K6MOX messages

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KD0YUJ-6 K6MOX 04/24 23:37:29z Reply Good evening from Holt,MO via NO-84
K6MOX KD0YUJ-6 04/24 23:33:20z Send another 73s from socal{1
N7NEV-6 K6MOX 04/24 23:32:37z Reply DM43 in AZ.{42
K6MOX N6RVI-15 04/24 23:31:41z Send another 73s from jim murrieta dm13jo{7
K6MOX KB6LTY-3 04/24 23:30:40z Send another hello christy{12
K6MOX N6RVI-15 04/24 00:17:55z Send another 73s guys{6
K6MOX N6RVI-15 04/24 00:17:42z Send another 73s{5
K6MOX N6DAN-7 04/24 00:17:02z Send another hi dan{34
K6MOX N6DAN-7 04/21 00:52:32z Send another differnt tnc{31
KB6LTY-3 K6MOX 04/21 00:51:43z Reply HELLO DE CHRISTY DM14
K6MOX-1 K6MOX 04/21 00:38:16z Reply hello home{3
IZ1JPS K6MOX 04/18 18:43:01z Reply 73 via NO-84{62
K6MOX RS0ISS 04/17 23:44:40z Send another 73s to the iss crew{21
K6MOX AA2HJ 04/15 00:39:22z Send another 73s from jim{2
K6MOX-1 K6MOX 04/13 15:33:59z Reply hi all 73s{2
K7TEJ-7 K6MOX 04/11 02:27:22z Reply K7TEJ DM33 QSL{91
K7TEJ-7 K6MOX 04/11 02:27:19z Reply K7TEJ DM43 QSL{89
KF6FES-7 K6MOX 04/11 02:27:07z Reply LIVE on 145.825{7
KF6FES-7 K6MOX 04/11 02:27:04z Reply Greetings from Simi Valley, CA{6
K7TEJ-7 K6MOX 04/11 02:26:47z Reply K7TEJ DM33 QSL{90
K6MOX N6DAN-7 04/11 02:26:25z Send another both work{20
KF6FES-7 K6MOX 04/10 03:18:23z Reply TNX for call. DM04 in CA{5
KF6FES-7 K6MOX 04/10 03:18:16z Reply TNX for call. DM04 in CA{2
K6MOX KF6FES-7 04/10 03:17:39z Send another fun stuff{1
KF6FES-7 K6MOX 04/10 03:17:36z Reply Hi from DM04 in CAA{3
K6MOX RS0ISS 04/10 03:17:28z Send another we see you now{18
KF6FES-7 K6MOX 04/10 03:16:47z Reply TNX 73{1
K6MOX N6RVI-15 04/09 19:09:42z Send another 73s back thx{3
N6RVI-15 K6MOX 04/06 05:03:59z Reply [AA] 73 via Amateur Radio Satellite{02
N6DAN-7 K6MOX 03/28 18:51:38z Reply morning
N7NEV-6 K6MOX 03/27 00:34:07z Reply QSL. DM43 in AZ.{14
K6MOX N7NEV-6 03/27 00:33:27z Send another 73s again{6
K6MOX RS0ISS 03/27 00:33:05z Send another 135 by 43{15
PSAT K6MOX 03/24 20:01:07z Reply S^20 SSE LOS 3m35s{ZS}
K6MOX PSAT 03/24 20:01:07z Send another hi all{20
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/21 22:47:03z Send another sat batter{14
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/21 22:46:49z Send another can hear the battery is very low{13
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/21 22:44:16z Send another its very week{12
K6MOX KE7KUS-9 03/21 20:36:38z Send another 73s {1
PSAT K6MOX 03/21 20:36:25z Reply SSE^74 SE LOS 4m52s{ZJ}
K6MOX PSAT 03/21 20:35:20z Send another 73s all !{19
K6MOX N6RVI-15 03/21 20:34:38z Send another hay 73s from murrieta DM13JO{1
K6MOX RS0ISS 03/20 03:16:04z Send another we see you fly by !{13
K6MOX W3ADO-1 03/19 22:02:19z Send another 73s{6
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/17 21:55:33z Send another hi dan{11
K6MOX AI6DO 03/17 21:55:10z Send another
K6MOX KB6LTY-3 03/17 21:54:32z Send another 73s {6
PSAT K6MOX 03/17 13:55:18z Reply ENE^72 NE LOS 4m36s{BP}
PSAT K6MOX 03/17 13:51:33z Reply ESE^79 ESE^79 NE LOS 4m46s{BO}
