KB2M-4 messages

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K8OE KB2M-4 02/01 00:35:10z Reply 73{14
VE3TSV-9 KB2M-4 01/31 19:44:28z Reply Heard you via ISS{58
WA2FHJ KB2M-4 01/28 18:57:54z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
N8URE-7 KB2M-4 01/27 19:46:04z Reply FM19 QSL?{46
VE3TSV-9 KB2M-4 01/25 21:22:28z Reply Heard you via ISS{46
KB2M-4 K7MT-6 01/25 21:20:54z Send another good to see you on ISS Bill...73
K7MT-6 KB2M-4 01/25 21:20:01z Reply HI JEFF FROM BILL IN MT
KC7MG KB2M-4 01/25 21:18:50z Reply KB2M thanks have a great day
KC7MG KB2M-4 01/25 21:18:13z Reply Thanks 73 from DM42
KC7MG KB2M-4 01/25 21:17:45z Reply Greetings from DM42 Arizona
K7MT-6 KB2M-4 01/25 21:17:13z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
HP2DFA-2 KB2M-4 01/24 21:58:05z Reply WELL COPIED IN PANAMA VIA RS0ISS AT 2032UTC FJ09CG{M0004
KB2M-4 N1RCN 01/24 20:32:09z Send another 73
N1RCN KB2M-4 01/24 20:31:36z Reply Good Afternoon via ISS !
N1RCN KB2M-4 01/24 20:31:09z Reply Gotcha!
KB2M-4 W7BAZ 01/21 21:21:00z Send another good afternoon fr el99
N1RCN KB2M-4 01/21 21:20:55z Reply OSL and 73
W7BAZ KB2M-4 01/21 21:19:27z Reply Hello from EN73 {31
N1RCN KB2M-4 01/21 21:17:21z Reply Hello from EL87
WA2FHJ KB2M-4 01/18 22:13:10z Reply Live OP FN13 PSE Call
KB2M-4 WA2FHJ 01/18 22:12:03z Send another RR 73
WA2FHJ KB2M-4 01/18 22:11:06z Reply Hi from Doug FN13
W9QO KB2M-4 01/17 22:55:15z Reply rej
KB2M-4 WA0D-5 01/17 07:51:42z Send another good morning fr el99
W7BAZ KB2M-4 01/14 00:40:54z Reply Hello from EN73 {06
K4KDR-6 KB2M-4 01/14 00:36:40z Reply QSL - 73!!
KB2M-4 K4KDR-6 01/14 00:36:31z Send another good evening fr EL99
XE3ADC KB2M-4 01/14 00:31:46z Reply RRR EK37MX and 73
VP9NR-8 KB2M-4 01/11 01:27:44z Reply Heard in BERMUDA VP9NR FM72 73'S {76
KI4ASK-7 KB2M-4 01/09 03:00:58z Reply 73 from Joe in ATL EM73 via ISS{2
N1RCN KB2M-4 01/07 12:44:11z Reply GM from EL87 (LIVE)