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WB3FKP KB2M-2 01/25 04:17:48z Reply 33F here in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
WB3FKP KB2M-2 01/23 06:00:36z Reply 23F here in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
KB2M KB2M-2 01/21 16:04:49z Reply Hi fr Jeff in FM29 NJ
KB2M KB2M-2 01/21 15:59:59z Reply Hello All. UISS version 5.3.2
KB2M-2 KB2M 01/19 13:09:11z Send another test{TF}
WP4MAG KB2M-2 01/18 05:29:33z Reply 73{84
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 01/17 21:53:04z Send another 599 in turnersville ! 73{TD}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 01/17 14:27:40z Reply 13F here in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
N2RO KB2M-2 01/12 21:25:30z Reply Nice!{0B}ZQ
KB2M-2 N2RO 01/12 20:14:39z Send another gas $1.87 at BJ's Deptford mall :-){ZQ}
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 01/11 19:33:29z Send another hi from fm29!{ZP}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 01/11 16:21:41z Reply Hello to everyone ! you're 599 today over the ISS !
KB2M-2 XE3ISS 01/05 20:42:06z Send another hi ft{FS}
XE3ISS KB2M-2 01/05 19:52:56z Reply Greeting from EL61 de XE3ISS Cancun
KB2M-2 N1RCN 01/05 13:32:26z Send another good morninh{FP}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 01/04 19:07:31z Reply 35F here in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
N1RCN KB2M-2 01/04 19:07:21z Reply Good Afternoon From Bristol RI N1RCN FN41
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 01/02 21:18:11z Send another good afternoon from Turnersville, NJ{FO}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 01/02 20:50:21z Reply good afternoon from Alden, PA ! Ur 599 Today
KB2KFO KB2M-2 12/27 22:48:04z Reply hi{46
N2RO KB2M-2 12/26 16:18:49z Reply was over yeaterday for a Christmas breakfast.{0Q}FN
N2RO KB2M-2 12/26 16:18:17z Reply We have a big mess to clean up from yesterday. Most of the family{0P}FN
KB2M-2 N2RO 12/26 16:16:34z Send another cool{FN}0O
N2RO KB2M-2 12/26 16:09:29z Reply A 50 inch TV.{0O}FM
KB2M-2 N2RO 12/26 16:08:38z Send another ?{FM}0N
KB2M-2 N2RO 12/26 16:08:37z Send another Good. We found a K3/0 mini remote setup under the tree . how abt u+{FL}0N
N2RO KB2M-2 12/26 15:53:36z Reply Merry Christmas Jeff. How was Santa with you?{0N}FK
KB2M-2 N2RO 12/26 02:02:20z Send another Merry Xmas !{FK}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 12/24 23:36:45z Reply Santa's on the way via the ISS ! ur 599 !
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 12/24 00:40:32z Send another happy holidays right back fr jeff in fm29{AC}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 12/22 23:45:22z Reply Happy Holidays via the ISS ! ur 599 today !
WHO-IS KB2M-2 12/18 00:22:16z Reply N2RO/E/Edward W Champion, Sr/NJ/United States{T8}AB
KB2M-2 WHO-IS 12/18 00:22:15z Send another N2RO{AB}
KB2M-2 K3DQB 12/14 20:55:26z Send another happy holidays right back !{YM}
K3DQB KB2M-2 12/14 20:47:41z Reply happy holidays{36
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 12/10 19:32:56z Send another good afternoon fr sewell nj !{YH}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 12/10 05:51:21z Reply Good Night from Alden, PA ! Ur 599 Today
KB2M-2 EA5GFY-11 11/30 00:24:28z Send another Nothing Heard Local
EA5GFY-11 KB2M-2 11/30 00:24:27z Reply ?aprsl
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 11/18 12:53:14z Send another thanks for the report 73 fr fm29 nj{CN}