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AC3P-1 KB2M-2 04/21 01:32:35z Reply hello again{03
N2RO KB2M-2 04/20 23:16:38z Reply Thank you. Happy Easter to you.{2w}YI
KB2M-2 N2RO 04/20 22:44:52z Send another GE ED. Happy Easter! had a nice Easter dinner now back home{YI}2v
KB2M-2 N2RO 04/20 22:44:07z Send another GE Ed. had {YH}2v
N2RO KB2M-2 04/19 22:22:43z Reply Going to rest up now.{2v}
N2RO KB2M-2 04/19 22:22:19z Reply Home safe and sound.{2u}
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 04/18 00:57:50z Reply just leaving friendly's{AJ}NI
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 04/18 00:45:57z Send another how is it going ?{NI}AH
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 04/17 21:56:59z Reply Hi. Jeff{AH}NH
KB2M-2 AC3P-1 04/16 10:46:59z Send another good morning{NH}
AC3P-1 KB2M-2 04/16 03:59:10z Reply Hello from Middle River, Md. FM19sh 73{00
KB2M-2 N2RO 04/15 01:09:35z Send another great! wx looks good have a good trip{NG}2s
N2RO KB2M-2 04/14 22:29:58z Reply Going camping at Williamsburg tomorrow morning.{2s}NF
KB2M-2 N2RO 04/14 20:50:36z Send another down?{NF}
KB2M-2 N2RO 04/14 20:50:35z Send another GA Ed. beautiful weekend at the shore. When r u planning on coming+{NE}
N2RO KB2M-2 04/08 01:59:36z Reply Hi Jeff. Been with grand kids tonight.{2o}CY
KB2M-2 N2RO 04/07 23:46:18z Send another GE Ed{CY}
KB2M-2 KB2M-9 03/31 13:44:31z Send another rr{ZC}
N2RO KB2M-2 03/17 22:17:35z Reply Pitman High School basket ball won div 1 for the state.{2d}GG
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/17 19:49:43z Send another we spent the weekend in OC working on the condo{GG}2c
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/17 19:49:21z Send another i did't know u were a college basketball fan{GF}2c
N2RO KB2M-2 03/17 02:09:44z Reply Pitman basketball team won division 1 at Rutgers.{2c}GE
N2RO KB2M-2 03/17 02:07:53z Reply Yes. I just got home from Piscataway, NJ.{2b}GE
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/16 22:59:00z Send another GE Ed. Looks like another major storm comimg our way{GE}
KB2M-2 XE3ISS 03/07 22:00:33z Send another hi right back...73{BM}
XE3ISS KB2M-2 03/07 20:34:30z Reply Greeting from EL61 Fher XE3ISS
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/07 14:25:03z Send another :-){DH}2Q
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/07 14:25:02z Send another i will make it to one someday. much going on in my life right now+{DG}2Q
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/07 14:18:35z Send another no i didn't {DF}2Q
N2RO KB2M-2 03/07 01:10:28z Reply Did you go to the club meeting?{2Q}DE
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/07 00:23:42z Send another yikes! well now she owes you one {DE}2P
N2RO KB2M-2 03/07 00:13:11z Reply Had to rescue Sue tonight. She locked her keys in the car.{2P}DD
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/06 22:35:04z Send another ge Ed how goes it{DD}2O
N2RO KB2M-2 03/06 19:43:52z Reply Hi Jeff.{2O}
N2RO KB2M-2 03/02 18:18:52z Reply Yes, have the snowblower in the garage ready to go.{2K}YU
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/02 18:14:07z Send another getting ready for the storm?{YU}2J
N2RO KB2M-2 03/02 18:00:21z Reply Hello Jeff.{2J}YT
KB2M-2 N2RO 03/02 16:33:15z Send another good morning Ed {YT}
KB2M-2 N2RO 02/24 19:34:11z Send another sounds like dinner to me :-){LT}2A
N2RO KB2M-2 02/24 14:58:28z Reply Must b 100 ducks on the lake right now.{2A}LS
KB2M-2 N2RO 02/24 14:56:45z Send another yesterday was nice. wet to OC and walked the boards for a few hours{LS}29
KB2M-2 N2RO 02/24 14:56:01z Send another a little chilly. yesterday was niv{LR}29
N2RO KB2M-2 02/24 14:12:18z Reply GM Jeff. Looks like a nice day.{29}LQ
KB2M-2 N2RO 02/24 12:05:01z Send another good morning Ed{LQ}