KC4ZPL messages

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KC4ZPL WX4C 03/27 08:08:21z Send another 46deg here at 4:06am{1
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/26 18:36:03z Send another 49deg here in tha' poor zone{62
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/26 13:31:38z Reply 56 in the woods.{14
KC4ZPL W3VLG-9 03/24 15:19:43z Send another Buy a new APRS radio!!!
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/24 15:12:06z Reply 46 in the Woods.{13
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 15:10:33z Send another 51 here in the pit{61
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/24 13:55:28z Reply 42 now in mudville. {12
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 05:44:19z Send another Howdy richguy😁{20
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/24 05:41:54z Send another Howdy richguy😁{19
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/24 05:34:30z Reply ???{17
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/24 05:32:42z Send another Oh darn it.{18
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/24 05:31:31z Send another Oh darn it.{17
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/24 05:28:49z Send another Oh darn it.{16
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 05:22:35z Send another 03541{12
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 05:20:34z Send another 0354{11
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 05:18:37z Send another ping😀😎{10
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/24 05:15:26z Send another ping😀{9
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/24 05:14:20z Send another ping😀{8
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/24 05:12:50z Send another ping😀{7
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/24 05:10:48z Send another ping😀{6
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/24 05:09:04z Send another k4ndn{5
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/24 05:06:53z Send another yupper{4
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/24 05:05:44z Send another yupper{3
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/24 05:04:58z Send another yupper{2
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 05:00:23z Send another 29deg here at 1:00 am{1
KC4ZPL AB4D 03/23 18:23:57z Send another Wake up!{60
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/23 13:00:32z Send another 27deg here too{59
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/23 12:59:58z Send another Hiya tuffguy!{58
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/23 12:31:20z Reply 27 in mudville.{11
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/23 12:30:03z Reply Good morning Stan!{10
KC4ZPL WB3JUV 03/22 12:58:12z Send another I also have an Icom IC-R3{57
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/22 12:25:55z Send another 43deg in poortown{56
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/22 12:03:09z Reply 39 deg in mudville.{9
KC4ZPL AB4D 03/21 12:31:42z Send another Howdy from Harrington Delaware{55
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 11:14:33z Send another Good morning..😋{11
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 11:14:23z Send another Good morning..😋{10
KC4ZPL WB3JUV 03/21 11:13:43z Send another Good morning..😋{9
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 11:12:49z Send another Good morning..😋{8
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/21 11:09:14z Reply 45 in mudville{7
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 11:08:56z Send another Got my Shania t-shirt on today!😀{7
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 11:06:33z Send another 42deg here in the pit this morning☺{6
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-8 03/21 11:03:02z Send another Got it!😉{5
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-8 03/21 11:02:49z Send another Got it!😉{4
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-8 03/21 11:01:55z Send another Oh no😄{3
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-8 03/21 11:00:47z Send another Oh no😄{2
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/21 11:00:41z Send another Oh no😄{1
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/21 10:19:58z Reply ssss{16
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/21 06:17:06z Send another Oh no😄{17
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/21 06:14:07z Send another This text is from my cellphone😎{16
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/21 06:12:31z Send another This text is from my cellphone😎{15
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/21 06:06:30z Send another This text is from my cellphone😎{14
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/21 06:05:22z Send another This text is from my cellphone😎{13
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/21 06:02:04z Send another ssss{12
KC4ZPL K4ND 03/21 06:00:24z Send another {11
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 05:58:04z Send another {10
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 05:57:35z Send another jjj{9
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 05:55:55z Send another testing from my cellphone{8
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 05:53:35z Send another Tedt message via my cellphone{7
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 05:50:02z Send another What's new?😎{6
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/21 05:48:07z Send another What's for breakfast??{5
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/21 05:47:20z Send another What's for breakfast??{4
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/21 05:44:04z Send another What's for breakfast??{3
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/21 05:43:45z Send another What's for breakfast??{2
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/21 05:38:31z Send another what?{1
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/20 13:21:24z Send another Howdy Mayor Don{54
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/20 13:16:54z Send another Howdy Mayor Don{53
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/20 10:46:50z Send another APRS via the ISS !!{52
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL 03/20 10:42:14z Send another APRS via the ISS !!{51
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/19 19:41:42z Reply CAN U CALL '{13
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/19 19:39:42z Send another Hi buckeroo!{50
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/19 18:45:15z Reply Hello
KC4ZPL WB3JUV 03/19 15:16:04z Send another Time for Grady to wake up!!!!
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/19 13:36:34z Reply oh no..{1
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-10 03/19 13:34:56z Send another AHOY!
KC4ZPL K3LT 03/18 17:41:53z Send another Boo!{49
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/18 16:36:17z Reply yupper{1
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/18 15:54:36z Send another Kool bean's!{48
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/18 15:10:21z Reply The Check is in the mail!{4
KC4ZPL WB3JUV 03/18 11:55:48z Send another Good mornin rich guy!{47
KC4ZPL AC2KU 03/18 11:08:22z Send another I saw ur call on 437.550 via RS0ISS{46
KC4ZPL AC2KU-1 03/18 11:05:19z Send another I saw ur call on 437.550 via RS0ISS{45
KC4ZPL WB3JUV 03/18 04:26:24z Send another Thank's for the meal at Chic Filea!
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/17 11:12:17z Send another 21deg here in poortown.
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-10 03/17 11:11:07z Send another okay maybe
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/17 10:22:55z Reply yo{2
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/17 10:22:11z Reply yo{1
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/17 10:16:43z Send another 21deg in poortown this morning{44
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/16 19:29:47z Send another You are an APRS junky now!!{43
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/16 19:26:39z Reply COOL!{10
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/16 19:25:21z Send another It worked{42
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/16 19:24:58z Reply it works both ways!
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/16 19:24:14z Send another Howdy!{41
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/16 19:19:21z Reply Test
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/16 07:01:15z Reply wowzer😁{4
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/16 06:57:04z Reply wowzer😁{3
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/16 06:54:28z Reply wowzer😁{2
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/16 06:53:49z Reply What?😙{1
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/15 21:47:47z Reply 29 DEG 30 MPH 3IN SNO YES{8
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/15 21:44:47z Send another 32 deg here but no snow..ha ha ha{13
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/15 21:42:56z Send another Hiya Eric!{12