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AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 01/17 17:29:20z Reply GM!{0
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 01/17 17:27:14z Send another Howdy!{01
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 01/17 10:10:40z Reply Santa didn't show up at the hospital on Christmas Eve or Christm
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/16 10:45:33z Send another 16deg here this morning*{20
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/11 14:38:55z Reply 23 in Zenda!{75
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/11 11:14:02z Send another 25deg here in Poorville!{19
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/09 14:28:21z Reply High Winds in Zenda!{73
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/09 12:51:08z Send another Release them brakes.......
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/09 12:50:05z Send another Turn that clunker on an get driving!!!!!
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/09 11:31:31z Send another Still no snow here yet*{18
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/09 06:42:56z Send another Santa is watching you🤨
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/09 06:40:23z Send another Hurry up dude!!!!!
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/08 14:33:37z Reply Hey Dude!{72
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/08 12:52:02z Send another Howdy Tuffguy***{17
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/04 12:51:25z Reply 32.5 here in Metro Zenda! No Bikini.{71
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/04 12:48:11z Send another 28deg here! Maybe thats why!{16
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/04 12:45:05z Reply AA:WX4C's Radio received your message
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/04 12:44:27z Send another No bikini's yet in 2019***{15
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/04 11:24:35z Reply Happy 4th of January!{70
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/02 11:57:22z Send another 33.8 here in Hoboville!{14
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/02 11:36:04z Reply 35.8 in Zenda!{69
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 01/01 22:32:02z Reply Santa didn't show up at the hospital on Christmas Eve or Christmas {11
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/01 15:14:55z Reply Thank you for your Friendship over the years!!!{68
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/01 15:11:09z Reply Happy New Year !{67
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/01 10:47:06z Send another Happy New Year !{13
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/31 15:12:55z Reply She will keep Santa warm!{66
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/31 13:35:41z Send another I think Santa took Shani back to the North Pole with him...{12
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/31 13:26:53z Reply 37.2 in down town Zenda.{65
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/31 13:25:00z Send another 32deg here...Burrr!!!!{11
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/31 13:23:42z Reply Is Shania there yet?{64
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/31 13:21:40z Send another Good morning Carol & Don!{10
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/26 13:29:23z Reply Heart breaking!{62
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/26 13:26:40z Reply Maybe next year. 2019{61
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/26 13:25:21z Send another AA:Message received*
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/26 13:25:02z Reply That is sad News!{60
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/26 13:24:28z Send another Boo hoo!{20
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/26 13:22:59z Send another Santa didn't bring me Shania Twain for Xmas.{19
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 12/25 14:51:39z Send another Santa sez Ho Ho No!!{18
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/25 14:18:18z Reply Merry Christmas!{56
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/25 11:22:57z Send another Ho Ho Ho!!!{17
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/21 12:29:03z Send another Howdy Mr Mayor!{16
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/19 12:45:52z Send another 10-4 on Shania!{15
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/19 11:51:08z Reply Good morning Harrington!Shinia is on her way.{55
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/16 11:16:50z Send another It's time for Zenda to rise & shine*{14
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/11 13:44:16z Reply Gjnod morning Stan!{51
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/11 13:41:55z Send another Howdy Mayor!{9
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/11 01:58:55z Reply Greetings from Zenda!{50
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/06 12:41:08z Send another Shania and I will both be grinning!{8
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/06 11:27:55z Reply When she arrives she will be wearing nothing but a smile!{47
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/03 23:28:32z Send another Not yet!{7
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/03 19:41:05z Reply Has Shania arrived yet?{45
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/01 20:31:39z Send another Howdy Zenda Mayor!{6
TA5AHO-4 KC4ZPL 11/28 23:01:10z Reply Email to hamitote33@gmail.com
TA5AHO-4 KC4ZPL 11/28 22:58:45z Reply Would you please send it again?
TA5AHO-4 KC4ZPL 11/28 22:58:16z Reply The Mail box didn't show up.
TA5AHO-4 KC4ZPL 11/28 22:57:51z Reply Hey, I got your message..
TA5AHO-4 KC4ZPL 11/28 22:08:12z Reply Hello! 73 from TURKEY!..
TA5AHO-4 KC4ZPL 11/28 22:06:13z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS.=..
KC4ZPL TA5AHO 11/28 21:54:02z Send another Howdy!!!{4
K4KDR-6 KC4ZPL 11/28 21:53:14z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
W4JHM-6 KC4ZPL 11/27 21:07:22z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS W4JHM EL98
KC4ZPL TA5AHO 11/27 11:28:34z Send another I got your message from TA5AHO-4 *** thank's{3
TA5AHO-4 KC4ZPL 11/26 22:08:42z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS-*-0
N1RCN KC4ZPL 11/26 21:59:37z Reply >de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
KC4ZPL KF4RQH 11/22 16:29:33z Send another Gobble gobble!!{2
KF4RQH KC4ZPL 11/22 15:44:29z Reply Happy Thaksgiving
KC4ZPL K4KNJ 11/22 13:14:32z Send another My Anytone AT-D868 UV is coming here Friday!{1
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/22 11:31:01z Send another Gobble gobble*{0
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/22 11:10:50z Send another Turkey time!!!{5
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/19 13:40:36z Send another Santa bring me Shania Twain this year!!!!!{36
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/17 13:17:24z Send another WX girl sez...Burrrr!{35
WX4C KC4ZPL 11/16 11:54:28z Reply Good morning Stan!{41
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/16 11:53:19z Send another Good morning richguy!{34
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/15 20:32:12z Send another Just lots of rain here!{33
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/15 14:32:34z Send another AA:Message received
WX4C KC4ZPL 11/15 14:32:17z Reply Freezing Rain and Sleet in Zenda!{40
WX4C KC4ZPL 11/13 14:44:35z Reply You passed the test!{39
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/12 21:25:03z Send another Testing this unit{59