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KC7ZIE SMSGTE 05/24 20:56:09z Send another @7025268845{2
KC7ZIE SMSGTE 05/24 20:37:57z Send another @7025268845{1
KC7ZIE SMSGTE 05/24 20:36:31z Send another {0
K7STI-4 KC7ZIE 05/24 20:31:18z Reply gr8 to see ur using aprs msg.not many uses it in LV.{99
KC7ZIE K7STI-4 05/24 20:27:16z Send another hi just saw your msg{5
KK6OTJ KC7ZIE 05/23 01:38:30z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{81
KC7ZIE KD6LPA-9 05/12 00:25:09z Send another No,just wanted to see if my message would hit ca. I saw u on my lis{0
KC7ZIE KD6LPA-9 05/12 00:18:52z Send another AA:Thanks for the message, email kc7zie@gmail.com
KD6LPA-9 KC7ZIE 05/12 00:06:31z Reply HI DO I KNOW U {28
KC7ZIE KD6LPA-9 05/12 00:02:45z Send another Drive safe.Love the the D710?{5
KC7ZIE W6TFK-10 04/28 21:48:55z Send another Havent see a ft350 in years{4
KC7ZIE W6TFK-10 04/28 21:47:07z Send another Havent{3
KC7ZIE KC7ZIE-7 04/28 06:54:31z Send another Todd/DM25{2
KC7ZIE KC7ZIE-7 04/28 06:53:43z Send another AA:kc7zie@gmail.com