KB2M-4 messages

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N1RCN KB2M-4 11/28 20:09:38z Reply thanks for the contact! 73
N1RCN KB2M-4 11/28 18:37:25z Reply [AA] tnx for the contact I use LoTW{51
KB2M-4 N1RCN 11/28 18:37:23z Send another GA EL99{51
N1RCN KB2M-4 11/28 18:35:16z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
W4IIA-6 KB2M-4 11/23 20:57:41z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
N1RCN KB2M-4 11/23 20:54:50z Reply [AA] tnx for the contact I use LoTW{50
KB2M-4 N1RCN 11/23 20:54:39z Send another GA EL99{50
N1RCN KB2M-4 11/23 20:53:07z Reply n1rcn EL87 Florida
K4KDR-6 KB2M-4 11/20 23:20:21z Reply 73 from VA!
K5DCC-7 KB2M-4 11/20 23:18:51z Reply QSL 73 de EM36{4
KE4AZZ KB2M-4 11/20 21:38:09z Reply de ke4azz el87
XE3N-1 KB2M-4 11/19 22:25:33z Reply Hello OM, QSL Tu 73's
N1RCN-6 KB2M-4 11/19 22:24:59z Reply Good Evening!