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WX4C KC4ZPL 04/24 10:54:33z Reply 49 & Rain in Mudville.{61
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/24 10:37:58z Send another Light rain,still no Shania Twain{83
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/24 10:37:51z Send another 50deg here in Poortown{82
KC4ZPL KB3PRW-9 04/23 11:26:29z Send another Good mornin{81
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/22 12:10:16z Reply 58 & Rain in Mudville.{57
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/22 12:07:17z Reply Good luck on the test!{56
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/22 11:45:12z Send another Hamfest today in Georgetown!{80
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/21 13:06:09z Reply I haven't stopped by there in ages...
KC4ZPL K5ROK 04/21 09:34:13z Send another Cuz I like to hear the Crunch!!{79
K5ROK KC4ZPL 04/21 06:28:24z Reply why you hungry{07
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 04/20 15:46:05z Send another No Popeyes for slow drivers!!{24
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/20 14:16:59z Reply AA:WX4C's Radio received your message
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/20 14:16:23z Send another 66deg here this morning*{23
KC4ZPL AA3JY-5 04/20 10:41:46z Send another Padd;e waddel waddel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 04/18 21:30:40z Send another Easter bunny sez hurry up!{22
K4NDN KC4ZPL 04/18 19:21:40z Reply YOU TOO{28
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/18 12:05:38z Reply Taking it slow and easy. Not as fast as he is. Rise & shine Bucko.{05
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/18 12:04:38z Reply Taking it slow and easy. Not as fast as he is. Rise & shine Buc
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 04/18 10:27:31z Send another Easter bunny sez hurry up!{21
KC4ZPL AA3JY-5 04/18 09:33:27z Send another Easter bunny ain't got no rice!*{20
KC4ZPL AA3JY-5 04/17 14:40:39z Send another Easter bunny ain't got no rice!{19
KC4ZPL AA3JY-5 04/17 12:34:14z Send another U migh have to use a little WD-40!
KC4ZPL AA3JY-5 04/17 12:33:00z Send another Guess you will have to paddle that dingy!!!!!!!!!!!!
KC4ZPL AA3JY-5 04/17 12:30:19z Send another Easter bunny ain't go no rice!{18
K4NDN KC4ZPL 04/16 20:45:39z Reply AA:MESSAGE RECEIVED
KC4ZPL K4NDN 04/16 20:45:27z Send another Happy Easter!{17
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/16 13:42:48z Reply Good morning Harrington!{52
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/16 13:40:21z Reply Go{51
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/16 11:46:49z Send another Good morning, Zenda!{15
KC4ZPL K5ROK 04/16 09:30:43z Send another What's for breakfast??{16
K5ROK KC4ZPL 04/15 17:52:16z Reply howdy{06
K5ROK KC4ZPL 04/15 17:49:06z Reply {05
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/15 14:48:07z Reply 80s in the 4cast today. {46
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/15 13:28:17z Reply Beware, the bikini will be out today.{43
KC4ZPL W1GRE 04/15 11:07:35z Send another Good morning, 50deg here in poortown...{14
W1GRE KC4ZPL 04/15 04:48:04z Reply Good morning Andy{XC}
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 04/13 19:40:14z Send another Hmmmmm?{13
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/13 10:19:12z Reply Test Bucko{03
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/12 12:09:05z Reply GM Bucko, rise & shine.{02
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/12 06:28:34z Send another 61deg here in the back yard.
KC4ZPL K4NDN 04/11 06:46:06z Send another What's for breakfast??
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/10 10:10:08z Send another 45Deg here in the pit this morning..
