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N2CSA KB1EJH 11/14 20:46:55z Reply Hi Carl, doing very well.{MN}
N2CSA KB1EJH 11/14 12:50:30z Reply AA:Away from console.
KB1EJH N2CSA 11/14 12:50:00z Send another How are you?{31
KB1EJH W3JWE-9 11/13 13:46:43z Send another How are you?{30
KB1EJH K4KPN-10 10/31 21:45:10z Send another Directs:DF1CHB(4384.8mi@47°) K7MT-8(1915.9@298)
K4KPN-10 KB1EJH 10/31 21:45:09z Reply ?APRSD
KB1EJH K4KPN-10 10/31 21:44:45z Send another Support[2/2]:?APRST/?PING? ?ABOUT/?APRSV/?VER ?CPU ?DX ?IGATE
KB1EJH K4KPN-10 10/31 21:44:45z Send another Support[1/2]: ?APRSD ?APRSL ?APRSH ?APRSM ?APRSO ?APRSP ?APRSS
K4KPN-10 KB1EJH 10/31 21:44:44z Reply ?PING
KB1EJH K7MT-8 10/08 17:31:48z Send another U2, 73{VG}ZW
K7MT-8 KB1EJH 10/08 17:30:14z Reply Yep, APRS in General is loads of fun. Have a great week from Bill.{ZW}VF
KB1EJH K7MT-8 10/08 17:23:42z Send another Cool, always fun working ARISS.{VF}ZV
K7MT-8 KB1EJH 10/08 17:22:27z Reply GM sounding good in Mt. Just setup UISS Igate for Space Station.{ZV}VE
KB1EJH K7MT-8 10/08 17:20:27z Send another Nice seeing you too.{VE}
K7MT-8 KB1EJH 10/07 00:15:17z Reply Nice to see the East Coast on APRS today..{JK}