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DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 18:45:49z Reply you are coming via K4KPN-10 now ;-){40
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 18:44:49z Reply During leg1 FSK300 was working good with VK east coast{39
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 18:43:12z Reply K4KPN-10 coming direct here now{38
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 18:42:43z Reply Not getting you direct yet: u came via here via DK2EZ-10{37
KB1EJH DF1CHB 11/21 18:40:49z Send another Direct and digipeating you here on the 7800.{AC}
KB1EJH DF1CHB 11/21 18:14:09z Send another Directs:DF1CHB K4KPN-10 VE1YZ-5
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 18:14:09z Reply ?APRSD
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 17:48:33z Reply saw on twitter during t/around K4KPN-10 is getting direct as well{22
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 17:46:45z Reply but dind't got-you direct yet{21
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 17:45:50z Reply QSL: i can see VE1YZ-5 digipeating-me{20
KB1EJH DF1CHB 11/21 16:32:50z Send another Well I am getting you directly now.{AB}
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 13:16:29z Reply yes you are going thru VE1YZ-5/APRS.IS/OH6DL-10 ;-){02
KB1EJH DF1CHB 11/21 13:13:57z Send another Hmm, sent RF only via VE1YZ-5...{AA}
KB1EJH DF1CHB 11/21 13:13:00z Send another APRSDroid has been working well with Dragon v BT connection!{ZZ}
KB1EJH DF1CHB 11/21 13:11:08z Send another Yes, been busy summer here. Hope to be on more this winter too.{ZY}
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 13:10:35z Reply Ok Karl... you are going thru OH6DL-10 on 20m ;-){97
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 13:06:41z Reply QSY with OH6DL-10 on 14103.3 USB...{93
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 13:06:20z Reply Yes all fine, less busy wth winter program{91
DF1CHB KB1EJH 11/21 13:04:57z Reply Hi Karl (?) if i recall correctly ;-){90
KB1EJH DF1CHB 11/21 13:03:56z Send another Good day, long time no chat, hope you have been well.{ZX}
K3RLD-1 KB1EJH 11/21 01:40:17z Reply YOU ARE 599 INTO FN20, QSL?{57
K4KDR-6 KB1EJH 11/21 01:39:34z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
TA5AHO-7 KB1EJH 11/19 20:48:11z Reply Hello! From Mersin Turkey.
TA5AHO-7 KB1EJH 11/19 20:42:51z Reply I'm happy for your message via APRS,
KB1EJH TA5AHO-7 11/18 23:00:03z Send another Hello! From Delaware, USA.{ZW}
TA5AHO-7 KB1EJH 11/18 20:37:26z Reply Greetings from Turkey!!
AB3MI-7 KB1EJH 11/13 10:09:26z Reply on 450{24
AB3MI-7 KB1EJH 11/13 10:05:52z Reply hi Carl I am on{23
AB3MI-7 KB1EJH 11/09 06:58:02z Reply computer hard drives being repaved no rms access{21
AB3MI-7 KB1EJH 11/03 16:41:59z Reply AT ARBYS Seaford on 450{12
WLNK-1 KB1EJH 09/26 16:57:34z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{1330