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AI9IN KB2M-2 09/07 17:31:01z Reply QSL es 73 de AI9IN, Steve
KB2M-2 AI9IN 09/06 12:35:35z Send another gm Steve, Jeff here in fm29{ZD}
AI9IN KB2M-2 09/06 11:53:28z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN
NZ4D-6 KB2M-2 09/05 11:14:13z Reply Hi Jeff! de Mike in NC via ISS. How you feeling?
KB2M-2 K4KDR 09/04 19:32:38z Send another thanks for the report 73{WU}
KB2M-2 NZ4D-6 09/04 18:38:32z Send another Hi Mike, i'm still in the healing process, all is oing well{WT}
K4KDR KB2M-2 09/04 18:33:22z Reply Heard you via the ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KB2M-2 N2RO-1 09/03 20:54:32z Send another RR. hav fun{WS}0L
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 09/03 13:31:10z Reply Port Republic, NJ{0L}WR
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 09/03 13:30:49z Reply Port{0K}WR
KB2M-2 N2RO-1 09/03 12:48:33z Send another wx was good. where is chestnut lake ?{WR}0J
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 09/03 02:38:34z Reply Going to Chestnut Lake tomorrow for a few days.{0J}WQ
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 09/02 23:00:17z Reply How was the weather?{0I}WQ
KB2M-2 N2RO-1 09/02 22:09:44z Send another hi Ed just got back fr the shore{WQ}0H
N2RO-1 KB2M-2 09/02 13:16:11z Reply GM Jeff{0H}
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 09/01 19:37:06z Send another rejĘ
WB3FKP KB2M-2 09/01 19:37:01z Reply 85F in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
NZ4D-6 KB2M-2 08/26 23:35:20z Reply AA:Leave a Msg if I don't reply. I will get back to you later.
KB2M-2 NZ4D-6 08/26 23:34:14z Send another hi mike! {BB}
NZ4D-6 KB2M-2 08/26 23:21:03z Reply Jeff, can you copy? de Mike in North Carolina!
WB3FKP KB2M-2 08/26 21:44:56z Reply 71F in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
W3UTD KB2M-2 08/23 22:48:40z Reply Hello from Fraser, Harrisburg, PA FN10
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 08/22 17:15:00z Send another ur 599 in fm29 73{GY}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 08/22 00:36:09z Reply 79F in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 08/18 19:16:25z Send another Same wx here,,,73{DD}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 08/18 19:12:04z Reply 89F and humid in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
XE3ISS KB2M-2 08/14 19:31:15z Reply Greeting from Cancun de Fher EL61
WB3FKP KB2M-2 08/08 23:15:39z Reply 77F in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
WB3FKP KB2M-2 08/08 04:58:57z Reply 63F in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
KB2M-2 WB3FKP 08/04 00:27:35z Send another yer 599 in nj fm29{PD}
WB3FKP KB2M-2 08/04 00:27:00z Reply 74F and humid in Alden , PA - UR 599 today via ISS !
KB2M-2 AI9IN 07/31 21:44:03z Send another hi steve, jeff here in fm29{PC}