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KC1YJ CQ 09/23 23:31:59z Send another Happy Weekend! de Steve in NH FN42{2f}
KC1YJ CQ 09/23 23:30:38z Send another Greetings from Steve in NH FN42{2e}
KC1YJ K2GB 09/23 20:17:19z Send another Thnks 73 QSL from NH via ISS{2d}
KC1YJ WY4D 09/23 20:16:24z Send another QSL signal via ISS into NH{2c}
K2GB KC1YJ 09/23 20:15:10z Reply hello from va. 73
KC1YJ CQ 09/23 20:14:07z Send another Greetings from Steve in NH FN42{2b}
KC1YJ CQ 09/23 00:20:46z Send another Greetings from NH FN42{2a}
KC1YJ N8TMG-1 09/23 00:19:24z Send another QSL from NH via ISS{2Z}
KC1YJ CQ 09/23 00:18:42z Send another Greetings from Steve in NH FN42{2Y}
KC1YJ WY4D 09/22 22:42:31z Send another Thanks QSL to NH via ISS 73{2W}
WY4D KC1YJ 09/22 22:42:10z Reply Qsl Ben in FM07 QSL to LoTW 73 via ISS
KC1YJ CQ 09/22 22:41:23z Send another Happy Friday from Steve in NH FN42{2V}
G4TEW KC1YJ 09/22 11:09:22z Reply Hi, sorry to have missed you! Greetings from UK, IO94HC{JZ}