KB2M-2 messages

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K4KDR KB2M-2 07/30 00:31:15z Reply WB3FKP de K4KDR > Always good to see you, Mark!
K4KDR KB2M-2 07/30 00:30:52z Reply Heard you via the ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KB2M-1 KB2M-2 07/22 16:29:07z Reply ok{PE}OU
KB2M-2 KB2M-1 07/22 16:28:54z Send another RR{OU}
N3FCX KB2M-2 07/22 10:49:01z Reply good morning HI JEFF{95
KB2M-2 N3FCX 07/22 10:47:14z Send another good morning{01
KB2M-2 AI9IN 07/21 11:58:00z Send another hi fr jeff in fm29 {VG}
AI9IN KB2M-2 07/21 11:41:20z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN
KB2M-2 VA3NNA 07/11 14:08:06z Send another your 599 here in FM29, sry buffer was full
KB2M-2 VA3NNA 07/11 14:04:56z Send another rejĘ
WB3FKP KB2M-2 06/30 12:28:45z Reply UR 599 over the ISS today !! pse qsl lotw
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 06/29 23:53:30z Send another 599 FM29 73{SF}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 06/29 13:22:36z Reply You are 599 via ISS ! de wb3fkp PSE QSL LOTW !
KB2M-2 VA3NNA 06/28 23:01:21z Send another rr, your 599 in SNJ{DD}
VA3NNA KB2M-2 06/28 19:05:27z Reply UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?
KC9YTT KB2M-2 06/25 21:45:49z Reply Hello from Robert - KC9YTT
KA8YES KB2M-2 06/23 21:52:02z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KB2M-2 N2RO-4 06/23 14:17:38z Send another hi Ed. Hows the campground? {GA}
N2SRO KB2M-2 06/17 07:57:56z Reply what is a satgate again?{M0002
WHO-IS KB2M-2 06/14 00:26:21z Reply KD2EIB/G/Charles J Lanard/NJ/United States{FV}UX
KB2M-2 WHO-IS 06/14 00:26:20z Send another KD2EIB{UX}
KB2M-2 KC9YTT 06/05 21:56:16z Send another hi from fm29{UW}
KC9YTT KB2M-2 06/05 01:40:22z Reply Hello from KC9YTT! via ISS
KB2M-3 KB2M-2 05/31 22:04:28z Reply HT?{KI}
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 05/28 17:21:24z Reply That is fine.{0O}FZ
KB2M-2 N2RO-1 05/28 17:05:34z Send another after that{FZ}0N
KB2M-2 N2RO-1 05/28 17:05:31z Send another ok. We will be going to OC Tuesday for a few days. so sometime+{FY}0N
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 05/28 15:50:48z Reply week.{0N}NO
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 05/28 15:50:45z Reply heat in the shack. we will have to get together for lunch next{0M}NO
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 05/28 15:50:07z Reply That is good. I have been leaqving the monitor off because of the{0L}NO
KB2M-2 N2RO-1 05/24 19:17:09z Send another Hi Ed.I'm up here for the summer{NO}