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KC4ZPL WX4C 01/19 12:52:02z Send another Hiya Don!{63
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/18 12:09:11z Reply 11 degrees in Zenda! with no Bikini.{71
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/18 11:01:27z Send another 15deg here in Hobotown{25
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/17 10:59:09z Send another Hi Mayor!{24
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/16 15:53:19z Reply Good morning Stan da Radio man!{70
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/16 10:37:41z Send another Careful! Flo'is watchin you...{23
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 01/15 19:45:13z Reply I am at blazing speed..lol{50
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/15 18:39:38z Send another AA:Message received
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/15 16:54:25z Reply Test test {69
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/15 16:41:07z Reply The low was 7 in Zenda!{68
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/15 15:03:41z Send another Bahzingah*+*{22
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/15 15:02:21z Send another Hurry up!!!{21
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/15 13:10:51z Send another 22deg here,burrrrr!{20
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/10 14:29:11z Reply She has her over coat on.{67
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/10 14:24:37z Send another Any bikini's around Zenda yet?
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/10 14:17:58z Reply Good morning to Stan da man!{66
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/10 14:16:24z Send another Good mornin everybody in Zenda!!
KA1UDX-1 KC4ZPL 01/08 15:17:10z Reply ?APRST
KC4ZPL AA3JY-2 01/08 12:03:17z Send another BMW's are yuckie!!!!!!!!{19
KC4ZPL AA3JY-2 01/08 11:57:22z Send another Yuckie!{18
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 01/07 23:11:45z Reply I caught it up on my noggin...{49
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/07 18:26:29z Reply 0 here at 5AM. No Bikni!{64
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/07 10:17:29z Send another Zero deg here at 5:16 am{17
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/06 20:14:59z Reply To cold to go out today!{62
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/06 20:06:26z Send another I did TGI Friday's for lunch!{16
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/05 22:19:35z Send another Did ya see that snowball I threw atcha??{62
WX4C KC4ZPL 01/05 14:57:30z Reply 2.3 degrees wind chiii of minus 5{61
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 01/05 12:51:05z Send another Wake up & grab the shovel!!!!
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/04 10:49:48z Send another We got about 2 inches of snow & about 40 mph winds.{61
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/03 11:21:39z Send another 4.5 deg here this morn...Burrrr!{60
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/02 11:13:37z Send another 9deg here this morning..{59
KC4ZPL AB8JL 01/01 11:52:38z Send another Happy New Year Buckeroo!!{58
KC4ZPL WX4C 01/01 08:46:08z Send another Happy New Year Don & Carol !!{57
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/26 11:01:07z Send another Nope,I didn't have a tree..{56
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/25 16:40:21z Reply Was Shania under your Tree?{55
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/25 11:43:41z Send another Ho Ho Ho!!{15
KC4ZPL W1GRE-2 12/24 23:37:01z Send another Thank's & Merry Xmas to ya!{14
W1GRE-2 KC4ZPL 12/24 23:29:49z Reply Merry Christmas{JJ}
KC4ZPL K4NDN 12/24 10:32:15z Send another Wake up guy's!!{13
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/23 11:04:45z Send another I hope Santa brings ya lots of Ham Stuff!!!{12
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/16 15:02:06z Reply Shania will be under your Tree!{54
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/15 21:59:15z Reply Please let me know when Shini arrives.{53
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 12/15 19:26:41z Send another Merry Xass dude!{11
KC4ZPL K4NDN 12/15 19:26:23z Send another Wake up guys!!!{9
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 12/15 14:43:34z Reply Merry Christmas Bucko...
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/14 14:58:32z Send another Not yet. Maybe she is out shopping for some new bikini's!{10
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/14 13:37:06z Reply Has Shania arrived yet{52
KC4ZPL AA3JY-2 12/13 12:08:01z Send another Santa also hates BeeMers!!!
KC4ZPL AA3JY-2 12/13 12:05:22z Send another Santa doesn't have any rice rockets!!!!!
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/12 11:14:22z Send another Good morn Mayor Don, 39.2 deg here in Poorville{8
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 12/11 11:51:29z Reply Thought u wud got more. We got 1/2"
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/11 11:50:38z Send another Santa is on his way to Walmart!!!!{7
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 12/10 18:47:30z Send another 1.5 inches{6
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 12/10 17:21:53z Reply How much snow you get Stan?
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-8 12/10 07:04:15z Send another Hi there😁
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-8 12/09 21:51:41z Send another ?APRSP
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/07 16:11:43z Send another Ok, I'm watchin my driveway!!{54
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/07 13:33:39z Send another Shania still not here yet!!{53
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/07 13:32:22z Reply Patience! She is on the way.{50
WX4C KC4ZPL 12/04 14:35:41z Reply 33 here in Zenda!{49
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/04 12:00:27z Send another 28deg here in the hood..{52
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/04 11:48:47z Send another Time for Zenda to wake up!{51
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/03 15:51:33z Send another http://www.ariss.net/{50
KC4ZPL WX4C 12/01 11:46:01z Send another Good morning Mayor Don!{49
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 11/27 14:57:20z Send another Crank that truck up,get a move on!!
W1GRE-15 KC4ZPL 11/27 00:32:14z Reply test from D74{0
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/24 12:22:47z Send another 25deg here this morning...Burrrrrr!{48
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/23 12:58:59z Send another AA:Message received*
WX4C KC4ZPL 11/23 12:58:19z Reply 22 deg in Zenda! Brrr.{45
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/20 17:16:24z Send another Yikes! WX girl don't got her bikini on either...{47
WX4C KC4ZPL 11/20 12:58:54z Reply No Shania & no Bikini in Zenda this morning!{44
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/16 11:44:40z Send another Kenwood D710 G is waitin on ya!!{46
WX4C KC4ZPL 11/15 13:36:07z Reply AA:WX4C's Radio received your message
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/15 13:35:26z Send another 42deg here in poorville{4
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/12 11:49:14z Send another 25deg here in the hood this morning*{3
KC4ZPL WX4C 11/11 10:36:10z Send another It's 22deg here an no bikini's in sight!{45
WX4C KC4ZPL 11/11 08:45:41z Reply Brrr it is COLD in Zenda{42