K9JKM messages

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KU5D-3 K9JKM 12/04 20:41:08z Reply hello from EM34su
N3WLB K9JKM 12/01 19:50:03z Reply EMAIL N3WLB@yahoo.com
WA2FHJ K9JKM 11/30 20:38:35z Reply Hi from Doug FN13
WB9ZLM K9JKM 11/30 20:37:56z Reply Heard you via ISS! Bill in Dunlap, IL EN50du{9L}
K5DNA K9JKM 11/30 19:00:15z Reply 73s from EM35{33
K5DNA K9JKM 11/30 02:21:06z Reply 73s from EM35{21
N1RCN K9JKM 11/29 19:51:10z Reply Hello Fom EL87 de N1RCN
W0JW-6 K9JKM 11/28 23:53:25z Reply UR 599 IOWA EN31BE
WB9ZLM K9JKM 11/22 03:57:55z Reply Heard you via ISS in EN50. Bill in Dunlap, IL{92}
KB2M-2 K9JKM 11/21 01:32:52z Reply Ge fr FM29 73
KB2HSH K9JKM 11/20 02:22:39z Reply 73
KB2HSH K9JKM 11/20 02:22:19z Reply Hi JoAnne!!!
K9JKM N9JTE-9 11/20 02:21:33z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
N9JTE-9 K9JKM 11/20 02:21:20z Reply hi Joanne!{88
KB2HSH K9JKM 11/19 03:08:58z Reply Hello from Buffalo
N1RCN K9JKM 11/01 12:50:50z Reply You are loud and clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
N1RCN K9JKM 11/01 12:50:30z Reply Good Morning from EL87 (LIVE)
KB2HSH K9JKM 11/01 12:49:15z Reply hi joanne
K9JKM KB2HSH 11/01 12:49:03z Send another Hello to Buffalo!
K4KDR-6 K9JKM 10/30 14:25:38z Reply QSL - 73!!
KB2HSH K9JKM 10/29 13:36:58z Reply Good morning de Buffalo NY
KN2K K9JKM 10/28 14:23:50z Reply QSL!
KB2HSH K9JKM 10/17 18:22:12z Reply RX in FN02. 73!
K4YJ-10 K9JKM 10/17 15:06:18z Reply HELLO, DWIGHT K4YJ{3
K4YJ-10 K9JKM 10/17 15:06:05z Reply HELLO, DWIGHT K4YJ{2
WB8JAY K9JKM 10/16 14:18:35z Reply QSL 73 de Dan
KB2HSH K9JKM 10/15 21:19:15z Reply Got your msg via ISS. 73!{1
K9JKM KB2M-1 10/13 18:20:41z Send another 59 nr Chicago EN52
WB8JAY K9JKM 10/12 15:55:57z Reply Hello from Dan - WB8JAY
WB9ZLM K9JKM 10/12 15:55:14z Reply Tnx! de Bill 73{8E}
N9JTE-9 K9JKM 10/08 20:47:33z Reply SALEM WI via ISS{35
KE8RJU K9JKM 10/07 21:35:03z Reply QSL! Thanks & 73
KE8RJU K9JKM 10/07 21:33:59z Reply KE8RJU Grace EN62
WB8JAY K9JKM 10/07 19:56:57z Reply QSL and Tnx de WB8JAY
KF0BMD-6 K9JKM 10/07 18:23:15z Reply Msg rcvd via ISS Denver, co 73's
N9JTE-9 K9JKM 10/07 18:21:13z Reply SALEM WI via ISSN52{27
NO0I K9JKM 10/05 21:35:18z Reply Heard you via ISS 73!
N9JTE-7 K9JKM 10/02 22:21:10z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS{34