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WX4C KC4ZPL 09/20 13:11:55z Reply Its a foggy morning in Zenda!{7
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/19 16:06:14z Reply Good morning Harrington!{1
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/16 20:51:55z Reply Knickers at 69 degrees.{4
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/16 20:49:04z Send another WX girl lookin awesome!!{2
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/16 12:57:34z Reply She has her Knickers on!{2
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/14 11:52:00z Send another Howdy Zenda!{1
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/12 12:08:49z Reply Cloudy, overcast and foggy again. I am gonna rust!{99
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/12 10:26:37z Send another I hit the ISS again via my D710G this morn{0
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/11 13:08:07z Reply Good morning Stan! Batten down the Hatches Florence is on the way.{97
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 09/11 09:46:23z Reply opps
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 09/10 18:55:08z Send another Go go go!!!!{99
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/10 12:12:24z Send another I hit tha ISS with my D74about 8;00 am !!!!!!!!!!{98
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/10 10:27:25z Send another I hit the ISS this morn{97
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/09 13:07:24z Reply Raining in Zenda! No Bikini.{96
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/09 10:38:35z Send another No booty here yet...hee hee!{96
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/08 13:12:56z Send another Hello Mayor,raining hard here!!{95
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/08 13:07:01z Reply No Rain in Zenda yet!{95
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/08 12:53:38z Reply Good morning ISS Stan!{91
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/07 13:08:22z Send another I just hit ISS 3 times via my D74 !!{94
KE3LB KC4ZPL 09/07 11:19:23z Reply 73
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/05 20:36:29z Reply HOT!{92
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/05 18:34:51z Send another 94deg here at 2:34PM{93
N1RCN KC4ZPL 09/05 14:42:33z Reply de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Flordia QSL?
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/04 11:27:32z Reply Breakfast is ready!{90
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/03 11:07:36z Send another I'm here waiting on her!{92
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/03 10:11:02z Reply Shania is coming to see you!{89
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/03 08:33:00z Reply Time for a Space walk{88
N1RCN KC4ZPL 09/02 15:41:58z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
K4KDR-6 KC4ZPL 09/02 15:40:12z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/02 12:18:40z Reply Come on down and have a hot Cup of Folgers.{87
KC4ZPL WX4C 09/02 10:16:20z Send another I got up at 5:00am for Shania watch!!!{91
WX4C KC4ZPL 09/02 08:37:00z Reply Wake up Harrington!{84
KB2M-2 KC4ZPL 09/01 21:15:43z Reply didn't hear direct FM29
KC4ZPL KB2M-2 09/01 16:36:26z Send another Hi{90
N1RCN KC4ZPL 09/01 16:34:09z Reply de n1pcn el87{E
N1RCN KC4ZPL 09/01 16:33:53z Reply de n1rcn el87{D
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/29 20:19:25z Reply Hello Spaceman!{83
AG5DL KC4ZPL 08/29 09:24:41z Reply Hello from Joe In Alamo, TX via ISS in Alamo, TX EL06we
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/28 10:35:03z Send another My D74 hit the ISS !!!!!!{89
KE4AZZ KC4ZPL 08/28 10:16:40z Reply de ke4azz el87{7w}
KC4ZPL KD0YUJ-6 08/27 20:23:57z Send another Howdy!{88
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/27 11:30:06z Send another I hit the ISS a bunch of times!!{85
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/26 14:36:41z Reply The ISS is back on the Air.{81
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/26 14:32:50z Reply Good morning Stanly!{80
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/26 14:31:38z Send another Hello Zenda Mayor!{84
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/25 22:25:26z Send another Good morning Mayor Big Buck's!!!{56
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/24 12:17:51z Reply Good morning Radio Stan!{79
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/23 10:11:23z Reply AA:WX4C's Radio received your message
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/23 10:10:49z Send another Good morning Zenda*{83
KC4ZPL-7 KC4ZPL 08/20 12:25:48z Reply I saw u on APRS via the ISS
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 08/20 12:19:42z Send another Get that load to the customer today!!!!!!!
