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K5DCC-7 K5DCC 12/03 15:16:07z Reply //?{1
K5DCC-7 K5DCC 12/03 15:07:38z Reply AA:QSL 73
N1KM K5DCC 12/03 01:11:07z Reply Hi from FN41iq, QSL?
K5DCC K9JKM 12/03 01:10:10z Send another QSL! TNX 73{00
K5DCC K5DCC-1 12/02 14:56:58z Send another [AA] - QSL 73 de K5DCC ... DigiCommCafe -{00
KB6LTY-3 K5DCC 12/02 03:31:32z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
K5DNA K5DCC 12/02 03:31:21z Reply AA:Greetings from EM35sc ! 73s
K2MO K5DCC 12/02 00:21:47z Reply GE
K5DCC KM4FZA 11/30 03:32:10z Send another I heard you via ISS. QSL?{00
K5DCC Heard 11/30 01:56:03z Send another K5DCC-7,KC9YTT,K5DNA,VE4MM-7
K5DNA K5DCC 11/30 01:54:28z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{38
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/27 19:38:47z Send another Greetings de Denny - K5DCC in the DigiCommCafe
K5DCC KB0DXS 11/27 19:04:35z Send another TheCafe BBS - //I
K5DCC KE0CZP 11/27 18:50:26z Send another Greetings de Denny - K5DCC in the DigiCommCafe{00
K5DCC-7 K5DCC 11/27 18:13:00z Reply //H{0
K5DCC ALL 11/27 17:24:07z Send another Check out TheCafe BBS with //H
PQ2HX K5DCC 11/26 15:21:45z Reply HELLO AMIGO. THNKS.
K0KOC-7 K5DCC 11/26 05:08:58z Reply AA:Hi OM, GL & 73!
XE3N-1 K5DCC 11/26 05:08:55z Reply Hello My Friend via ISS !!
K5DCC Heard 11/26 05:08:21z Send another W9QO
W0JW-6 K5DCC 11/26 05:05:16z Reply : CONFIRM QSO 73
K5DCC W0JW-6 11/26 05:04:26z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS{00
NN4H-10 K5DCC 11/26 00:27:25z Reply Test might from aprsdroid{1
K5DNA K5DCC 11/25 22:44:59z Reply QSL Denny! 73s
KB6LTY-3 K5DCC 11/25 22:33:07z Reply QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N1RCN-6 K5DCC 11/25 20:58:58z Reply >>de n1rcn qsl?
K5DCC-7 K5DCC 11/22 00:58:06z Reply AA:QSL TNX
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/22 00:57:56z Send another TEST{01
K5DCC K3RRR 11/22 00:08:00z Send another Hi from Denny in EM36{00
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/20 13:38:30z Send another Good morning from the beautiful Ozarks of NW Arkansas!
K5DCC Heard 11/20 13:23:27z Send another KE0CZP,WHTNY,WF0G-9,KM4IFK-7
NN4H-7 K5DCC 11/19 19:35:35z Reply hi Denny{0
K5DCC-7 K5DCC 11/17 16:46:57z Reply Test{0
K5DCC Heard 11/17 15:30:23z Send another CLRWTR,N5WP,KX5I,KD5DHW-1,ARKAN,WB5L,TNGNXI,KC5HNN,
K5DCC Heard 11/17 15:30:23z Send another DECATU,BRTLVL,KE0CZQ-1,K5DCC-1,KEETON,KD5NJR-9,SKITOK,
K5DCC EMAIL 11/17 15:13:42z Send another dennyj@me.com Testing TheCafe email message system
K5DCC KD5NJR-9 11/17 14:47:36z Send another Cool. Are you in the DigiCommCafe Group?{02
K5DCC KD5NJR-9 11/17 14:42:56z Send another Howdy from K5DCC Denny{01
KD5NJR-9 K5DCC 11/17 14:40:25z Reply hey good morn we are on several fb groups together {I
K5DCC KD5NJR-9 11/17 14:37:36z Send another Howdy from K5DCC Denny{00
NN4H-7 K5DCC 11/17 02:13:02z Reply Hi from EM76mw in KY{5
K5DCC KI4ASK-7 11/17 00:52:24z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS{01
XE3N-1 K5DCC 11/17 00:49:30z Reply Hello via ISS, 73's !!
K5DCC ARKAN 11/16 04:13:28z Send another Hi Mark.
K5DCC Heard 11/16 03:59:23z Send another KE0CZP,WB5L,WHTNY,DECATU,K5DCC-1,W0RS-1,KM4IFK-7
K5DCC KB0DXS 11/16 03:39:16z Send another I have 4 aprs nodes.
KB0DXS K5DCC 11/16 03:27:41z Reply hay Denny you find my RF/I Gate{LV}
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/16 02:29:35z Send another Hi.
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/15 21:25:40z Send another Test
NN4H-5 K5DCC 11/15 20:19:53z Reply Hi from my OpenSpot3{00008
N0KBA K5DCC 11/15 02:26:20z Reply Heard you via ISS in St. Louis, MO 73! - pse QSL?
