KB2M-2 messages

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AA8KY KB2M-2 10/04 18:35:10z Reply Thanks Jeff, My first attempt with ISS was a success! 73
NO0I KB2M-2 10/04 17:28:36z Reply Heard you via ISS 73!
KB2M-2 N3ZLL-9 10/02 20:47:37z Send another Hi Will...73
KB4ZC KB2M-2 10/01 21:35:35z Reply QSL{Q
VP9NR-8 KB2M-2 10/01 00:03:22z Reply GE fr FM29 73{02
N3ZLL-7 KB2M-2 09/30 19:11:52z Reply hi{22
KB2M-2 K4KDR-6 09/30 19:09:11z Send another RR
N7IVV-2 KB2M-2 09/25 21:37:49z Reply Heard in FM18, REMINGTON VA
KB4NEW-7 KB2M-2 09/25 21:34:33z Reply QSL de KB4NEW EM98{95
KB2M-2 BLNQSL1/1 09/25 21:34:05z Send another KE4AZZ-8,W9QO,N7IVV-2,K0KOC-7,KA8YES-6
W9QO KB2M-2 09/25 21:33:13z Reply rej
KB2M-2 N1RCN 09/23 19:59:43z Send another GA fr FM29 73
VE3TSV-9 KB2M-2 09/23 13:27:44z Reply tks 73{53
VE3TSV-9 KB2M-2 09/23 13:27:04z Reply AA:Hello from Fn03
KB2M-2 VE3TSV-9 09/23 13:26:59z Send another 73{MF}
KB2M-2 W7BAZ 09/23 00:28:53z Send another 73{ME}
VE3TSV-9 KB2M-2 09/23 00:01:49z Reply Tks 73
W7BAZ KB2M-2 09/22 22:27:24z Reply Hello from EN73 {63
KB2M-2 N1RCN 09/20 22:21:10z Send another GE fr FM29 73
KB2M-2 K4KDR-6 09/20 05:44:21z Send another rr{AH}
VE1CWJ-6 KB2M-2 09/19 23:16:41z Reply Heard you via ISS in FN85! QSL?
9Z4DZ-1 KB2M-2 09/13 00:00:52z Reply Grt cing u on this pass..73, Stay safe
KB2M-2 W9QO 09/11 09:48:54z Send another GM fr fm29
KU5D-3 KB2M-2 09/09 11:22:25z Reply hello from AR EM34SU
WB8JAY KB2M-2 09/08 14:00:08z Reply Qsl. I also heard you
WA1JAY-11 KB2M-2 09/08 10:34:19z Reply de WA1JAY-11 73
KB2M-2 XE3N-1 09/07 11:26:30z Send another 73 fr Jeff in fm29
KB2M-2 BLNQSL1/1 09/07 11:24:37z Send another WD4U-7,WA1JAY-11,KA8YES-6,KI4ASK-7,W9QO,WA0D-5,K0KOC-7,XE3ARV
WD4U-7 KB2M-2 09/07 11:24:23z Reply Heard in KY WD4U EM88ni
KB2M-2 SAT 09/06 13:43:36z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
KB2M-2 NWS 09/06 13:41:59z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.4
VE2AAQ KB2M-2 09/01 13:11:00z Reply QSL from FN35FK in Montreal Quebec{1
KB2M-2 N1RCN 09/01 13:09:33z Send another Good morning Fletch{HW}
KB2M-2 BLNQSL2/2 09/01 13:00:46z Send another N1RCN,W9RCM,KE4AZZ,K0KOC-7,W4IIA-6
KB2M-2 KN2K 08/31 13:57:32z Send another good morning Ray{HV}
KN2K KB2M-2 08/31 13:49:46z Reply Heard you FM18. QSL?
