KC7MG-9 messages

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H0UND KC7MG-9 02/12 19:27:18z Reply WOOF! WOOF! TNX/73 {5
K7TAB-7 KC7MG-9 02/12 19:27:12z Reply RR73{28
KC7MG-9 H0UND 02/12 19:27:07z Send another ACK Thanks
W0DHB KC7MG-9 02/12 19:26:55z Reply hi jack
KC7MG-9 N6RSX 02/12 19:26:18z Send another greetings from Az DM42
KC7MG-9 H0UND 02/12 19:25:52z Send another QSL and 73 from DM42 Arizona
H0UND KC7MG-9 02/12 19:25:37z Reply WOOF! DM43 in AZ {1
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 01/16 15:06:37z Reply Portable handheld in DM04, QSL?{69
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 01/16 15:06:34z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{68
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/14 15:18:49z Reply TNX for call. DM33 in AZ{4
W5SAT-6 KC7MG-9 01/14 15:17:51z Reply Hello from DM26 Las Vegas{GG}
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/14 14:20:20z Reply Hi! DM33 in AZ{1
KC7MG-9 WD9EWK-9 01/14 14:18:01z Send another hello Patrick from DM42
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 01/13 16:26:42z Reply Portable handheld in DM04, QSL?{40
KC7MG-9 EMAIL 01/10 17:09:06z Send another ingejack@cox.net Hello from KC7MG via ISS Satellite
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 01/10 17:08:51z Send another SUNSET,AC2KU-9
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 01/10 16:18:05z Reply Portable handheld in DM04, QSL?{33
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 01/10 16:16:12z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{32
KC7MG-9 BLN 01/09 16:24:21z Send another ingejack@cox.net Hello from KC7MG via ISS Satell
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/08 17:17:52z Reply TNX/73! {3
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 01/07 18:10:38z Send another KK6OTJ-7,W5SAT-6,WD9EWK-9,K7TAB-7,NP4JV-9
W5SAT-6 KC7MG-9 01/07 18:10:36z Reply QSL 73 from DM26{KE}
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 01/07 18:08:13z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{16
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/07 18:07:42z Reply TNX for call. DM43 in AZ.{4
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 01/07 18:06:56z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{15
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 01/07 16:30:05z Send another WD9EWK-9,W8AB
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/07 16:29:39z Reply TNX for call. DM43 in AZ.{0
PSAT KC7MG-9 01/06 18:17:15z Reply NNE^38 NE LOS 5m11s{LG}
PSAT KC7MG-9 01/06 18:15:06z Reply NW^59 NE LOS 6m38s{LF}
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 01/02 18:33:01z Send another WD9EWK-9,KB6LTY
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/01 19:05:23z Reply Happy 2017!{3
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/01 19:03:24z Reply TNX/73! {2
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 01/01 19:01:32z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ.{1
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 12/28 13:51:43z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ,{1
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 12/28 13:51:39z Send another KB6LTY,WD9EWK-9
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 12/26 15:37:25z Reply TNX for call. DM43. QSL? {4
WD9EWK-9 KC7MG-9 12/24 23:53:03z Reply Hi! DM33/43 in AZ. QSL? {4
KC7MG-9 NJ7H-9 12/24 23:50:33z Send another happy holidays 73
NJ7H-9 KC7MG-9 12/23 16:37:29z Reply EM15{12
NJ7H-9 KC7MG-9 12/23 16:36:38z Reply EM15{14
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 12/23 16:36:18z Reply Happy Holidays!{15
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 12/23 16:34:52z Send another KK6OTJ-7,NJ7H-9
KC7MG-9 EMAIL 12/23 16:34:44z Send another aa5pk@hotmail.com hello Glenn from ISS satellite
W1FJC-9 KC7MG-9 12/20 00:54:43z Reply greetings from Az DM42{07
K7TAB-7 KC7MG-9 12/19 18:27:56z Reply hi{32
KC7MG-9 SAT 12/16 19:26:51z Send another Thanks and 73 from DM42
KC7MG-9 EMAIL 12/15 18:57:11z Send another ingejack@cox.net Hello from KC7MG via packet
KC7MG-9 EMAIL 12/15 18:56:03z Send another ingejack@cox.net Hello from KC7MG via the ISS Satellite
KC7MG-9 SAT 12/15 18:41:56z Send another greetings from Casa Grande Az DM42