K7MT-6 messages

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K7MT-6 Heard 04/19 20:27:44z Send another KJ7UET-7,AG7OO-9,KE7RTB-7,KM6LYW,KF0BMD-7,K5DNA,KB0VBZ-6,KF0BMD-9
K7MT-6 Heard 04/19 20:26:51z Send another KJ7UET-7,NA1SS,AG7OO-9,KE7RTB-7,KM6LYW,KF0BMD-7,K5DNA,KB0VBZ-6,
KF0BMD-9 K7MT-6 04/19 20:26:45z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS QSL Good{22
K7MT-6 Heard 04/19 20:26:40z Send another KJ7UET-7,NA1SS,AG7OO-9,KE7RTB-7,KM6LYW,KF0BMD-7,K5DNA
KB9IQX-7 K7MT-6 04/19 20:19:49z Reply 73 de KB9IQX Amy Seattle CN87{3
VE7OK-9 K7MT-6 04/19 17:04:12z Reply CN89la Ve7oK{0C}
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/19 15:27:59z Reply 73{79
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/15 21:59:17z Send another Howdy Christy on the Signallink and IC-706MKII
K7MT-6 Heard 04/15 21:58:45z Send another AG7OO-9,NA1SS,N7HQR,KF0BMD-6,KB6LTY-3,AG7LR
KN2K K7MT-6 04/15 20:28:40z Reply 59 FM18 QSL
AB0XE-6 K7MT-6 04/15 20:25:40z Reply HI BILL 73 STEVE EN34{02
K7MT-6 Heard 04/15 20:17:24z Send another K7MT-14,VE7OK-9,K7MT-13,KB9IQX-7,AB0XE-6,AG7OO-9,KE7RTB-7
VE7OK-9 K7MT-6 04/15 20:15:39z Reply hi{0B}
K7MT-6 VE7OK-9 04/15 20:15:32z Send another Howdy from Bill in Montana DN46
K7MT-6 Heard 04/15 18:42:38z Send another AG7OO-9,KI7WKZ-1,AG7NR,KE7RTB-7,AG7LR,NA1SS,K7MT-14,K7MT-13,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/15 15:31:38z Send another KK6CUS-1,KF0BMD-6,NA1SS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/15 00:26:19z Send another KF1BUZ-10,NA1SS,KC6WPK-9,K0CFI,N7HQR,N6RVI-6,VE6WK
K7MT-6 Heard 04/15 00:25:18z Send another KF1BUZ-10,NA1SS,KC6WPK-9,K0CFI,N7HQR,N6RVI-6
K7MT-6 W9QO 04/14 23:44:46z Send another Howdy from Bill in Montana
K7MT-6 Heard 04/14 22:42:45z Send another KF1BUZ-10,N6RVI-6,AG7OO-9,KE0LX,KD9OIN-9,KF0BMD-7,KI4AQD-14,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/14 22:42:22z Send another KE7RTB-7,KJ7UET-7,NA1SS,KF1BUZ-10,N6RVI-6,AG7OO-9,KE0LX,KD9OIN-9,
KF0BMD-7 K7MT-6 04/14 22:41:46z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS{60
K7MT-6 Heard 04/14 22:40:27z Send another KE7RTB-7,AG7LR,KJ7UET-7,AG7NR,NA1SS,KF1BUZ-10,N6RVI-6
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/14 22:37:14z Reply qtsl{85
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/14 19:28:33z Reply cn87{76
K7MT-6 Heard 04/14 16:15:42z Send another W9QO,K5DNA
K7MT-6 Heard 04/14 16:15:35z Send another WD9EWK,KB6LTY-3,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-11,W7QL,K7MT-14,KF0BMD-7,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/14 16:15:21z Send another KF0BMD-7
K7MT-6 Heard 04/14 16:14:54z Send another AG7NR,WD9EWK,K5DNA,KB6LTY-3,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-11,W7QL,K7MT-14,
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/14 16:14:53z Send another GM Christy looking good as always. Bill DN46
KI4ASK-7 K7MT-6 04/13 22:01:47z Reply QSL & 73 via ISS{1
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 21:58:48z Send another NA1SS,KJ7IOC,K7MT-14,AG7LR,VE7FED-12,W0VFK-4,N7HQR,KC9YTT
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 20:15:25z Send another K7MT-14,VE7HJ-7,KE7RTB-7,N7HQR,N7ZYS-2,NA1SS
KC9YTT K7MT-6 04/13 18:40:10z Reply Nice to see you! 73's
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 18:39:12z Send another KJ7UET-7,W0FLZ-12,AG7OO-9,W7BMH-2,AG7NR,NA1SS,KC9YTT,K7MT-14,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 18:39:00z Send another K7MT-14
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 18:37:39z Send another AG7NR
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 18:37:34z Send another KJ7UET-7,NA1SS,KB9IQX-7,W0FLZ-12,AG7OO-9,KI7WKZ-1,K7MT-14,W7BMH-2,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 18:37:14z Send another KJ7UET-7,NA1SS,KB9IQX-7,AG7NR,W0FLZ-12,AG7OO-9,KI7WKZ-1,K7MT-14,
KJ7UET-7 K7MT-6 04/13 18:36:50z Reply Hi via ISS 73{17
K7MT-6 W7QL 04/13 17:01:33z Send another QSL Carlos Bill dn46
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 17:01:13z Send another N6RVI-6,K7MT-14,KB6LTY-3,KE7RTB-7,W7QL,N7HQR,NA1SS,AG7NR
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/13 17:01:09z Send another GM Christy looking good in Montana. Bill
K7MT-6 W7QL 04/13 17:00:45z Send another GM Carlos from Bill in Mt
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 15:29:44z Send another N1RDN
K9NBG K7MT-6 04/13 15:29:10z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{23
K7MT-6 XE2ML 04/13 15:29:04z Send another Howdy from Bill Montana
K7MT-6 Heard 04/13 00:16:52z Send another AI6DO,K0CFI,KK6CUS-1,N6RVI-6,N1UW
WE4B K7MT-6 04/12 22:45:35z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{17
KE4AZZ K7MT-6 04/12 22:42:52z Reply de KE4AZZ via International Space Station
K7MT-6 Heard 04/12 22:38:23z Send another KJ7UET-7,AG7NR,N7HQR,KB9IQX-7,AG7LR,K7MT-14
K3DQB K7MT-6 04/12 21:09:01z Reply Hello From FM19{90
WA2NDV-13 K7MT-6 04/12 21:05:53z Reply Bill Thanks stay safe c u on a sat
K7MT-6 WA2NDV-13 04/12 21:05:26z Send another Hi Frank stay well..
WA2NDV-13 K7MT-6 04/12 21:05:13z Reply Hi Bill Frank here in NY
K7MT-6 Heard 04/12 21:04:20z Send another KJ7IOC,K7MT-14,AG7OO-9,NA1SS,KB9IQX-7,W7OSG,N2KGC-3
K7MT-6 Heard 04/12 21:03:46z Send another KJ7IOC,K7MT-14,AG7OO-9,NA1SS,KB9IQX-7,W7OSG
VA6MKC-7 K7MT-6 04/11 21:54:29z Reply Hi from Red Deer{21
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 21:50:55z Send another W7OSG,KJ7IOC,VA6MKC-7,K7MT-14
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 21:47:41z Send another PSAT,K7MT-14,N0IQM,K1WY
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 20:16:20z Send another K7MT-14,VE7HJ-7,KJ7IOC,VE7PCH-7,VE7CCY,W7OSG,NA1SS,WA2FHJ
K7MT-6 WA2FHJ 04/11 20:14:35z Send another Howdy from Bill in Montana DN46 !!
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 20:13:29z Send another K7MT-14,VE7HJ-7,KJ7IOC,VE7PCH-7,VE7CCY,W7OSG,NA1SS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 20:12:33z Send another K7MT-14,VE7HJ-7,KJ7IOC,VE7PCH-7,VE7CCY,W7OSG
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 18:39:19z Send another W6TKD-7,K7MT-14,KS9O,K7OWW,N7HQR,NA1SS,N8TAR-7,WA2FHJ,N0KBA,VA3PMK
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 18:39:09z Send another W6TKD-7,K7MT-14,W7OSG,KS9O,K7OWW,N7HQR,NA1SS,N8TAR-7
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 18:39:00z Send another N6RVI-6,KN6EZF-7,W6TKD-7,K7MT-14,W7OSG,KS9O,K7OWW,N7HQR
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 18:38:48z Send another AB8TN,WB7VUF-7,N6RVI-6,KN6EZF-7,W6TKD-7,K7MT-14,W7OSG,KS9O,K7OWW,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 18:37:15z Send another K7MT-14,W7OSG
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 18:37:14z Send another KK6OTJ,KN6MCW-7,KM6LYW,AB8TN,WB7VUF-7,N6RVI-6,KN6EZF-7,W6TKD-7,
KK6OTJ K7MT-6 04/11 18:36:47z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{29
KB2M-4 K7MT-6 04/11 00:18:16z Reply good evening fr EL99
K7MT-6 Heard 04/11 00:12:53z Send another VE7CCY,KB6LTY-3,K7MT-14,N6RVI-6,N6UTC-6,AG7UN-7
VE7CCY K7MT-6 04/11 00:11:25z Reply Hello! 73 via ISS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/10 22:40:31z Send another AI9IN
K7MT-6 Heard 04/10 22:38:29z Send another KJ7IOC,VE7EPT,AB0XE-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-9,WG0A,KF0BMD-6,K7MT-14,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/10 22:36:41z Send another KJ7IOC,VE7EPT,AB0XE-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-9
K7MT-6 VE4MM-7 04/10 19:28:48z Send another HOWDY MIKE FROM BILL DN46 MONTANA
K7MT-6 KU5D-6 04/10 19:28:46z Send another HOWDY FROM BILL DN46 MONTANA
K7MT-6 KU5D-6 04/10 19:28:41z Send another HOWDY MIKE FROM BILL DN46 MONTANA
K7MT-6 Heard 04/10 19:28:36z Send another K7MT-14,KC6WPK-9,N6RVI-6,KB6LTY-3,VE7EPT,NA1SS,VE4MM-7,KJ7UET-7,
K7MT-6 VE4MM-7 04/10 19:27:32z Send another HOWDY MIKE FROM BILL DN46
K7MT-6 Heard 04/10 19:24:39z Send another K7MT-14,KC6WPK-9,N6RVI-6,KB6LTY-3,VE7EPT
K7MT-6 Heard 04/09 00:13:12z Send another AG7NR,AG7LR,K7SYS,KS9O,KF7R-9,W7BMH-2,NA1SS,KU5D-6,KB9VIC-9,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/09 00:11:53z Send another AG7NR,AG7LR,K7SYS,KS9O,KF7R-9,W7BMH-2
K7MT-6 Heard 04/08 22:37:00z Send another KS9O,AG7LR,NA1SS,KE7RTB-7,W1QC,KD9ONG,KD9PML-6,K1WY
KD9PML-6 K7MT-6 04/08 22:35:54z Reply KD9PML EN53 73' MIKE
K7MT-6 Heard 04/08 22:33:37z Send another KS9O,AG7LR,NA1SS
KS9O K7MT-6 04/08 22:33:03z Reply 73 DE KS9O CN87 Seattle{30
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/08 22:31:35z Reply qsl {45
K7MT-6 Heard 04/08 20:59:25z Send another AG7LR,W7BMH-2,KE7RTB-7,VE7OK-9,NA1SS,WA0RA
K7MT-6 Heard 04/08 20:58:49z Send another AG7LR,W7BMH-2,KE7RTB-7,VE7OK-9,NA1SS
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/08 20:58:20z Reply cn87 qsl?{38
KK6OTJ K7MT-6 04/08 02:36:36z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{74
K7MT-6 Heard 04/08 02:36:10z Send another K7LWV-10,N6RVI-6,KK6OTJ,N1UW,KB6LTY-3,NA1SS,KN6HXP-9
KK6OTJ K7MT-6 04/08 02:36:04z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{71
KK6OTJ K7MT-6 04/08 02:35:44z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{70
N8TAR-7 K7MT-6 04/07 23:29:21z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN82{37
K7MT-6 Heard 04/07 23:29:19z Send another KE7RTB-7,AG7LR,KJ7KIN-7,AB0XE-6,AG7NR,W1QC,NA1SS,KF0BMD-6,
AB0XE-6 K7MT-6 04/07 23:29:12z Reply HELLO BIL, 73 STEVE EN34{90