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KC0FGX KD0YTE-5 09/02 03:22:18z Send another Hello Alex!{HY}
KC0FGX KC0FGX 09/02 03:16:11z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,Current,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
KC0FGX KF0GVX-7 09/02 03:14:49z Send another Tnx!{HX}
KF0GVX-7 KC0FGX 09/02 03:14:23z Reply you to Ferrell. 73{79
KC0FGX KF0GVX-7 09/02 03:11:41z Send another Nice to meet you Ryan, name here is Ferrell, have a great weekend!{HW}
KF0GVX-7 KC0FGX 09/02 03:09:48z Reply name hr is Ryan. GN and 73{78
KC0FGX KF0GVX-7 09/02 03:08:25z Send another Hello & 73 from Kirksville MO.{HV}
KC0FGX WHO-IS 09/02 03:06:42z Send another KF0GVX{HU}
KF0GVX-7 KC0FGX 09/02 03:06:31z Reply Hello from Plattsmouth, NE{77
WHO-IS KC0FGX 09/02 03:06:11z Reply G/Ryan M Ernest/NE/United States{8N}HU
KC0FGX KF0GVX-7 09/02 03:05:19z Send another Hello {HT}
WXBOT KC0FGX 09/02 03:03:28z Reply 5 Miles SW Adair MO. Saturday,Sunny High 87{UC}HS
KC0FGX WXBOT 09/02 03:03:21z Send another wx Saturday{HS}