KC1RGS messages

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KC1RGS N1NCB-1 03/19 01:33:48z Send another I read you via ISS - 73 KC1RGS FN31 QSO?
KC1RGS SMSGTE 03/18 22:26:55z Send another @18605770566 TESTING JS8
EMAIL-2 KC1RGS 03/17 13:39:26z Reply Email sent to lon@lon.tv{144
KC1RGS EMAIL-2 03/17 13:39:26z Send another lon@lon.tv This is a test{1
SMSGTE KC1RGS 03/17 04:13:14z Reply @8605770566 Test return{M6105
KC1RGS SMSGTE 03/17 04:12:25z Send another @8605770566 testing again{1
EMAIL-2 KC1RGS 03/12 15:19:04z Reply Email sent to LON@LON.TV{5G}02
KC1RGS EMAIL-2 03/12 15:19:03z Send another LON@LON.TV TESTING{02}
KC1RGS SMSGTE 03/12 15:12:23z Send another @18605770566 TEST