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SMSGTE KB1OZM-7 05/26 05:21:00z Reply @LL I love you{M5021
KB1OZM-7 SMSGTE 05/26 03:16:45z Send another @ll Fold down seat and put in extra tires.{4
SMSGTE KB1OZM-7 05/26 03:09:40z Reply @LL What do you have to do to yours{M5015
KB1OZM-7 SMSGTE 05/26 03:09:07z Send another @ll Done with your car. Moving on to mine.{3
SMSGTE KB1OZM-7 05/21 16:16:56z Reply The number 9787859433 has been associated with this callsign.{C4215
KB1OZM-7 SMSGTE 05/21 16:16:55z Send another #mynumber add 9787859433{2
SMSGTE KB1OZM-7 05/21 16:13:19z Reply @9787859433 And reply{M4214
KB1OZM-7 SMSGTE 05/21 16:12:50z Send another @9787859433 Test{1
KC1HHO-9 KB1OZM-7 05/10 19:03:41z Reply just saying hi, getting used to the new radio thanks 73{02
KB1OZM-7 KC1HHO-9 05/10 19:01:44z Send another hello. convo may be difficult, but can try.{1
KC1HHO-9 KB1OZM-7 05/10 18:47:53z Reply hello{01
KB1OZM-7 KB1GWG-7 05/10 15:25:13z Send another Testing new portable TNC. Can't hit much with HT from here.{3
KB1GWG-7 KB1OZM-7 05/10 15:15:12z Reply How many operators on Wachusett today? Ome{02
KB1GWG-7 KB1OZM-7 05/10 15:13:06z Reply How many operators on Wachusett today?{01
KB1OZM-7 KB1GWG-7 05/10 15:10:50z Send another How many operators on Wachusett today?{2
KB1OZM-7 KB1GWG-7 05/10 15:03:42z Send another Nice to hear a posit direct and not from repeater{1