PSAT K6MOX 03/17 13:47:48z Reply SSE^79 ESE^79 NE LOS 4m53s{BN}
K6MOX PSAT 03/17 13:44:18z Send another hi all{18
K6MOX PSAT 03/17 13:44:08z Send another 80 up{17
K6MOX PSAT 03/17 13:44:01z Send another 75 up{16
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/15 15:11:54z Send another good morning dan{10
PSAT K6MOX 03/13 15:06:53z Reply ENE^33 NE LOS 3m45s{AF}
N7NEV K6MOX 03/13 15:03:30z Reply Hi from DM43 in AZ.{0
K6MOX PSAT 03/13 15:03:07z Send another 40degs up{14
K6MOX KB6LTY-3 03/13 15:02:39z Send another 73s have a great day{5
KB6LTY-3 K6MOX 03/13 15:02:35z Reply QSL FROM DM14 TNX 73
K6MOX KB6LTY-3 03/13 15:02:26z Send another good morning{4
N7NEV K6MOX 03/12 23:57:15z Reply QSL TU 73 {1
N7NEV K6MOX 03/12 23:56:22z Reply Thx for call. DM43 in AZ.{0
K6MOX N7NEV 03/12 23:56:10z Send another 73s from jim{3
KC7MG-9 K6MOX 03/12 15:48:51z Reply ACK 73
K6MOX AI6MH-8 03/12 15:47:18z Send another murrieta{2
K6MOX AI6MH-8 03/12 15:47:08z Send another 73s from. urrieta{1
K6MOX KC7MG-9 03/12 15:46:36z Send another hello arizona{5
PSAT K6MOX 03/08 17:07:24z Reply SW^65 SW^89 NE LOS 5m6s{HI}
K6MOX KD1ELK 03/08 17:05:18z Send another 73s from jim{1
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/08 17:04:02z Send another good morning dan{9
K6MOX PSAT 03/08 17:03:38z Send another 84 degs up{11
PSAT K6MOX 03/07 02:42:48z Reply SSW^18 SSE LOS 3m43s{GZ}
K6MOX PSAT 03/07 02:42:15z Send another 25degs up{10
PSAT K6MOX 03/06 01:47:34z Reply Please Beacon Position{GP}
K6MOX PSAT 03/06 01:47:34z Send another hi psat{9
N6TTZ-7 K6MOX 03/06 01:47:11z Reply Hi from DM04wq in Calif{1
PSAT K6MOX 03/05 17:42:34z Reply E^22 NE LOS 3m36s{GN}
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/05 17:40:07z Send another fun{5
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/05 17:39:44z Send another hi dan gm{4
K6MOX PSAT 03/05 17:38:49z Send another hello sat{8
PSAT K6MOX 03/05 02:35:52z Reply ESE^26 SE LOS 3m54s{FM}
N6TTZ-7 K6MOX 03/05 02:32:12z Reply TNX for call DM04wq in Calif{3
PSAT K6MOX 03/05 02:32:07z Reply ESE^38 SE LOS 4m31s{FL}
K6MOX PSAT 03/05 02:32:07z Send another 60 degs{7
K6MOX N6TTZ-7 03/05 02:31:24z Send another dm13jo{2
PSAT K6MOX 03/04 18:22:21z Reply ENE^31 NE LOS 3m37s{FK}
K6MOX PSAT 03/04 18:22:21z Send another fun stuff{6
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/04 03:16:17z Send another fun when it works{3
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/04 03:14:15z Send another hi thru sat{2
PSAT K6MOX 03/03 19:12:16z Reply Please Beacon Position{FE}
PSAT K6MOX 03/03 19:09:04z Reply Please Beacon Position{FD}
K6MOX N7NEV-6 03/03 19:06:37z Send another from k6mox{5
K6MOX N7NEV-6 03/03 19:06:26z Send another 73s{4
K6MOX KK6CUS-11 03/03 19:06:25z Send another 73s from k6mox{1
K6MOX PSAT 03/03 19:05:19z Send another T2020{5
K6MOX PSAT 03/03 19:04:55z Send another hi all{4
PSAT K6MOX 03/03 19:04:46z Reply Please Beacon Position{FC}
K6MOX PSAT 03/03 19:04:45z Send another 60 up{3
K6MOX N6DAN-7 03/02 18:31:55z Send another hi dan{8
K6MOX BIRDBT 03/02 18:31:27z Send another 73s from k6mox{4