KA8YES-6 messages

fromtotime message
N1RCN KA8YES-6 12/05 16:37:31z Reply Good Morning from EL87 (LIVE)
N1RCN KA8YES-6 12/02 17:29:28z Reply You are loud and clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
KA8YES-6 K0KOC-7 12/02 17:25:05z Send another Got your message, Thanks for the QSO
W7TPS-7 KA8YES-6 11/03 20:49:26z Reply did u mean 2 msg me?13
W7TPS-7 KA8YES-6 11/03 20:48:07z Reply did u mean 2 msg me?{13
KB2HSH KA8YES-6 11/01 12:50:07z Reply Good morning de Buffalo NY
KB2HSH KA8YES-6 11/01 06:21:40z Reply RX in FN02nx...73
K9NBG KA8YES-6 10/18 11:43:27z Reply HEARD YOU VIA ISS IN ILLINOIS{41
N1RCN KA8YES-6 10/16 12:42:59z Reply Good Morning from EL87
KB2HSH KA8YES-6 10/14 14:18:23z Reply Copied in FN02nx
KA8YES-6 BLN 10/12 19:20:34z Send another SatGate West Virginia EN90ri
KB2M-2 KA8YES-6 10/11 21:34:38z Reply GA fr FM29 73
N9JTE-9 KA8YES-6 10/11 16:44:12z Reply Heard U via ISS!{54
N8AJM KA8YES-6 10/10 15:57:03z Reply Adrian EN72 QSL? {28
KM4FZA-6 KA8YES-6 10/09 21:38:10z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS