K5WH-3 messages

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K5WH-3 BLN 01/06 16:20:46z Send another SatGate UISS AddOn active
N1RCN K5WH-3 12/18 22:14:02z Reply de n1rcn EL87 QSL?
K3WR-7 K5WH-3 12/17 14:58:25z Reply Hi! EL97 in Sebring FL{7
N7NEV-6 K5WH-3 12/17 14:55:49z Reply DM43 in AZ.{22
N1UW K5WH-3 12/16 23:55:08z Reply Hello from Frank DM42 Tucson AZ{0
KJ7AWJ-7 K5WH-3 12/16 21:37:04z Reply Hello from DN40bo{1
K3WR-7 K5WH-3 12/15 00:07:16z Reply Heard you on ISS Sebring FL{15
K3WR-7 K5WH-3 12/15 00:04:22z Reply Heard you on ISS Sebring FL{10
K5WH-3 NP4JV-9 12/14 01:02:44z Send another QSL, EL29
NP4JV-9 K5WH-3 12/14 00:55:54z Reply
NP4JV-9 K5WH-3 12/14 00:55:12z Reply DM41 QSL?{1
WD9EWK K5WH-3 12/13 16:48:18z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
K5WH-3 KG5SPG 12/11 02:17:45z Send another el29 that is. :)
K5WH-3 KG5SPG 12/11 02:17:18z Send another Nice to see you Geoff, 73, el20
KG5SPG K5WH-3 12/11 01:56:59z Reply geoff in DM91 qso?{1
K5WH-3 WD9EWK 12/11 01:49:24z Send another Great to see the activity, Walter el29, see you again soon
K5WH-3 KK6OTJ 12/11 01:49:04z Send another Great to see the activity, Walter el29
WD9EWK K5WH-3 12/08 19:33:07z Reply Hi! DM33/DM43 in AZ {6
KK6OTJ K5WH-3 12/08 19:32:09z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{11
KB6LTY-3 K5WH-3 12/08 19:31:35z Reply HELLO VIA ISS/NO-84- 73 CHRISTY DM14
N0BPI-7 K5WH-3 12/07 00:35:01z Reply K5WH de N0BPI Crystal clear clear in EN34 Minneapolis{32