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 08/19 19:34:37z Send another Bonk!{82
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/18 13:31:00z Send another WX girl looking spiffy allready!!{81
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/16 16:11:25z Send another AA:Message received*
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/16 16:10:46z Reply She is in her Bikin!{77
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/16 12:10:07z Reply Ok on thd Diamnnd.{76
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/16 12:06:01z Send another Kenwood D74/Diamond SRH320A 2/222/440 HT antenna{55
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/15 11:27:37z Reply Ham & Eggs{74
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/15 10:54:50z Send another What's for breakfast????{80
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/13 11:21:01z Send another Good morning!{46
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/12 18:17:34z Reply 65 degrees, Raining and the Lady has her Knickers on!{72
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/12 09:38:13z Send another Yikes!No bikini's anywhere yet...{79
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/09 10:19:42z Send another Click clock{78
K5ROK-14 KC4ZPL 08/08 20:10:19z Reply Whats up I'm playing the blues..
K5ROK-14 KC4ZPL 08/08 20:08:10z Reply Git er done ya sleepyhead!
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/08 10:32:11z Send another I'll be watching the WX station{77
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/08 10:23:28z Send another Good morning I hope!{76
W2DSX KC4ZPL 08/07 17:51:56z Reply AA:Got it
W2DSX KC4ZPL 08/07 17:46:43z Reply rej75
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 08/07 16:41:24z Send another Berryville hamfest was nice!{75
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/03 20:44:36z Reply No Bikini in Zenda today!{67
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/03 14:01:43z Reply 70 degrees and mo Bikini!{66
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/03 13:59:49z Send another 80deg an WX girl has her tiny bikini on !!!{74
KC4ZPL K5ROK-14 08/02 15:13:55z Send another Git er done!!!!!!{73
KC4ZPL K5ROK-14 08/02 15:13:07z Send another Hurry up!!!{72
WX4C KC4ZPL 08/02 14:29:16z Reply Raining in Zenda. She has Shorts on!{65
KC4ZPL WX4C 08/01 14:06:42z Send another Sunny here an Bikini is on WX girl{71
KC4ZPL K5ROK-14 07/31 23:15:49z Send another Get rolling!!!!
KC4ZPL K5ROK-14 07/31 21:28:08z Send another Hurry up!!!{70
KC4ZPL K5ROK 07/31 21:25:11z Send another Git er done!!!!!!{69
KC4ZPL K5ROK-14 07/31 06:38:01z Send another Git er done !!!
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/30 21:14:16z Send another AA:Message received
WX4C KC4ZPL 07/30 21:14:02z Reply my Girl has not been in her Bikini all day!{64
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/30 20:35:06z Send another Raining here in Hobotown!{68
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/30 12:39:01z Send another Cloudy here an she has her short's on.{67
WX4C KC4ZPL 07/26 15:24:21z Reply I just put new Copper Tops in my Bikinb{61
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 07/26 09:42:35z Send another HRO sez ur a pest!{66
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 07/25 17:34:54z Reply Boo! Come on up and treat me to HRO Bucko{19
WX4C KC4ZPL 07/25 12:56:39z Reply Five months till Stanta!{59
KC4ZPL AA3JY-2 07/25 11:37:32z Send another Yuckie!!!!!!!!{65
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/24 12:50:57z Send another She's in her Bikini now!!! Woopie!!!!!{45
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/24 12:14:09z Send another Same here...shorty shorts also.{44
WX4C KC4ZPL 07/24 11:20:57z Reply Rain in Zenda and she has her Knickers on.{57
WX4C KC4ZPL 07/23 15:19:52z Reply Good morning from Zenda!{2
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/23 12:51:49z Send another Wx girl unit is out for delivery here today...a day early!{43
KC4ZPL-7 KC4ZPL 07/21 08:38:41z Reply Hmmm? {08
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/19 10:47:46z Send another I hope Shania will be there***{64
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/19 10:29:20z Send another Hamfest is on it's way!{63
WX4C KC4ZPL 07/16 13:55:40z Reply No Bikini in Zenda yet!{47
KC4ZPL WX4C 07/16 13:51:52z Send another WX girl looking great this morning๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„