1WY,N0JPD,K0KOC-7
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:16:28z Send another K5UBQ,N0AN-6,K9JKM,KE4SYV,N0KBA,W0ARP-15,K1WY,N0JPD
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:15:58z Send another K5UBQ,N0AN-6,K9JKM,KE4SYV,N0KBA,W0ARP-15
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:15:28z Send another K5UBQ,N0AN-6,K9JKM,KE4SYV,N0KBA
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:14:58z Send another K5UBQ,N0AN-6,K9JKM
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 02:14:27z Send another K5UBQ
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 00:40:50z Send another KB8OTK-9,KE0KHA-7,WD0AKO-7,N0AN-6,K8II,K4IPH,VA3DBJ
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 00:40:09z Send another KB8OTK-9,KE0KHA-7,WD0AKO-7,N0AN-6,K8II,K4IPH
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 00:39:05z Send another KB8OTK-9,KE0KHA-7,WD0AKO-7,N0AN-6,K8II
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 00:38:01z Send another KB8OTK-9,KE0KHA-7,WD0AKO-7,N0AN-6
KC9YTT Heard 08/13 00:37:26z Send another KB8OTK-9
KK4NAM KC9YTT 08/12 19:47:53z Reply 599 EM64 via ISS{43
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 19:46:50z Send another KF5JRV-11
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 18:13:15z Send another CM5ADR,N4ZQ,K3RRR,K5UBQ,KC9ZUN,N8URE,K4IPH,AC2KU-1
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 18:12:30z Send another CM5ADR,N4ZQ,K3RRR,K5UBQ,KC9ZUN,N8URE,K4IPH
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 18:11:14z Send another CM5ADR,N4ZQ,K3RRR,K5UBQ,KC9ZUN
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 18:10:21z Send another CM5ADR
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 03:07:24z Send another KB6IGK
NP4JV KC9YTT 08/12 03:05:37z Reply 73 from DM41 Arizona!
NP4JV KC9YTT 08/12 03:05:26z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KE4AZZ KC9YTT 08/12 01:40:31z Reply qsl 73 ke4azz{0G}
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 01:34:25z Send another AC2KU-1
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 01:34:25z Send another KE0KHA-7,K0FFY,AI9IN,K0KOC-7,KE4AZZ,WA4SXM-6,K1WY,K4IPH,K3DQB,
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 01:33:38z Send another KE0KHA-7,K0FFY,AI9IN,K0KOC-7,KE4AZZ,WA4SXM-6,K1WY,K4IPH,K3DQB
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 01:33:01z Send another KE0KHA-7,K0FFY,AI9IN,K0KOC-7,KE4AZZ,WA4SXM-6,K1WY
AI9IN KC9YTT 08/12 01:32:26z Reply QSL es 73 de AI9IN, Steve
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 01:32:19z Send another KE0KHA-7,K0FFY,AI9IN,K0KOC-7
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 01:31:13z Send another KE0KHA-7,K0FFY
KC9YTT Heard 08/12 01:30:40z Send another KE0KHA-7