KB2M-2 messages

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KB2M-2 KC0BMF-6 07/28 11:25:35z Send another gm fr fm29{HC}
KC0BMF-6 KB2M-2 07/28 05:21:55z Reply de KC0BMF
KB2M-2 N3ZLL-7 07/04 13:47:10z Send another happy 4th Will{ZX}
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 07/02 03:53:28z Reply TU{04}WE
KB2M-2 N2RO-1 07/02 00:49:54z Send another ur doing a fine job in the pileup :-){WE}
KB2M-2 W4SJR 07/01 22:35:52z Send another hi fr fm29{WD}
W4SJR KB2M-2 07/01 22:30:21z Reply Hello from EM83
KB2M-2 KO0A 06/29 00:31:52z Send another kb2m 1d snj{CQ}
KO0A KB2M-2 06/28 23:17:20z Reply DE KO0A 3A MO{21
KB2M-2 KB3KBR-6 06/28 17:48:28z Send another hi!{CP}
KB2M-2 KK4RDO 06/28 16:04:52z Send another 59 nj 73{CO}
KK4RDO KB2M-2 06/28 15:11:05z Reply Hello 59 in North Carolina
KB2M-2 N2RO-5 06/25 00:19:29z Send another GE Ed. how is the campgroung this year{TX}
KB2M-2 KK4RDO 06/23 21:46:10z Send another good afternoon{TW}
KK4RDO KB2M-2 06/23 17:40:13z Reply Hello 59
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 06/21 12:02:03z Send another gm Ed. we will b down this afternoon{YW}09
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 06/21 02:31:44z Reply Hello Jeff. Down camping for two weeks.{09}
KB2M-2 K1CKK-6 06/08 17:16:11z Send another hi carl, jeff here{CR}
K1CKK-6 KB2M-2 06/08 00:19:10z Reply hi de Carl
KB2M-2 N2RO 05/31 11:24:41z Send another ready to go. {QD}3e
KB2M-2 N2RO 05/31 11:24:40z Send another not a problem. i forgot about it myself. its in the shed tested+{QC}3e
N2RO KB2M-2 05/31 05:21:43z Reply Yes. Sorry I have not made it over yet.{3e}QB
KB2M-2 N2RO 05/31 00:18:13z Send another GE Ed. do you still need the 2m/70cm antenna?{QB}