KB1EJH-9 messages

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CQSRVR KB1EJH-9 01/15 08:20:42z Reply RPRNET Closed
ANSRVR KB1EJH-9 01/15 08:20:12z Reply N:RPRNET Removed From Group
SA7SKY-10 KB1EJH-9 01/14 22:44:42z Reply N:RPRNET Robust Packet Network - H24
WXBOT KB1EJH-9 01/14 21:56:12z Reply 111 56018{EY
WXBOT KB1EJH-9 01/14 21:56:07z Reply KPHL 142054Z 30004KT 10SM FEW190 01/M11 A3019 RMK AO2 SLP223 T00111{EX
KB1EJH-9 WXBOT 01/14 21:56:01z Send another current KPHL{56
KB1EJH-9 KC3MQK-7 01/14 21:49:40z Send another ?{55
KC3MQK-7 KB1EJH-9 01/14 21:09:05z Reply f###er{14
CQSRVR KB1EJH-9 01/14 20:20:42z Reply 0 messages sent to RPRNET{1206
KB1EJH-9 CQSRVR 01/14 20:20:42z Send another cq rprnet{54
ISS KB1EJH-9 01/14 20:18:18z Reply AOS 4h47m (15 0106z) SE^7{LG}
KB1EJH-9 ISS 01/14 20:18:18z Send another next{53
ANSRVR KB1EJH-9 01/14 20:15:24z Reply N:RPRNET Now Monitoring
KB1EJH-9 ANSRVR 01/14 20:15:24z Send another CQ RPRNET{52
CQSRVR KB1EJH-9 01/14 20:12:44z Reply No active groups.{1205
KB1EJH-9 CQSRVR 01/14 20:12:44z Send another l{17
WXBOT KB1EJH-9 01/14 19:34:58z Reply Georgetown DE. This Afternoon,Mostly Sunny High 36{EU
KB1EJH-9 WXBOT 01/14 19:34:50z Send another w{43
KB1EJH-9 SCD 01/10 03:58:31z Send another test{04
KC3MQK-7 KB1EJH-9 01/10 03:57:39z Reply woof{07
KB1EJH-9 KC3MQK-7 01/10 03:56:55z Send another neb mask,NOW!{03
KB1EJH-9 KC3MQK-7 01/10 02:39:16z Send another :({02
KC3MQK-7 KB1EJH-9 01/10 02:38:39z Reply No crockpot for you!{06
KB1EJH-9 KC3MQK-7 01/10 02:36:42z Send another hello dog lover{01
KC3MQK-7 KB1EJH-9 01/10 02:21:05z Reply 145.525MHz {05
KC3BVR-3 KB1EJH-9 12/30 17:26:04z Reply Cool,status is off duty but I tried you anyway.{10
KC3MQK-7 KB1EJH-9 12/30 17:18:24z Reply weird{09
KB1EJH-9 KC3MQK-7 12/30 17:17:06z Send another hello{51
KB1EJH-9 KC3BVR-3 12/30 17:14:48z Send another Cool,status is off duty but I tried you anyway.{50
KC3BVR-3 KB1EJH-9 12/30 17:12:42z Reply good driving to va{09
KB1EJH-9 KC3MQK-7 12/30 17:12:24z Send another why?{49
KB1EJH-9 KC3MQK-7 12/30 17:10:07z Send another whacker...{48
KC3MQK-7 KB1EJH-9 12/30 17:09:29z Reply new ham{08
KB1EJH-9 KC3BVR-3 12/30 17:08:30z Send another Good,you?{47
KC3BVR-3 KB1EJH-9 12/30 17:07:44z Reply Hello! How are you?{08
KC3BVR-3 KB1EJH-9 12/30 16:46:37z Reply Hello! How are you?{07
KB1EJH-9 KC3BVR-3 12/30 16:40:30z Send another Hello! How are you?{46
WXBOT KB1EJH-9 12/19 18:59:28z Reply Georgetown DE. Flood Watch, This Afternoon,Sunny High 48{BK
KB1EJH-9 WXBOT 12/19 18:59:20z Send another w{48
WLNK-1 KB1EJH-9 12/19 15:52:28z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1394
SMSGTE KB1EJH-9 11/30 02:55:00z Reply @5708476538 Hello{M1506
KB1EJH-9 SMSGTE 11/30 02:54:28z Send another @5708476538 Hello{45
SMSGTE KB1EJH-9 11/30 02:53:54z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit smsgte.wix.com/smsgte for help.{E1505
KB1EJH-9 SMSGTE 11/30 02:53:54z Send another 5708476538 Hello{44
WXBOT KB1EJH-9 11/30 02:52:30z Reply Georgetown DE. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 30{YL