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K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 18:12:40z Reply U not trying out the new DQ there?{IR}
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:21:39z Send another yes{6
K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 17:20:16z Reply I peeked at pota site, it looked as if u had BIG session.{IQ}
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:18:56z Send another 245 pota{5
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:17:02z Send another hot{4
K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 17:16:05z Reply Only thing at the park, NO A/C!!!{IP}
KC0NOX K0ION 10/01 17:15:37z Send another yes{3
K0ION KC0NOX 10/01 17:15:01z Reply Packed up and heading home?{IO}
K9WAS-9 KC0NOX 08/23 01:25:28z Reply Hi, how are you? {25
KC0NOX K0ION 08/17 15:04:03z Send another mcd{2
K0ION KC0NOX 08/17 15:03:34z Reply Must be running errands.{NP}
K0ION KC0NOX 07/29 18:43:58z Reply RIH has Zito on, but mine is somwere in Zombie land! LOL{XF}
K0ION KC0NOX 07/29 18:40:58z Reply AA:Away from keyboard.
KC0NOX K0ION 07/29 18:38:19z Send another back on{1
K0ION KC0NOX 07/29 18:33:16z Reply Zito is OUT{XE}
KC0NOX K0ION 07/29 18:32:56z Send another k{0
K0ION KC0NOX 07/29 18:32:35z Reply AC main power on hr.{XD}