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WXBOT KB2HSH 11/19 12:58:03z Reply Clouds High 38
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/19 12:57:58z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Special Weather Statement, Today,Increasing
N0ZNA-7 KB2HSH 11/17 23:17:00z Reply Have a great Thanksgiving, 73 de n0zna
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/17 01:46:32z Reply @7164911064 Way{M542
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/17 01:46:00z Send another @7164911064 NO WAY!!!!
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/17 01:40:36z Reply @7164911064 Yes man{M537
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/17 01:38:51z Send another @7164911064 No way, man
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/17 01:38:21z Reply @7164911064 Jerk{M535
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/17 01:37:37z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Tonight,Mostly Cloudy Low 34
N4WXB KB2HSH 11/12 06:07:52z Reply Hello from NW Alabama
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/10 15:18:20z Reply Snow Showers and Windy 40% High 35
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/10 15:18:15z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Scattered
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/09 20:10:55z Reply @7164911064 Hi jerk{M9761
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/09 20:09:29z Reply n 100% High 40
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/09 20:09:24z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Winter Weather Advisory, This Afternoon,Rai
N1RCN KB2HSH 11/09 13:42:52z Reply >de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/08 12:11:54z Reply @7165701484 Rx{M9678
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/08 12:06:23z Send another @7165701484 TEST
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/06 18:27:42z Reply cattered Showers and Windy 30% High 62
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/06 18:27:37z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,S
KB2HSH KD7YZ 11/05 12:18:01z Send another 599 RX IN FN02
KD7YZ KB2HSH 11/05 12:17:58z Reply QSL in the log 73
KD7YZ KB2HSH 11/05 12:17:41z Reply UR 599 IN EM88LL
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/02 19:31:09z Reply @7164911064 Hi baby!!!{M9230
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/02 19:30:40z Send another @7164911064 HI STACEY
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/27 22:04:23z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Tonight,Rain 100% Low 37
K4KDR-6 KB2HSH 10/27 16:54:53z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KB2HSH K1WY 10/27 15:16:34z Send another 73 via ISS
KB2HSH K0KOC-7 10/24 13:03:56z Send another 73 de Buffalo
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/24 11:55:17z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Today,Slight Chance Showers 20% High 43
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/23 12:43:39z Reply kely then Chance Showers 60% High 50
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/23 12:43:34z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Showers Li
KB2HSH WXBOT 10/23 12:20:23z Send another BUFFALO
KA8YES-6 KB2HSH 10/18 15:01:44z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KB2HSH-1 KB2HSH 10/18 14:10:09z Reply Received{39
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/18 14:07:42z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Today,Mostly Sunny High 45
KB2HSH KB2HSH-1 10/18 14:06:52z Send another TEST 1
N2TIF KB2HSH 10/16 15:12:16z Reply ?APRST
N2TIF KB2HSH 10/16 14:34:07z Reply are you getting any of this?{57
N2TIF KB2HSH 10/16 14:30:42z Reply tried to connect to you thru w4kum{56
N2TIF KB2HSH 10/16 14:25:55z Reply hi John saw you on 20m{55
KB2HSH N2TIF 10/16 14:19:58z Send another Good morning, Paul
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/16 14:11:30z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Today,Chance Showers and Breezy 30% High 52
KB2HSH SMSGTE 10/15 14:50:32z Send another @7164911064 I love you more
SMSGTE KB2HSH 10/15 14:47:26z Reply @7164911064 I love you{M8274
KC9YTT KB2HSH 10/13 22:36:04z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/13 21:37:32z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Tonight,Increasing Clouds Low 40
SMSGTE KB2HSH 10/12 19:31:10z Reply @7164911064 Absolutely{M8077
SMSGTE KB2HSH 10/12 19:25:14z Reply @7164911064 Jerk{M8075
KB2HSH SMSGTE 10/12 19:23:22z Send another @7164911064 Am I waiting for you to get Kenzie?
KB2HSH SMSGTE 10/12 19:19:52z Send another @7164911064 JERK
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/12 19:19:35z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Tonight,Showers Likely 60% Low 42
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/12 17:23:58z Reply Williamsville NY. This Afternoon,Partly Sunny High 52
WXBOT KB2HSH 10/11 00:35:40z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Tonight,Showers Likely 60% Low 68
KB2HSH KB2HSH-1 10/09 13:09:07z Send another Testing IS