K9JKM messages

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VA3NNA K9JKM 05/09 15:46:32z Reply UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?
KC9YTT K9JKM 05/08 18:13:54z Reply Greetings from KC9YTT via ISS! KC9YTT@outlook.com
KC7MG-9 K9JKM 05/08 18:13:29z Reply gm-dm42{16
AI9IN K9JKM 05/08 16:38:11z Reply QSL es 73 de AI9IN, Steve
AI9IN K9JKM 05/08 16:37:34z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN
WB3FKP K9JKM 05/05 16:04:23z Reply Hello to all over the ISS ! wb3fkp@gmail.com
N6RSX K9JKM 05/01 21:07:15z Reply Greetings from the OC in SoCal- DM13
KC9YTT K9JKM 04/30 20:26:05z Reply Hello from KC9YTT! via ISS
W5PFG-1 K9JKM 04/28 22:08:56z Reply I eat unattended beacons for breakfast. :-)
W5PFG-1 K9JKM 04/28 22:08:44z Reply Hi JoAnne!
KC9TTR K9JKM 04/28 14:05:59z Reply I copy you from EM68
WN9Q K9JKM 04/25 16:44:50z Reply qsl 73
WN9Q K9JKM 04/25 16:43:49z Reply 59 en64
W4TBD-6 K9JKM 04/24 16:00:52z Reply Heard you on ISS from Midlothian, VA
AI9IN K9JKM 04/24 15:59:24z Reply Tnx de IN EM79
K9JKM W5PFG-1 04/21 23:26:43z Send another Hello Clayton
W5PFG-1 K9JKM 04/21 23:26:28z Reply Howdy from the Lone Star State
W5PFG-1 K9JKM 04/21 23:25:11z Reply I am not a robot. This is really Clayton at the keys. :-)
KC9DOA-6 K9JKM 04/21 21:49:22z Reply hello de Mike EN53ss
K9JKM BLNQSL1/1 04/21 20:12:55z Send another N0BBD{UISS52}
K9JKM N0BBD 04/20 22:43:48z Send another Hi Paul
N0BBD K9JKM 04/20 22:43:04z Reply Good to hear you again. 73's... Paul
K9JKM K8OE 04/20 19:28:15z Send another 59 nr Chicago EN52
W5PFG K9JKM 04/20 01:10:55z Reply Howdy{P
W8KRF-6 K9JKM 04/14 21:28:29z Reply UR 59 in Cleveland OH EN91ck 73