KA8YES-6 messages

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K3RLD-1 KA8YES-6 03/01 17:35:46z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{43
K3RLD-1 KA8YES-6 02/25 19:30:55z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{23
K3RLD-1 KA8YES-6 02/25 13:01:18z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{7
NS3L-3 KA8YES-6 02/22 14:02:09z Reply Ur 59 - Nazareth, Pa. FN20HQ 73{19
NS3L-3 KA8YES-6 02/17 23:17:24z Reply Ur 59 - Nazareth, Pa. FN20HQ 73
NS3L-3 KA8YES-6 02/17 23:17:11z Reply Tnx fer QSO via ISS. Best 73's Steve NS3L
KC4LE KA8YES-6 02/17 00:08:47z Reply hi from Red EM63
KM4ZEQ-7 KA8YES-6 02/14 01:11:13z Reply Greetings from KyleGreenville SC{0
KA8YES-6 KD9HUQ 02/10 01:27:01z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
VA3NNA KA8YES-6 02/09 20:35:04z Reply UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?
KA8YES-6 N3UPY-9 02/07 02:27:23z Send another Got your message, Thanks for the QSO
KB3AWQ-7 KA8YES-6 02/05 06:20:49z Reply williamsport pa cool{07
K3RLD-1 KA8YES-6 02/01 22:45:12z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{53
9Z4DZ KA8YES-6 01/30 19:36:39z Reply Hello frm 9Z4DZ in FK90
KB8OTK-5 KA8YES-6 01/29 08:13:54z Reply . ?{97
KB8OTK-5 KA8YES-6 01/25 10:38:45z Reply What?{92
KB8OTK-5 KA8YES-6 01/24 13:18:14z Reply WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ?{87
KB8OTK-5 KA8YES-6 01/24 13:16:21z Reply WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ?{88
9Z4DZ KA8YES-6 01/24 09:59:25z Reply Hpe all is well at ur end...de 9Z4DZ
ON4CKT KA8YES-6 01/23 18:14:21z Reply hello happy new 2017, 73's ON4CKT Rudy in Belgium.{79
KB8OTK-5 KA8YES-6 01/23 12:09:11z Reply ? SPAM ? {81
W8KRF-6 KA8YES-6 01/23 02:37:53z Reply UR 59 in Cleveland OH EN91ck 73
W4TBD-6 KA8YES-6 01/19 02:53:34z Reply Fred 73, de Ed W4TBD
KB8OTK-5 KA8YES-6 01/16 21:26:18z Reply ?{75
W4TBD-6 KA8YES-6 01/16 05:30:37z Reply BJ 73, de Ed W4TBD
KB8OTK-5 KA8YES-6 01/15 23:53:27z Reply ????????????{69
KA8YES-6 BLN 01/12 18:09:42z Send another SatGate West Virginia EN90ri
WB8YFL-9 KA8YES-6 01/11 14:00:01z Reply SatGate West Virginia EN90rihh{5