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N6DAN-9 KB6LTY-3 06/13 03:44:41z Reply Hello Christy{25
N6DAN-9 KB6LTY-3 06/12 21:18:01z Reply Hello Christy{22
KB6LTY-3 AI6DO 06/11 20:50:49z Send another HELLO QSL TNX 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AI6DO KB6LTY-3 06/11 20:50:33z Reply Hi Christy de AI6DO DM03 QSL?{0
KB6LTY-3 AI6DO 06/11 20:50:12z Send another QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 AI6DO 06/11 20:49:56z Send another HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
ON4CKT KB6LTY-3 05/26 14:38:33z Reply hello from on4ckt in Belgium{107
AI6DO KB6LTY-3 05/23 16:40:03z Reply QSL Patrick 73 de Ryan AI6DO{99
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 05/22 17:20:34z Reply Hi! DM34/DM44 in AZ {43
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG-9 05/05 18:59:55z Send another HELLO JACK QSL ?73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KF0BMD-6 KB6LTY-3 05/05 12:34:34z Reply Good Morning :-)Data RCVD by ISSGood Morning :-){73
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG-9 05/04 18:29:16z Send another HELLO JACK QSL? 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N1UW KB6LTY-3 05/04 16:36:35z Reply TNX FER QSO AND PSE QSL VIA LOTW - 73, FRANK
K0CFI KB6LTY-3 05/04 16:33:02z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 05/04 14:59:39z Reply ACK 73 Good contact !
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 05/04 14:59:05z Send another VE7OK-9,KJ7TLV,K7MT-6,K5DNA{UISS54}
KB2M-4 KB6LTY-3 05/03 15:50:01z Reply Hi Christy el99
XE3N-1 KB6LTY-3 05/03 15:49:44z Reply QSL tu 73's!!
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 05/03 15:45:51z Send another N6RVI-6,KJ7TLV,VE7FED-12,W7BMH-2,K7MT-6,VA7SHG-6,NA1SS{UISS54}
K5DNA KB6LTY-3 05/03 14:11:16z Reply 73s from EM35{13
XE3N-1 KB6LTY-3 05/02 16:36:48z Reply Thanks for Your msg, 73 de XE3N
XE3N-1 KB6LTY-3 05/02 16:36:22z Reply Hello de XE3N grid EL60
N6UTC-6 KB6LTY-3 05/02 16:31:48z Reply Hi Christy{71
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL2/2 05/01 17:23:30z Send another KC7MG-9,WA6RLR,K0CFI,N7NEV-6,KJ7UCP-7,N1UW,KK6CUS-1{UISS54}
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/2 05/01 17:23:27z Send another KJ7TLV,VA7SHG-6,NA1SS,W7BMH-2,N6RVI-6,AI6MH-9,KN6HIP-4,
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 05/01 17:20:15z Reply Jack in grid DM42 Arizona Live operator !
WA6RLR KB6LTY-3 05/01 17:20:08z Reply DM13ek in San Clemente, CA
KG5ZZV KB6LTY-3 05/01 15:46:31z Reply Received you in Tulsa OK EM26ac{3
WA6RLR KB6LTY-3 05/01 15:44:48z Reply QSL From DM13ek TNX 73
KEOLX KB6LTY-3 05/01 15:44:31z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.3
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 05/01 15:43:14z Reply GM Christy Stay well .. Bill
VA7SHG-6 KB6LTY-3 04/30 16:29:10z Reply QSL & 73! VA7SHG in CN99AE
VA7SHG-6 KB6LTY-3 04/30 16:28:06z Reply I heard you via ISS in Chilliwack, BC CN99AE
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/29 15:40:55z Reply GM Christy fm DN46 Montana all is well !!
XE3N-1 KB6LTY-3 04/28 18:09:48z Reply Nice to hear Your packet, 73's
N7NEV-6 KB6LTY-3 04/28 18:07:18z Reply RR TU 73{40
W7QL KB6LTY-3 04/28 18:06:46z Reply THANKS AND 73
N7NEV-6 KB6LTY-3 04/28 18:04:49z Reply hi{38
W7QL KB6LTY-3 04/28 18:04:06z Reply HI JAMES
AG7OO-9 KB6LTY-3 04/28 18:02:53z Reply 73 de Kevin CN87{22
KJ7UCP-7 KB6LTY-3 04/27 11:22:36z Reply I received your beacon via ISS
KB2M-4 KB6LTY-3 04/26 18:09:17z Reply Hi Christy fr EL99
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/26 18:00:49z Reply Hi Christy bill in dn46 Stay well..
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/26 13:11:41z Reply qsl{33
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/26 13:10:02z Reply qslLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14{34
KK6OTJ KB6LTY-3 04/25 20:27:56z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{66
KK6OTJ KB6LTY-3 04/25 20:27:53z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{65
KC9YTT KB6LTY-3 04/25 18:53:10z Reply Hi Christy!!
