KC7MG-9 messages

fromtotime message
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 05/14 16:25:04z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{3
KK6OTJ-7 KC7MG-9 05/14 16:24:51z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{99
KB6IGK-7 KC7MG-9 05/14 14:52:37z Reply Hi de EM10 TX{8
WD9EWK KC7MG-9 05/14 14:51:31z Reply TNX/73! {6
CG7CEW KC7MG-9 05/14 14:47:41z Reply qsl de CG7CEW hi from CN89
KK6QMS KC7MG-9 05/11 17:26:04z Reply Nice to hear you- 73
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 05/10 16:42:40z Send another W5SAT-6,KK6QMS,W0ARP-15,K5UBQ
KB2M-1 KC7MG-9 05/08 16:57:40z Reply hi fr el99{78
KB2M-1 KC7MG-9 05/08 16:55:07z Reply hi fr el99{77
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 05/08 16:52:31z Send another WB5PJB-9,KK6QMS,KG6PJG-1,K9JKM,KC4LE,K0KOC-7,KR4PI
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 05/08 16:52:31z Send another WB5PJB-9,KK6QMS,KG6PJG-1,K9JKM,KC4LE,K0KOC-7,KR4
KC7MG-9 BLNQSL1/1 05/08 16:51:41z Send another WB5PJB-9,KK6QMS,KG6PJG-1,K9JKM
KC7MG-9 KK6QMS 05/08 16:50:40z Send another ACK Thanks
KC7MG-9 KO6TZ 05/07 17:43:12z Send another QSL and 73 from DM42 Arizona
WD9EWK KC7MG-9 05/07 17:42:09z Reply TNX for call. DM43 in AZ {2
KC7MG-9 KG7KID-3 05/06 14:34:14z Send another greetings from Az DM42
W7QL KC7MG-9 05/04 18:43:42z Reply QSL and 73, JACK
KC7MG-9 BLN 05/03 15:29:05z Send another Jack in DM42 Arizona
KB0VBZ KC7MG-9 03/23 09:46:36z Reply I'm looking for contacts on SO-50 are you on that day?
W2RS KC7MG-9 03/17 15:01:05z Reply g{1