KC5QFL-7 messages

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KN6Q KC5QFL-7 06/23 03:17:41z Reply Thanks for the try on the ISS, 73!
KC5QFL-7 AC5IR-7 06/22 23:26:54z Send another Roger {7
AC5IR-7 KC5QFL-7 06/22 23:25:55z Reply hi kyle. got you{1
KC5QFL-7 AC5IR-7 06/22 23:25:24z Send another HI from el09po {6
KB6IGK KC5QFL-7 06/22 23:25:04z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{2
WD9EWK KC5QFL-7 06/22 00:18:23z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {4
UA9AQL-5 KC5QFL-7 05/13 15:52:10z Reply Hello! 73 de Sergey Miass{1
K7TAB-7 KC5QFL-7 04/30 20:34:55z Reply DM33 QSL?{8
KC5QFL-7 KC8YJJ-3 04/27 21:35:47z Send another thanks {2
KC5QFL-7 W7QL 04/27 21:35:42z Send another HI from el09po {2
KC8YJJ-3 KC5QFL-7 04/27 21:35:30z Reply QSL Hello from Toronto! 73
K0FFY KC5QFL-7 04/24 14:32:11z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{88
KC5QFL-7 AC5IR-7 04/24 14:28:41z Send another HI on a Monday {4
KC5QFL-7 XE3N-1 04/23 23:29:11z Send another HI from el09po {3
KC5QFL-7 AC5IR-7 04/22 22:43:40z Send another Hi dad!{3
KC5QFL-7 KO6TZ 04/22 22:43:39z Send another HI from el09po {1
KF5TJR KC5QFL-7 04/22 14:39:26z Reply Hi de KF5TJR{EK}
W8LR KC5QFL-7 04/21 23:36:45z Reply 599 Via ISS de W8LR Jerry{4
AA5PK-7 KC5QFL-7 04/21 00:28:07z Reply Glenn in DM91 San Angelo, TX{11