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W5PFG-1 K9JKM 10/04 22:43:58z Reply Got your reply. 73 & GL..from Texas pineywoods
W5PFG-1 K9JKM 10/04 22:42:52z Reply Howdy JoAnne
KA8YES-6 K9JKM 09/26 03:20:53z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
K9JKM BLNQSL1/1 09/25 04:13:17z Send another KJ4HRM{UISS52}
K9JKM AK3Q-1:ac 09/24 03:26:50z Send another
AK3Q-1 K9JKM 09/24 03:26:50z Reply Hello 599 de Bellevue KY VIA ISS{6
K9JKM KC4LE 09/16 13:38:57z Send another 59 nr Chicago EN52
K8DAV K9JKM 09/15 13:23:38z Reply QSL. Thanks
NJ7H-7 K9JKM 09/11 19:37:14z Reply NPOTA PV15{1
K9JKM BLNQSL1/1 09/11 14:46:16z Send another N3FCX,AK3Q-1,W4TBD-6{UISS52}
W8WDS-9 K9JKM 09/08 12:31:45z Reply good morming{02
AB8KT K9JKM 09/03 16:55:55z Reply You are 599 through the ISS pse confirm & 73
KC5UIH-1 K9JKM 08/30 20:24:54z Reply 73! KC5UIH-7 EM12
W8KRF-6 K9JKM 08/30 18:48:53z Reply UR 59 in Cleveland OH EN91ck 73
W5PFG-1 K9JKM 08/28 20:33:02z Reply You're 59 in EM21, over over. Hi JoAnne!
KC4LE K9JKM 08/27 21:27:41z Reply Tnx QSO 73
KC4LE K9JKM 08/27 21:27:20z Reply hi from Red in EM63 Hoover, AL
9Z4DZ K9JKM 08/25 19:58:20z Reply U are 599 via the ISS !!! de W3/9Z4DZ Stephenson in FM19qi
9Z4DZ K9JKM 08/25 19:57:07z Reply Tnks 4 d sig rpt, 73 de W3/9Z4DZ Stephenson in FM19qi
K9JKM BLNQSL1/1 08/25 16:43:31z Send another 9Z4DZ,WB3FKP,VE6PW,NZ4D-6{UISS52}
K9JKM BLNQSL1/1 08/23 16:52:39z Send another K0MDJ,N3FCX,K0KOC-7,9Z4DZ,WB3FKP{UISS52}
K9JKM BLNQSL1/1 08/23 16:51:51z Send another K0MDJ,N3FCX,K0KOC-7{UISS52}
KC5UIH-7 K9JKM 08/19 01:10:34z Reply KC5UIH-7 EM12nx
AI9IN K9JKM 08/17 00:42:17z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN