K7MTD-7 messages

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KI7UNJ-9 K7MTD-7 10/25 20:05:28z Reply QSL? DE KI7UNJ{39
VA6DTX K7MTD-7 10/25 17:00:08z Reply Hello from Calgary DO21
K7MTD-7 VA6DTX 10/25 16:57:57z Send another Hi ISS/NO84 DN26ry via RS0ISS - DO21{11
KI7UNJ-9 K7MTD-7 10/21 17:43:33z Reply your qrz email bounced trying to get a hold of you im good on qrz{57
KI7UNJ K7MTD-7 10/21 17:09:31z Reply THX QSL KI7UNJTHX QSL KI7UNJ{30
K7MTD-7 K1RR-11 10/20 17:50:11z Send another Hello K7MTD!{07
K7MTD-7 K1RR-11 10/20 17:46:48z Send another Hello K7MTD!
VE7JMN-1 K7MTD-7 10/12 00:16:37z Reply 73{14
K7MTD-7 VE7JMN-1 10/10 01:58:27z Send another Hi ISS/NO84 DN26{23