KB1EJH messages

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W7BAZ KB1EJH 03/19 01:28:24z Reply Hello from EN73 {94
K2MO-15 KB1EJH 03/14 23:27:17z Reply Test{YO}
KC3MQK-9 KB1EJH 03/06 14:28:37z Reply Hey hey!{1
KC3MQK-9 KB1EJH 03/06 14:05:42z Reply Hey hey!{0
KC3MQK-9 KB1EJH 03/06 13:59:37z Reply Hey hey!{99
KB1EJH KC3MQK-9 03/06 13:37:09z Send another Coffee time?{61
KB1EJH KC3MQK-9 03/06 13:08:47z Send another squirrel{60
WLNK-1 KB1EJH 02/28 19:21:22z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1392
KB1EJH KC3MQK-9 02/20 16:31:56z Send another NAPS are good!{59
KC3MQK-9 KB1EJH 02/20 16:28:40z Reply Yeah. Back home for lunch & NAPS! 73s!{98
KB1EJH KC3MQK-9 02/20 16:26:30z Send another ha, was just in Milton{58
KC3MQK-9 KB1EJH 02/20 16:24:57z Reply Daddy duty. Just went to the library.{97
KB1EJH KC3MQK-9 02/20 16:19:46z Send another What are you doing?{57
KC3MQK-9 KB1EJH 02/20 16:10:36z Reply Hey hey{96
KB1EJH KC3MQK-9 02/19 21:06:19z Send another Hey Hey sold the camper!{AU}
KC3MQK-9 KB1EJH 02/19 20:51:32z Reply Hey hey{94