KB2M messages

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W4JHM-6 KB2M 12/16 22:22:53z Reply Heard you via ISS in Edgewater, FL EL98
WE4B KB2M 12/16 22:21:48z Reply em61{5
K3WR-7 KB2M 12/16 14:13:44z Reply Hi! EL97 in Sebring FL{10
N1RCN KB2M 12/16 14:13:36z Reply de n1rcn EL87 Florida qsl?
WB5DXG-7 KB2M 12/15 23:14:35z Reply Hello from EM42xh in Brandon MS{68
K3WR-7 KB2M 12/14 14:23:59z Reply 73 de K3WR Jim EL97 Sebring FL{1
KB2M W4JHM-6 12/10 01:18:09z Send another ge fr el99{56
KB2M W4JHM-6 12/10 01:18:06z Send another ge fr el99{55
KB2M KK4YEL-1 12/09 02:07:42z Send another ge el99{54
W4JHM-6 KB2M 12/09 02:03:55z Reply Hi de W4JHM QSL? EL98 in FL
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 12/09 02:03:54z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{14
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 12/09 02:03:47z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{11
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 12/09 02:03:45z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{10
K3WR-7 KB2M 12/08 01:26:19z Reply 73 de K3WR Jim EL97 Sebring FL{6
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 12/02 03:24:41z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{99
K4KDR-6 KB2M 11/29 04:22:27z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KB2M N1RCN 11/27 21:07:43z Send another hi el99{46
KB2M N1RCN 11/27 21:07:31z Send another hi el99{45
N1RCN KB2M 11/27 21:06:29z Reply >de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
KE4AZZ-8 KB2M 11/26 21:58:57z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ el87 73{0
KC9YTT KB2M 11/24 23:43:32z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's (KC9YTT Actual)
KE4AZZ KB2M 11/24 22:07:49z Reply 73 de ke4azz{Bn}
KB2M KE4AZZ 11/24 22:07:18z Send another hi 599 el99{34
KB2M KE4AZZ 11/24 22:07:15z Send another hi 599 el99{33
N1RCN KB2M 11/24 22:06:01z Reply de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
TA5AHO-4 KB2M 11/20 13:13:33z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS=
KB2M AG5DL 11/19 09:50:59z Send another gm fr el99{30
KB2M AG5DL 11/19 09:50:55z Send another gm fr el99{31
AG5DL KB2M 11/19 09:48:30z Reply Hello there and 73
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 11/19 00:09:04z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{64
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 11/19 00:08:25z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{63
KB2M K0KOC-7 11/13 11:53:16z Send another gm fr el99{28
KB2M K0KOC-7 11/13 11:50:59z Send another gm fr el99{27
N1RCN KB2M 11/12 12:41:23z Reply n1rcn@amsat.org Hello...via ISS (live)
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 11/11 13:37:06z Reply THX/73!{28
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 11/11 13:36:56z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{24
KK4YEL-1 KB2M 11/11 13:36:54z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{23
KB2M KK4YEL-1 11/11 13:36:49z Send another gm el99{23
KB2M KK4YEL-1 11/11 13:36:26z Send another gm el99{22
KB2M KE4AZZ 11/11 13:36:23z Send another gm el99{21
KE4AZZ KB2M 11/11 13:35:37z Reply qsl de ke4azz 73{Bb}
KB2M K0KOC-7 11/10 12:50:12z Send another gm fr el99{20
KB2M AI9IN 11/08 12:59:02z Send another gm fr el99{19
KB8VND-7 KB2M 11/04 16:24:34z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{4
N1RCN KB2M 11/03 15:43:44z Reply n1rcnl@amsat.org Hello...via ISS (live)
N1RCN KB2M 11/03 15:43:25z Reply n1rcnl@amsat.org Hello...via ISS
KB2M KE4AZZ 11/03 15:43:07z Send another hi fr el99{05
KB2M KE4AZZ 11/03 15:43:04z Send another hi fr el99{04
KB2M KE4AZZ 11/03 15:42:44z Send another hi fr el99{06
KB2M KD7YZ 11/01 17:24:53z Send another SRY didn't hear direct 73
KD7YZ KB2M 11/01 17:23:18z Reply UR 599 IN EM88LL
KB2M KE4AZZ-6 10/26 19:27:04z Send another 599 in el99 73{02
KE4AZZ KB2M 10/26 19:26:18z Reply qsl de ke4azz el87 73{B8}
KB2M KE4AZZ-6 10/26 19:24:38z Send another 599 in el99 73{00
KB2M KE4AZZ-6 10/26 19:24:35z Send another 599 in el99 73{99
N1RCN KB2M 10/23 20:27:00z Reply >de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
KC5TGT-7 KB2M 10/23 12:15:35z Reply Hi de KC5TGT EM42 in MS{0
KE4AZZ-6 KB2M 10/21 20:32:38z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{67
KB2M N1RCN 10/21 12:22:09z Send another hello fr el99{87
N1RCN KB2M 10/21 12:19:55z Reply >de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
KC5TGT-7 KB2M 10/20 18:40:47z Reply Hi de KC5TGT EM42 in MS{1
KB2M N1RCN 10/18 13:23:06z Send another hello fr el99{83
N1RCN KB2M 10/18 13:22:19z Reply QSL
N1RCN KB2M 10/18 13:21:49z Reply Hello Jeff
KB2M N1RCN 10/18 13:21:45z Send another hello fr el99{82
KB2M N1RCN 10/18 13:21:42z Send another hello fr el99{81
KB2M N1RCN 10/18 13:21:39z Send another hello fr el99{80
N1RCN KB2M 10/17 22:25:09z Reply de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
WB5DXG-7 KB2M 10/16 19:47:53z Reply Hello from EM42xh in Brandon MS{45
KB2M KE4AZZ-6 10/15 22:30:22z Send another hi fr el99{73
KE4AZZ KB2M 10/14 21:09:13z Reply de ke4azz 73{9f}
KE4AZZ KB2M 10/14 19:33:20z Reply de ke4azz 73{9d}
N1RCN KB2M 10/14 15:12:37z Reply de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Flordia EL87 QSL?