K6TDI-9 messages

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K6TDI-9 K6PCY-9 08/16 14:09:27z Send another work{63
K6PCY-9 K6TDI-9 08/16 14:08:38z Reply what up{19
K6TDI-9 K6PCY-9 08/03 00:19:06z Send another 73{62
K6PCY-9 K6TDI-9 08/02 14:04:44z Reply get to work{cp
K6PCY-9 K6TDI-9 08/02 14:03:38z Reply get to work{18
K6TDI-9 K6PCY-9 07/27 00:48:32z Send another how hot is it?
K6TDI-9 AF6HP-9 07/27 00:47:48z Send another git R dun
AF6HP-9 K6TDI-9 07/26 02:49:48z Reply trm{95
K6PCY-9 K6TDI-9 07/26 01:05:05z Reply big fatty{11
K6TDI-9 AF6HP-9 07/26 00:58:41z Send another AA:Sorry,I will respond when I am not driving
AF6HP-9 K6TDI-9 07/26 00:58:20z Reply 10.4{92
K6TDI-9 AF6HP-9 07/26 00:58:16z Send another 10-4{61
K6TDI-9 AF6HP-9 07/26 00:57:09z Send another yo gary{60
K6TDI-9 K6PCY-9 07/26 00:57:05z Send another yo smoke em{59
K6TDI-9 K6PCY-9 07/21 23:07:00z Send another yo{58
K6TDI-9 K6PCY-9 07/21 13:50:35z Send another cool{57
K6PCY-9 K6TDI-9 07/21 13:45:51z Reply cool{04
K6TDI-9 K6PCY-9 07/21 13:43:26z Send another hi{56
K6PCY-9 K6TDI-9 07/21 13:41:37z Reply hello{03
K6TDI-9 K6PCY 07/04 03:49:07z Send another QSL Mark. 73
K6TDI-9 KI6GVQ-9 07/01 16:44:30z Send another ujust passed m e{55
K6TDI-9 KC7FQB-2 07/01 15:22:11z Send another 73{54
K6TDI-9 KI6GVQ-9 07/01 14:43:48z Send another hi{53
K6PCY K6TDI-9 07/01 14:07:45z Reply hello{1
WD9EWK K6TDI-9 06/22 00:16:01z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {1
KB6LTY-3 K6TDI-9 06/22 00:15:56z Reply HELLO tERRI 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY