KB8OTK-9 messages

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W4TBD-6 KB8OTK-9 08/15 23:40:13z Reply 73 de Ed W4TBD w4tbd@arrl.net VA FM17dk
W4TBD-6 KB8OTK-9 08/15 23:40:12z Reply [AA] Hello de Ed W4TBD USA VA FM17dk WLNK-1{67
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 08/15 23:40:09z Send another Hey Ed{67
KB8OTK-9 RS0ISS 08/15 23:40:06z Send another hello{66
KB8OTK-9 RS0ISS 08/14 13:59:01z Send another hello{65
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 08/14 13:55:24z Send another Hey Ed{64
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 08/13 00:41:24z Send another Hey Ed{61
KC9YTT KB8OTK-9 08/13 00:37:41z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 08/10 19:56:14z Send another Hey Ed{60
K3RLD-1 KB8OTK-9 08/10 01:42:20z Reply You are 599 into FN20 in PA{60
K3RLD-1 KB8OTK-9 08/10 01:41:19z Reply You are 599 into FN20 in PA{59
K8II KB8OTK-9 08/10 01:40:47z Reply ur599 in EM79wh Cincinnati, OH Op Fred
W8LR KB8OTK-9 06/24 20:05:59z Reply 3A.OH.K8PI.EM79.599{22
K3RLD-1 KB8OTK-9 06/24 13:40:13z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{2
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 06/21 21:07:10z Send another Hey Ed{57
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 06/21 21:07:08z Send another Hey Ed{56
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 06/21 21:07:05z Send another Hey Ed{55
KC8MTV KB8OTK-9 06/19 18:43:53z Reply Hello from KC8MTV {94
KB8OTK-9 KC8MTV 06/19 18:43:00z Send another MSG RCV
KB8OTK-9 KB8LFA-11 06/17 12:08:12z Send another ENJOY GR8T DAY 4 FLIGHT + PICS{52
KG4AKV-5 KB8OTK-9 06/11 01:52:19z Reply Hi. I'm in FM05. Do you QSL?{52
N1CMD KB8OTK-9 06/10 19:25:41z Reply UR 599 into FN42av
N4UED-10 KB8OTK-9 06/10 02:48:40z Reply AA:Hi I may not be near my PC . I will see it later . 73
KB8OTK-9 N4UED-10 06/10 02:48:09z Send another via ISS{50
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 06/10 02:45:30z Send another Hey Ed{46
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 06/10 02:43:43z Send another Hey Ed{45
KE4AL-9 KB8OTK-9 06/10 02:43:34z Reply Hi! EM71 in AL.{1
KE4AL-9 KB8OTK-9 06/10 02:43:10z Reply Hi! EM71 in AL. {0
N4UED-10 KB8OTK-9 06/09 16:11:58z Reply Why do you send the same message everytime ?{RG}
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 06/09 11:43:41z Send another Hey Ed{44
W4TBD-6 KB8OTK-9 06/09 02:01:16z Reply Hey Michael, 73, de Ed W4TBD{01
KB8OTK-9 W4TBD-6 06/09 01:59:44z Send another howdy{43
KB8OTK-9 ALL 06/09 01:59:41z Send another WELCOME 2 CANTON,OH EN90hr NFL HALL of FAME CITY{42
W4TBD-6 KB8OTK-9 06/09 01:59:15z Reply Hey Michael, 73, de Ed W4TBD{00
KB8OTK-9 K1WY 06/09 01:58:41z Send another hello{39
NB3T KB8OTK-9 06/09 01:57:43z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{13
KB8OTK-9 ALL 06/09 01:57:33z Send another WELCOME 2 CANTON,OH EN90hr NFL HALL of FAME CITY{38