KB2M-2 K4KDR-6 08/31 13:49:27z Send another 73
K4KDR-6 KB2M-2 08/31 13:48:51z Reply QSL. Thanks QSO via ISS! 73 de K4KDR Scott FM17es
N1QDQ-6 KB2M-2 08/31 13:45:07z Reply QRZ from Pete in FN41
N7IVV-2 KB2M-2 08/31 12:13:53z Reply Hello from FM18, REMINGTON VA
KC1FNM-7 KB2M-2 08/31 12:11:16z Reply Qsl{1
KJ4HRM KB2M-2 08/31 12:09:17z Reply U R 59 in West TN - EM56ib de KJ4HRM
N1RCN KB2M-2 08/30 14:38:55z Reply Good Morning from EL87
KB2M-2 N1RCN 08/30 14:36:39z Send another Good morning fr fm29
KB2M-2 BLNQSL1/1 08/30 14:34:59z Send another N8AJM,KC7MG,K0KOC-7,KA8YES-6
KC7MG KB2M-2 08/30 14:34:01z Reply Thank you 73 from Jack KC7MG DM42
VE2AAQ KB2M-2 08/30 13:18:12z Reply QSL ISS message / JP FN35FK Montreal Quebec{1
VE3TSV-9 KB2M-2 08/30 13:02:34z Reply tks 73{88
KB2M-2 BLNQSL1/1 08/30 12:59:29z Send another VE2AAQ,VE3TSV-9,KT4TV,N4WLO,N1QVE-7,KL7JKC-6
VE2UAL-9 KB2M-2 08/29 12:15:18z Reply 73{4
KB2M-2 KC7MG 08/27 15:52:11z Send another rr{HU}
VE3NBJ KB2M-2 08/27 15:23:41z Reply owen sound ontario 73{05
KC7MG KB2M-2 08/27 15:21:22z Reply Hello: from Grid DM42 Arizona
VE2AAQ KB2M-2 08/27 13:58:28z Reply ISS report QSL et merci beaucoup !{1
N1QVE-7 KB2M-2 08/27 13:50:49z Reply QSL de N1QVE{6
N1QVE-7 KB2M-2 08/27 13:50:47z Reply Heard you,QSL?{5
W7BAZ KB2M-2 08/27 13:49:50z Reply Hello from EN73 {44
W0JW-6 KB2M-2 08/27 12:10:24z Reply UR 599 IOWA EN31BE
WB8JAY KB2M-2 08/25 15:35:35z Reply Tnx 73
N1RCN KB2M-2 08/25 15:26:34z Reply Gotcha!
N7IVV-2 KB2M-2 08/25 12:10:53z Reply Good morning Jeff
VE3NBJ KB2M-2 08/24 14:38:46z Reply 72 from norm in owen sound ontario{97
N1QVE-7 KB2M-2 08/24 14:38:27z Reply QSL?{3
WB8JAY KB2M-2 08/24 13:00:11z Reply QSL and Tnx de WB8JAY
KB2M-2 N3ZLL-7 08/22 16:14:43z Send another Hi Will
KD4QNA-7 KB2M-2 08/22 16:13:51z Reply Heard in VA FM18!{56
N1QDQ-6 KB2M-2 08/22 14:39:01z Reply Hi from FN41 Pete
N1RCN KB2M-2 08/21 18:39:46z Reply You are loud and clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
N3NJ KB2M-2 08/21 17:04:52z Reply GM Jeff from Ivyland 73{7
K4KDR-6 KB2M-2 08/21 17:03:06z Reply QSL - 73!!
N8URE-7 KB2M-2 08/21 17:02:14z Reply TNX de Stephen{9
K5DNA KB2M-2 08/20 19:27:21z Reply 73s from EM35{95
KB2M-2 N3NJ 08/20 17:50:20z Send another Hello space cowboy!
N0BPI-7 KB2M-2 08/20 17:47:33z Reply KB2M de N0BPI crystal clear in EN34 Minnesota{40
KB4GM-7 KB2M-2 08/20 16:17:02z Reply hello{79
N3ZLL-7 KB2M-2 08/20 14:43:47z Reply rr{14
KE8FZT-7 KB2M-2 08/20 12:56:02z Reply I QSL from EN72! Andrew/KE8FZT{2
N1RCN KB2M-2 08/19 18:41:23z Reply Gotcha!
KO4AQF-7 KB2M-2 08/19 18:41:11z Reply HI! EL98 in MELBOURNE,FLORIDA{12
KB2M-2 N1RCN 08/19 18:41:01z Send another RR 73
N1RCN KB2M-2 08/19 18:40:30z Reply Good Afternoon via ISS!
N8AJM KB2M-2 08/19 18:39:13z Reply QSL 73 {46
K5DNA KB2M-2 08/19 18:36:21z Reply 73s from EM35{55
N8AJM KB2M-2 08/19 18:36:10z Reply Adrian EN72 QSL? {42
K5DNA KB2M-2 08/19 13:47:08z Reply 73s from EM35{48
K0KOC-7 KB2M-2 08/16 17:54:49z Reply rejQ
KB2M-2 BLNQSL1/1 08/16 17:54:48z Send another N1NCB-1,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8AJM KB2M-2 08/16 14:38:24z Reply Adrian EN72 QSL? {33
K5DNA KB2M-2 08/16 14:36:19z Reply 73s from EM35{22
K8WU KB2M-2 08/16 14:34:40z Reply EN82kl (Hazel Park, MI), QSL?
KB2M-2 KE8FZT-7 08/15 17:04:02z Send another Hi fr Jeff in FM29 NJ
KE8FZT-7 KB2M-2 08/15 17:03:19z Reply Do you QSL? Andrew/KE8FZT EN72{1
KE8RJU KB2M-2 08/15 17:02:18z Reply KE8RJU Grace EN62 QSL?