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K5BDL-5 K9EI 07/28 02:57:02z Reply Glad to be back to Texas for good :){1
K9EI WHO-15 07/28 02:12:03z Send another KF5SRG{DD}C3
WHO-15 K9EI 07/28 02:11:33z Reply KF5SRG/G/Dennis W Sonnier/TX/United States{9W}DD
K9EI WHO-15 07/28 02:11:33z Send another KF5SRG{DD}C2
K9EI KM4YSC-2 07/28 02:09:28z Send another Hello de TX! QSL? EM20{55}C1
K9EI K0FFY 07/28 02:09:28z Send another Thanks {52}C0
K9EI K0FFY 07/28 02:09:28z Send another Hello de TX! QSL? EM20{4F}BF
K9EI K5BDL-5 07/28 02:08:57z Send another Welcome to Texas. :){DC}BE
K9EI WHO-15 07/28 02:08:50z Send another K5BDL{DB}BD
WHO-15 K9EI 07/28 02:07:20z Reply K5BDL/E/BRAD D LOW/PA/United States{9V}DB
K9EI WHO-15 07/28 02:07:20z Send another K5BDL{DB}BA
K9EI WHO-15 07/28 02:06:52z Send another K9EI{DA}B9
WHO-15 K9EI 07/28 02:06:23z Reply K9EI/E/MICHAEL V FRAZIER/TX/United States{9U}DA
K9EI WHO-15 07/28 02:06:22z Send another K9EI{DA}B8
NB3T K9EI 06/19 16:21:25z Reply Hi - ur 59 in VA de Malcolm{18
KB6IGK K9EI 06/19 16:20:33z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{4
KB6IGK K9EI 06/19 16:20:19z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{5
KB6IGK K9EI 06/19 16:20:15z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{3
NB3T K9EI 06/09 20:13:36z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{28
K9EI WHO-15 06/09 20:12:49z Send another AJ5C{42}1F
WHO-15 K9EI 06/09 20:12:36z Reply KB6IGK/G/JOSEPH N KORNOWSKI/TX/United States{VQ}48
K9EI WHO-15 06/09 20:12:35z Send another KB6IGK{48}1C
WHO-15 K9EI 06/09 20:12:34z Reply KB6IGK/G/JOSEPH N KORNOWSKI/TX/United States{VP}40
K9EI WHO-15 06/09 20:12:33z Send another KB6IGK{40}1B
K9EI K0FFY 06/09 20:12:03z Send another Qsl {4B}14
WHO-15 K9EI 06/09 20:11:27z Reply KB6IGK/G/JOSEPH N KORNOWSKI/TX/United States{VO}47
K9EI WHO-15 06/09 20:11:27z Send another KB6IGK{47}0B
K9EI AJ5C-3 06/09 20:11:25z Send another Hello de TX! QSL? EM20{44}09
WHO-15 K9EI 06/09 20:11:19z Reply AJ5C/E/Robert N Herrell/AR/United States{VN}42
K9EI WHO-15 06/09 20:11:19z Send another AJ5C{42}06
K0FFY K9EI 06/09 20:11:10z Reply Hi from IA! QSL?{82