KC7MG messages

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NO0I KC7MG 09/23 23:09:00z Reply Heard you via ISS 73!
KC7MG BLNQSL1/2 09/23 23:07:53z Send another KG7PBX-8,KB6LTY-3,VA7BWX-9,W0SX-6,NO0I,W7BAZ,KF0BMD-6,
N1RCN KC7MG 09/22 22:19:29z Reply OSL and 73
N1RCN KC7MG 09/20 22:19:14z Reply Good To See You On PKT via ISS !
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 09/07 14:30:56z Reply I saw that neat DE KB6LTY DM14
KC7MG KB6LTY-3 09/07 14:30:40z Send another Crew active last pass on repeater
KF0BMD-9 KC7MG 09/07 13:01:07z Reply Good Morning Jack via ISS Denver CO 73's
KC7MG XE3ARV 09/05 14:34:05z Send another Jack in DM42 Az. looking for contacts
K7FBC KC7MG 09/05 14:32:10z Reply Ack, thx!
K6MOX KC7MG 09/05 14:31:01z Reply Hola jack !{1
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 09/05 14:30:31z Reply HELLO QSL? 73 DE KB6LTY DM14
KF0BMD-7 KC7MG 09/05 13:10:30z Reply Msg rcvd via ISS Denver, co 73's
KF0BMD-9 KC7MG 09/05 13:07:52z Reply Hi Jack msg rcvd via ISS Denver co 73's
9M2RAD-5 KC7MG 09/05 12:57:23z Reply Good Night de 9M2RAD 73{1
WB8JAY KC7MG 09/02 14:29:37z Reply Tnx 73
WB8JAY KC7MG 09/01 15:48:13z Reply Qsl. I also heard you
KC7MG KB6LTY-3 09/01 14:33:35z Send another Lots of beacons but no real people
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 09/01 12:54:15z Reply HELLO JACK GM 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
VE3TSV-9 KC7MG 08/30 14:35:55z Reply Tks. 73
KB2M-2 KC7MG 08/30 14:33:31z Reply Hi fr Jeff in FM29 NJ
N8AJM KC7MG 08/30 14:33:23z Reply QSL 73 {80
N8AJM KC7MG 08/30 14:32:24z Reply Adrian EN72 QSL? {79
KF6JOQ KC7MG 08/30 14:30:10z Reply TNX 73 de kf6joq DM05
KF6JOQ KC7MG 08/30 14:29:59z Reply Larry kf6joq in Bakersfield CA
VA7BWX-9 KC7MG 08/28 20:20:31z Reply Hello back from CN89 in Vancouver Canada
KC7MG KF6JOQ 08/27 18:29:27z Send another Hello: from Grid DM42 Arizona
KB2M-2 KC7MG 08/27 15:52:11z Reply rr{HU}
KB0VBZ KC7MG 08/27 15:30:58z Reply Hello from DM73
KF0BMD-9 KC7MG 08/27 15:24:51z Reply Msg rcvd via ISS Denver CO 73's
W7BMH-2 KC7MG 08/27 15:24:18z Reply GM Jack, didn't get two-way qso via ISS last pass. Try agn 73
K8WU KC7MG 08/27 15:21:54z Reply Heard in MI EN82kl QSL?
W7BMH-2 KC7MG 08/27 15:18:24z Reply QSL in CN84 Eugene, OR
KC7MG BLNQSL1/1 08/27 15:17:10z Send another VA7SHG-6,VA7BWX-9{UISS54}
N1RCN KC7MG 08/26 17:48:58z Reply Good Afternoon via ISS!
W4AEJ KC7MG 08/26 17:47:30z Reply 73 de Dale W4AEJ
W7BMH-2 KC7MG 08/26 17:44:01z Reply RR 73
W7BMH-2 KC7MG 08/26 17:43:18z Reply GM frm Eugene, OR CN84
KK7CWS KC7MG 08/26 12:52:41z Reply QSL ack and 73 Cheers kk7cws
KC6QIB-7 KC7MG 08/24 18:11:24z Reply Hello!..47
KC6QIB-7 KC7MG 08/24 18:11:22z Reply Hello!..{47
KC6QIB-7 KC7MG 08/24 18:03:07z Reply Hello!.45
KC6QIB-7 KC7MG 08/24 18:03:05z Reply Hello!.{45
KF0BMD-6 KC7MG 08/24 12:56:33z Reply Msg recv via ISS Denver CO 73's
W9QO KC7MG 08/23 18:37:00z Reply rej
K8WU KC7MG 08/23 16:58:17z Reply QSL EN82kl TNX 73
KC7MG KF6JOQ 08/22 14:30:10z Send another Thank you 73 from Jack KC7MG DM42
KF6JOQ KC7MG 08/22 14:29:21z Reply larry kf6joq
KF0BMD-9 KC7MG 08/20 16:18:34z Reply Got you here in Denver, Co via ISS 73's
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/20 14:27:33z Reply U2 JACK QSL 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
KC7MG KB6LTY-3 08/20 14:27:18z Send another Have a great day Christy 73
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/20 14:27:03z Reply GM JACK QSL 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
KC7MG KB6LTY-3 08/20 14:26:37z Send another GM Christy ! Have a great day!
KC7MG BLN 08/20 14:26:09z Send another call@amsat.org Hello...
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/19 21:48:58z Reply MOSTLY BEACONS? 73 DE KB6LTY DM14
N6DAN-9 KC7MG 08/19 21:47:42z Reply Hello from Dan{5
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/19 21:47:16z Reply DRY AS A BONE HERE 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
KC7MG KB6LTY-3 08/19 21:46:56z Send another rain here 1.25 inches !!
VA7BWX-9 KC7MG 08/18 22:36:05z Reply Hello back from CN89
KC7MG KB6LTY-3 08/15 21:48:31z Send another Good afternoon Christy
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/15 21:47:38z Reply HELLO 73 DE KB6LTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/15 15:16:49z Reply QSL TNX 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/14 14:26:02z Reply HELLO JACK QSL 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
KC7MG KE4AZZ 08/12 22:42:15z Send another 73 de KC7MG DM42
XE1GLA KC7MG 08/12 22:41:57z Reply HELLO FROM MEXICO 73s
KE4AZZ KC7MG 08/12 22:41:48z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KC7MG XE1GLA 08/12 22:41:28z Send another Greetings from Grid DM42 Arizona
N1RCN KC7MG 08/12 22:40:47z Reply Good Evening from EL87
DB0LUH-1 KC7MG 08/12 22:38:49z Reply rejUISS54}
KC7MG BLNQSL1/1 08/12 22:38:49z Send another KI0GU-7,KF0DST-7,KC5ILO-10{UISS54}
KK7BRN-9 KC7MG 08/12 17:43:31z Reply Hello DM43 Arizona also{19
N6UTC-6 KC7MG 08/12 16:06:20z Reply Greetings from N6UTC de DM03{93
WD9EWK KC7MG 08/12 16:06:12z Reply TNX/73! {87
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG 08/12 16:04:27z Reply HELLO JACK tnks CHRISTY DM14
K7TEJ-7 KC7MG 08/12 15:18:23z Reply Hi Jack from DM33{79
W7TUE KC7MG 08/12 14:59:53z Reply Good to hear from you! 73 from DM33.{55