K3RLD-1 KC4ZPL 04/09 19:35:51z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{0
W8LR KC4ZPL 04/09 19:35:23z Reply 599 Via ISS de W8LR Jerry{22
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/09 11:23:12z Send another No bikini's anywhere!{78
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/09 11:20:00z Send another 31deg in tha'pit this morning{77
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/09 11:17:18z Send another Howdy richguy!{76
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/08 09:44:24z Send another 35deg in Poortown this morning{75
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/08 00:40:24z Reply It is cold and windy in Zenda!{40
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/07 11:22:02z Send another Check ur email,I sent ya some pictures{74
WX4C KC4ZPL 04/06 11:52:10z Reply Good morning Stan!57 and Rain at Zenda.{37
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 04/05 17:02:05z Reply To late!{52
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 04/05 14:56:47z Send another Yeah,send me some!{73
AB8JL-14 KC4ZPL 04/05 14:20:00z Reply Popeye's{51
KC4ZPL AB8JL-14 04/05 14:15:47z Send another What's for lunch??{72
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/05 10:35:52z Reply I'm listening on KA3NRJ 444.100 on Fusion
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/05 10:24:16z Reply Rahgee, Using it can you link into other repeaters?
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/05 10:21:33z Reply Test Bucko...
KC4ZPL W3VLG-14 04/04 20:59:51z Send another I've used Wires X but I don't like it.
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-10 04/04 18:57:30z Send another AA:Message received*
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 04/04 18:57:04z Reply yikes?{1
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/04 18:56:57z Reply Hey Bucko, you around
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 04/04 12:30:54z Reply Ding dong{1
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-10 04/04 12:29:40z Send another Yhoo hoy{71
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/03 04:01:06z Send another Booski☺{2
KC4ZPL WX4C 04/03 03:59:06z Send another Howdy via this app....{1
W3VLG-14 KC4ZPL 04/02 23:56:34z Reply Hey Stan, do you know how to use the WIRES system?
WX4C-10 KC4ZPL 04/02 15:49:17z Reply Good morning from Lynchburg, Stanley! {1
K5ROK KC4ZPL 04/02 01:59:26z Reply yep{99
KC4ZPL K5ROK 04/01 19:51:10z Send another I think he got a Yaesu FTM-400{70
KC4ZPL K5ROK 04/01 19:47:36z Send another Yikes!!!{69
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-10 04/01 19:44:51z Send another opps
K5ROK KC4ZPL 04/01 18:56:07z Reply tony-14 is back{98
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 04/01 03:13:55z Reply what's up?{2
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 04/01 03:13:29z Reply here goes😎{1
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/31 16:54:46z Reply can u see me?{2
KC4ZPL WX4C-10 03/31 16:49:47z Send another Okey dokey!{67
KC4ZPL KC4ZPL-10 03/31 16:47:46z Send another Hmmm*{68
KC4ZPL-10 KC4ZPL 03/31 16:44:36z Reply booo{1
WX4C-10 KC4ZPL 03/31 13:37:45z Reply Raining and 55 here. {3
KC4ZPL WX4C-10 03/31 13:33:23z Send another Send to my barn!{66
WX4C-10 KC4ZPL 03/31 13:29:03z Reply Good morning from Jamestown. Shania is here! {2
WX4C-10 KC4ZPL 03/31 13:28:10z Reply KC4ZPL {1
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/31 09:50:40z Send another Good morning Mayor!{65
W3VLG-9 KC4ZPL 03/30 12:19:03z Reply Might call u for some 400 tips.
W3VLG-9 KC4ZPL 03/30 12:16:37z Reply I did, the FTM-400xdr it's at the house waiting on me.
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/29 11:24:37z Reply Good morning Andrew!{26
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/28 12:40:23z Reply 58 degs and rain in mudville.{23
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/28 11:24:58z Send another I don't think I will need a coat today...Whew!{63
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/28 11:19:23z Send another 59deg here...warming up this morning!{64
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/27 08:08:21z Send another 46deg here at 4:06am{1
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/26 18:36:03z Send another 49deg here in tha' poor zone{62
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/26 13:31:38z Reply 56 in the woods.{14
KC4ZPL W3VLG-9 03/24 15:19:43z Send another Buy a new APRS radio!!!
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/24 15:12:06z Reply 46 in the Woods.{13
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 15:10:33z Send another 51 here in the pit{61
WX4C KC4ZPL 03/24 13:55:28z Reply 42 now in mudville. {12
KC4ZPL WX4C 03/24 05:44:19z Send another Howdy richguy😁{20
KC4ZPL K4NDN 03/24 05:41:54z Send another Howdy richguy😁{19
K4NDN KC4ZPL 03/24 05:34:30z Reply ???{17