K4KDR-6 K5DCC 11/15 02:26:13z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
K5DCC N0KBA 11/15 02:25:59z Send another QSL! TNX 73
K5DCC NA1SS 11/15 02:25:19z Send another CQ
K5DCC-5 K5DCC 11/14 16:00:36z Reply Check-in!{C93D6
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/14 15:36:26z Send another Welcome to the DigiCommCafe! Come on in! My name is Denny. K5DCC-5
K5DCC-5 K5DCC 11/14 15:30:22z Reply In Service{CE0E8
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/14 13:50:44z Send another Waiter please!
K5DCC K5DCC-1 11/14 13:19:47z Send another [AA] See the menu at DigiCommCafe.com{00
K5DCC K5DCC-1 11/14 13:13:32z Send another [AA] QSL de Denny in Omaha, AR{00
K5DCC-1 K5DCC 11/14 13:13:28z Reply //?{EZ}
K5DCC Heard 11/14 03:14:58z Send another W9QO,KM4HRR-7,KD9JJR
KC9YTT K5DCC 11/14 03:14:45z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
K5DCC Heard 11/14 03:13:31z Send another K0KOC-7,KE4SYV,KC9YTT,WA0D-12,KD0UHS,W0JW-6,KB6LTY-3,KD0KZE
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/13 16:40:26z Reply @dj We're heading to town now.{M5582
K5DCC SMSGTE 11/13 16:38:48z Send another @dj Is it time to leave yet?
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/13 15:51:05z Reply @8704160087 Testin from iphone.{M5569
K5DCC K5DCC-5 11/13 15:37:33z Send another UR 59 in EM36
K5DCC KR6AZ-7 11/13 03:09:01z Send another Denny here.{GK}
K5DCC KR6AZ-7 11/13 03:02:47z Send another Hi Larry!{GJ}
XE3ARV-2 K5DCC 11/13 02:21:39z Reply QSL ???{20
K5DCC-7 K5DCC 11/13 02:20:54z Reply Hi! Heard u 59 in EM36{0
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/13 02:19:56z Send another [AA] QSL de Denny in EM36 on D74{00
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 22:29:12z Reply @8704160087 This is a test.{M5459
K5DCC SMSGTE 11/12 22:23:48z Send another I didn't get an ACK.{HX}
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 22:22:44z Reply @8704160087 Did this make it?{M5453
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 22:16:40z Reply @8704160087 Gonna be a beautiful sunset.{M5449
K5DCC SMSGTE 11/12 22:14:42z Send another Sounds nice.{HW}
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 22:13:00z Reply @8704160087 It's 64 degrees here in Omaha, Arkansas.{M5448
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 22:05:42z Reply @8704160087 Good evening!{M5443
K5DCC K5DCC-7 11/12 21:58:27z Send another Hi{RY}
K5DCC-2 K5DCC 11/12 21:56:21z Reply [AA] DigiCommCafe ACK{00
K5DCC K5DCC-2 11/12 21:56:14z Send another Hi{RX}
K5DCC SMSGTE 11/12 21:32:12z Send another Open the gate. Here I come!{RW}
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 21:30:53z Reply @8704160087 Another test from iPhone{M5437
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 21:21:29z Reply @8704160087 I'm learning a ton about APRS.{M5435
SMSGTE K5DCC 11/12 21:16:59z Reply @8704160087 How's it going?{M5432
K5DCC SMSGTE 11/12 21:15:13z Send another @8704160087 Hi{RV}
WHO-IS K5DCC 11/12 18:58:23z Reply NA1MH:31 Cypress Court{8Q}RU
WHO-IS K5DCC 11/12 18:58:23z Reply NA1MH:Mountain Home AR United States{8R}RU
WHO-IS K5DCC 11/12 18:58:23z Reply NA1MH:David C Martin/E{8P}RU
K5DCC WHO-IS 11/12 18:58:23z Send another f NA1MH{RU}8M
WHO-IS K5DCC 11/12 18:56:31z Reply KM4IFK:411 Walnut St 6383{8N}RT
WHO-IS K5DCC 11/12 18:56:31z Reply KM4IFK:Green Cove Springs FL United States{8O}RT
WHO-IS K5DCC 11/12 18:56:31z Reply KM4IFK:Timothy J Fleming/G{8M}RT
K5DCC WHO-IS 11/12 18:56:31z Send another f KM4IFK{RT}
K5DCC KM4IFK-7 11/12 18:52:49z Send another Hi de Denny K5DCC in Boone County AR{RS}
K5DCC K5DVT-17 11/12 18:48:13z Send another Hi Jon! What's up?{BA}
WHO-IS K5DCC 11/12 18:47:28z Reply G/Jonathan D Williams/AR/United States{8L}AZ
K5DCC WHO-IS 11/12 18:47:27z Send another K5DVT{AZ}8K