K5UBQ messages

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K5UBQ N1UW 11/08 14:29:39z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS thanks for the call
K4KDR-6 K5UBQ 11/08 06:26:40z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
LA3HQ K5UBQ 11/07 15:24:38z Reply rejUISS54}
K5UBQ BLNQSL1/1 11/07 15:24:37z Send another KE4AZZ,N4WXB{UISS54}
KB6LTY-3 K5UBQ 11/07 15:22:18z Reply HELLO VIA ISS/NO-84- 73 CHRISTY DM14
N1UW K5UBQ 11/02 18:05:59z Reply TNX de Frank in Tucson, AZ{2
K6MOX K5UBQ 11/02 18:04:09z Reply 73s from jim{4
N7NEV-6 K5UBQ 10/30 19:04:11z Reply DM43 in AZ.{20
K6MOX K5UBQ 10/27 20:03:32z Reply socal{3
K6MOX K5UBQ 10/27 20:03:22z Reply hi from jim{2
N7NEV-6 K5UBQ 10/27 20:03:18z Reply DM43 in AZ.{4
K6MOX K5UBQ 10/27 20:02:45z Reply 73s from dm13jo jim{1
N1RCN K5UBQ 10/25 20:19:26z Reply >de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Florida EL87 QSL?
N4WXB K5UBQ 10/20 13:15:24z Reply Hello, QSL if you like
N4WXB K5UBQ 10/19 14:07:37z Reply Hello
K5UBQ BLNQSL1/1 10/17 23:59:03z Send another WD9EWK,KE4AZZ{UISS54}
K7TAB K5UBQ 10/16 23:12:00z Reply Chris DM33/43{2
W7QL K5UBQ 10/14 18:25:02z Reply Hello from W7QL, DN40!
N4JXP-7 K5UBQ 10/14 00:14:04z Reply QSL in EM50 de Jon N4JXP{23
WD9EWK K5UBQ 10/13 01:00:13z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {1
KC9YTT K5UBQ 10/12 23:28:17z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
W5SAT-6 K5UBQ 10/12 01:53:58z Reply Hello from Vegas DM267 QSL?{NM}
NP4JV K5UBQ 10/07 02:59:59z Reply Hello from DM41 Arizona! QSL?
KC5TGT-7 K5UBQ 10/04 20:36:50z Reply Hi de KC5TGT EM42 in MS{0
KB8VND-7 K5UBQ 10/03 04:55:09z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{81
KE4AZZ-6 K5UBQ 10/02 20:47:15z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{35
KE4AZZ-6 K5UBQ 10/02 20:46:35z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{36
WD9EWK K5UBQ 10/01 21:33:32z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
KB8VND-7 K5UBQ 10/01 05:01:03z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{74
KB8VND-7 K5UBQ 09/29 21:46:40z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{68
K6TDI-7 K5UBQ 09/25 02:02:31z Reply K6TDI DM13hw QSL?{77
KA7FVV-7 K5UBQ 09/24 02:55:35z Reply Hi from Scott in DN17 in WA{45
NP4JV-9 K5UBQ 09/23 02:10:02z Reply DM41 QSL?{1 [www.spaceCommunicator.club][110]
NP4JV-9 K5UBQ 09/23 02:10:00z Reply DM41 QSL?{1
WD9EWK K5UBQ 09/23 02:09:37z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {4; [www.spaceCommunicator.club][105]
WD9EWK K5UBQ 09/23 02:09:16z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {4
KK6OTJ K5UBQ 09/23 02:08:21z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{77
AI9IN K5UBQ 09/22 01:29:08z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN
WD9EWK K5UBQ 09/21 02:16:50z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {2