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KC7ZIE-1 N6RVI-6 02/17 23:28:00z Send another Thanks for the QSO/Send eQSL PLZ{2
AI6DO KC7ZIE-1 02/11 02:06:19z Reply Hi from Ryan AI6DO DM03 QSL?{0
KK6OTW KC7ZIE-1 02/11 02:06:15z Reply GREETINGS QSL?{6
KK6OTW KC7ZIE-1 02/11 02:06:10z Reply GREETINGS QSL?{7
KC7ZIE-1 KC7BXS-7 02/11 02:06:02z Send another Todd/DM25�����������������������{5
KC7ZIE-1 K2QZ-9 02/10 23:48:56z Send another ?APRSP
KC7ZIE-1 K2QZ-9 02/10 23:48:27z Send another How is the drive{5
KC7ZIE-7 KC7ZIE-1 01/28 01:42:30z Reply AA:QSL to kc7zie@gmail.com
KC7ZIE-1 KC7ZIE-7 01/28 01:42:15z Send another h{18
KD7HZJ-1 KC7ZIE-1 12/16 08:12:06z Reply rej16
KC7ZIE-1 K2QZ-9 12/16 08:12:00z Send another Todd/DM25{17
KC7ZIE-1 KD7HZJ-1 12/16 08:11:56z Send another Todd/DM25{16
KC7ZIE-1 KC7ZIE-10 12/13 04:22:09z Send another AA:kc7zie@gmail.com
KC7ZIE-10 KC7ZIE-1 12/13 04:21:58z Reply Moblie/DM25{04
KC7ZIE-1 KK6OTW 12/13 01:45:44z Send another kc7zie@gmail.com{15
KC7ZIE-1 KK6OTW 12/13 01:45:16z Send another Todd/DM25�����������������������{14
KC7ZIE-1 WA7ETE 12/13 01:44:39z Send another Todd/DM25�����������������������{12
KK6OTW KC7ZIE-1 12/13 01:44:10z Reply GREETINGS QSL?{14
KC7ZIE-1 K7RKL-14 12/12 02:55:41z Send another Todd/DM25???????????????????????{11
K7RKL-14 KC7ZIE-1 12/12 02:52:40z Reply 73 de Bob K7RKL
KC7ZIE-1 K7RKL-14 12/12 02:52:30z Send another Todd/DM25{11
KC7ZIE-1 AF7CG-9 12/12 02:50:52z Send another Todd/DM25{10
KC7ZIE-1 W7SAZ-3 12/12 02:50:48z Send another Todd/DM25{8
KC7ZIE-1 KD7HZJ-1 12/12 02:49:19z Send another Todd/DM25{9
KD7HZJ-1 KC7ZIE-1 12/12 02:47:14z Reply rej9
KC7ZIE-1 KE7KLO-11 12/12 02:45:39z Send another Todd/DM25{7
KC7ZIE-1 AA5QJ-9 12/12 02:45:37z Send another Todd/DM25{6
KC7ZIE-1 K1RR-7 12/11 01:53:31z Send another Todd/DM25�����������������������{3
KC7ZIE-1 K1RR-7 12/11 01:53:31z Send another Todd/DM25{3
KC7ZIE-1 WA7ETE 12/11 01:53:28z Send another Todd/DM25�����������������������{2
KC7ZIE-1 WA7ETE 12/11 01:53:28z Send another Todd/DM25{2
KC7ZIE-1 K7III-7 12/11 01:53:25z Send another Todd/DM25�����������������������{1
KC7ZIE-1 K7III-7 12/11 01:53:25z Send another Todd/DM25{1