KC9YTT KB6LTY-3 04/25 18:53:05z Reply Good to see you on ISS
KC9YTT KB6LTY-3 04/25 18:52:32z Reply Hi Christy!
KC9YTT KB6LTY-3 04/25 18:52:23z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
W7BMH-2 KB6LTY-3 04/25 18:48:29z Reply Hi Christy from CN84 73
KQ6OT KB6LTY-3 04/25 18:47:56z Reply Trying to learn this ISS packet stuff,
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 04/24 19:39:48z Reply TNX/73! {6
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 04/24 19:39:25z Reply Hello Christy from Jack in DM42
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG-9 04/24 19:39:10z Send another HELLO JACK QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL2/2 04/24 19:39:04z Send another KC7MG-9{UISS54}
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 04/24 19:38:57z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {3
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 04/24 19:38:27z Reply Jack in grid DM42 Arizona
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/24 16:21:27z Reply cn{28
KB9DAK KB6LTY-3 04/24 14:50:15z Reply QSL de KB9DAK
AI6DO KB6LTY-3 04/24 14:40:05z Reply Hi Christy de Ryan AI6DO DM03 QSL?{0
K6AQ-7 KB6LTY-3 04/23 20:29:11z Reply hi dm12{0
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/23 20:27:48z Send another NA1SS,KJ7TLV-9,N6RVI-6,KN6HIP-7,WD9EWK,N7NEV-6,K6AQ-7,KK6CUS-1{UISS54
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 04/23 20:25:06z Reply TNX for call. DM43 in AZ {99
N7NEV-6 KB6LTY-3 04/23 18:49:40z Reply DM43 in AZ.{0
KB6LTY-3 N7NEV-6 04/23 13:54:46z Send another HELLO QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N7NEV-6 KB6LTY-3 04/23 13:54:16z Reply DM43 in AZ.{90
N7NEV-6 KB6LTY-3 04/22 21:13:33z Reply DM43 in AZ.{83
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/22 21:12:11z Send another N6RVI-6,K7MT-6,NA1SS{UISS54}
KB9IQX-7 KB6LTY-3 04/21 18:46:39z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87UN{3
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/20 19:32:26z Reply 73n 87{61
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/20 19:31:41z Reply c n 87{60
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/20 16:16:43z Reply cn87{40
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 04/20 16:16:42z Reply cn87{38
W7QL KB6LTY-3 04/19 21:58:38z Reply RR 73, TNX CHRISTY
KB6LTY-3 EMAIL 04/19 21:58:00z Send another W6WW@ARRL.NET HELLO TEST VIA ISS DE KB6LTY
VE7EPT KB6LTY-3 04/19 15:29:34z Reply Darn, missed this pass. 73{2B70D
KC0KVX-9 KB6LTY-3 04/19 14:16:02z Reply msg rcvd via iss tnk{19
KF0BMD-11 KB6LTY-3 04/19 14:15:50z Reply Good Morning, I got you here in Denver,CO QSL 73's
AB0XE-6 KB6LTY-3 04/19 13:56:32z Reply QSL FROM EN34{09
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/2 04/19 13:55:52z Send another KF1BUZ-10,SUNSET,NA1SS,AI6MH-9,KF0BMD-11,KM6LYW,KC0KVX-9,
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/18 22:46:28z Send another KM6LYW,NA1SS,K0CFI,N6RVI-6{UISS54}
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 04/18 16:15:40z Send another NA1SS,N6RVI-6,KC6WPK-9,K7JPT-9,W7BMH-2,KF0BMD-6{UISS54}
N7NEV-6 KB6LTY-3 04/18 14:39:50z Reply qsl{67
KF0BMD-9 KB6LTY-3 04/18 14:39:44z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS QSL Good{18
AI6DO KB6LTY-3 04/18 14:35:10z Reply Hi Christy de Ryan AI6DO DM03 QSL?{1
KF1BUZ-10 KB6LTY-3 04/18 01:45:38z Reply hi from DM09 Reno
KB9IQX-7 KB6LTY-3 04/16 17:52:30z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87{4
KB9IQX-7 KB6LTY-3 04/16 17:52:30z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87{3
AC6OT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/16 16:34:15z Reply Please QSL to lotw - e-qsl
VE6WK KB6LTY-3 04/16 16:16:11z Reply RRR in DO20wv, QSL? 73!
KE6GLA-1 KB6LTY-3 04/16 16:12:58z Reply Hello and 73
K9YO KB6LTY-3 04/16 14:37:23z Reply Heard by K9YO nr Chicago QSL?
KF0BMD-6 KB6LTY-3 04/16 14:36:35z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{20
KF0BMD-9 KB6LTY-3 04/16 14:35:38z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS QSL Good{14
AG7UN-7 KB6LTY-3 04/15 21:59:35z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14{06