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ANSRVR K5BDL-5 06/14 11:11:03z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{TR}
N8JLK-10 K5BDL-5 06/14 07:17:53z Reply N:HOTG Have a great weekend! 73 N8JLK
VU3ZAG-13 K5BDL-5 06/14 05:38:03z Reply N:HOTG Namaste from Bharat via RPpicoWX Station 73 VU3ZAG 2
dk5rv-10 K5BDL-5 06/14 05:13:18z Reply N:HOTG vy 73+55 Max dk5rv.de
VU3NEO-10 K5BDL-5 06/14 04:10:44z Reply N:HOTG Hello and Namasthe 🙏 from Bengaluru India 73
KD7ZWV-7 K5BDL-5 06/14 02:34:22z Reply N:HOTG 73 murrayarc.org
AJ4EW-7 K5BDL-5 06/14 01:40:41z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday
KC1UFJ-7 K5BDL-5 06/14 01:08:28z Reply N:HOTG Hello world
XE2CT-5 K5BDL-5 06/14 01:03:00z Reply N:HOTG 73 de XE2CT
NB9D-9 K5BDL-5 06/14 00:57:57z Reply N:HOTG nb9d was here!
KM6MCH K5BDL-5 06/14 00:57:16z Reply N:HOTG this check-in sent from my PicoAPRS
YT2DT K5BDL-5 06/14 00:30:54z Reply N:HOTG Having 1200 Baud fun from Krusevac, Serbia #APRSTHURSDAY
KB8JIU K5BDL-5 06/13 23:45:32z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday! One more made with the olde MFJ 1270C
VU2LCI-10 K5BDL-5 06/13 23:39:43z Reply N:HOTG Greetings 🙏 Bangalore INDIA 🇮🇳
CT4TX K5BDL-5 06/13 23:38:06z Reply N:HOTG *** 73! - CT4TX.CTCO.PRT.EU ***
WA2NDV-10 K5BDL-5 06/13 23:25:06z Reply N:HOTG Better late than never. Hello from NY
G0TQM-7 K5BDL-5 06/13 23:24:30z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday
N3VT-5 K5BDL-5 06/13 23:23:22z Reply N:HOTG de Christiansburg VA EM97td happy #aprsthursday
KB9HGI-13 K5BDL-5 06/13 23:11:08z Reply rej
APRSPH K5BDL-5 06/13 23:11:03z Reply Logged:0613 2310Z https://aprsph.net/aprsthursday -KC8OWL & DU2XXR
ANSRVR K5BDL-5 06/13 23:11:02z Reply N:HOTG 158 Messages Sent{HU}
PU2MUS-1 K5BDL-5 06/13 23:11:01z Reply AA:73 de Marco, Santos/SP/Brasil
K5BDL-5 K9DGY-5 06/13 23:11:00z Send another N:HOTG de K5BDL in Tyler, TX EM22IH
K5BDL-5 ANSRVR 06/13 23:10:59z Send another cq hotg de K5BDL in Tyler, TX EM22IH {84
ANSRVR K5BDL-5 06/07 10:58:35z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{PD}
9W2LWK-8 K5BDL-5 06/07 08:19:25z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from LoRa 433Mhz Tracker 73!
VU3ZAG-13 K5BDL-5 06/07 05:59:58z Reply N:HOTG Namaste from Bharat via RPpicoWX Station 73 VU3ZAG 95
dk5rv-10 K5BDL-5 06/07 04:44:47z Reply N:HOTG vy 73+55 Max
NP4JN-11 K5BDL-5 06/07 03:36:17z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Cayey Puerto Rico NP4JN
VU2JHM-10 K5BDL-5 06/07 03:25:30z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Bangalore India 🇮🇳
KN6OVN K5BDL-5 06/07 03:04:18z Reply N:HOTG happy APRS day
KN6OVN K5BDL-5 06/07 03:01:32z Reply N:HOTG from long beach ca
KK7AZD-10 K5BDL-5 06/07 00:49:02z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSThursday 73
NU8H-7 K5BDL-5 06/07 00:46:09z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Cleveland! 73
W0CBP-7 K5BDL-5 06/07 00:27:46z Reply N:HOTG hello from South Dakota!
WA0TJT K5BDL-5 06/07 00:15:23z Reply N:HOTG Here in KCMO at 81º
ND9DW-12 K5BDL-5 06/07 00:08:27z Reply N:HOTG Greeting from Dave in Greenville, WI
AA1PR-9 K5BDL-5 06/07 00:04:17z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday vt mobile
KB8JIU K5BDL-5 06/06 23:57:23z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY - what a nice day for it in MI.
9M2RPN-1 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:55:26z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Planetarium Negara, MY
9W2BZU-7 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:50:11z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Kuala Lumpur, MY.
9W2VIS-5 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:46:56z Reply N:HOTG hello
VK2DU-12 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:46:48z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday from Sydney Australia upside down.
HK6JIL K5BDL-5 06/06 23:41:33z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday, 73
XE1GT-9 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:35:51z Reply N:HOTG Funny day! #APRSthursday from DL80
HK6SDO-7 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:30:11z Reply N:HOTG 73!
HK6SDO-7 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:30:11z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Colombia, HK6SDO from LoRa Tracker+
KB3KBR-2 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:29:24z Reply N:HOTG happy aprsthursday! finally stopped raining!
K2RNA-4 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:25:59z Reply N:HOTG hi from Seattle! 732U
K4MJV-1 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:21:12z Reply N:HOTG Chesapeake VA 73 Hello
NP3PD-7 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:19:41z Reply N:HOTG 73 from PR
KW5MLR K5BDL-5 06/06 23:14:01z Reply N:HOTG Howdy from Texas!
AE4TC K5BDL-5 06/06 23:06:52z Reply N:HOTG please check in Scott AE4TC Richmond VA
KO4WCR-10 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:01:23z Reply 73 from Virginia Beach, VA, USA!{1
CS7BGW-7 K5BDL-5 06/06 23:00:18z Reply N:HOTG Hello from IM58js
N1TLH-7 K5BDL-5 06/06 22:57:57z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Tennessee#APRSTHURSDAY
ANSRVR K5BDL-5 06/06 22:57:24z Reply N:HOTG 159 Messages Sent{AO}
APRSPH K5BDL-5 06/06 22:57:23z Reply Logged:0606 2257Z https://aprsph.net/aprsthursday -KC8OWL & DU2XXR
K5BDL-5 ANSRVR 06/06 22:57:21z Send another cq hotg de K5BDL in Tyler, TX EM22IH {83
K5BDL-5 N5OAR 05/21 22:32:35z Send another Good evening!{1
K5BDL-5 K5PFL-10 05/11 21:05:33z Send another Awww...you too{8
K5PFL-10 K5BDL-5 05/11 21:04:49z Reply Your so sexy {2
K5BDL-5 K5PFL-10 05/11 20:59:50z Send another I love you bunches Peggy Low {7
K5BDL-5 K5PFL-10 05/11 20:57:13z Send another ❤️❤️{6
K5BDL-5 K5PFL-10 05/11 20:57:06z Send another I love you bunches K5PFL{5
ANSRVR K5BDL-5 05/10 08:40:46z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{CA}
KN6PRD-5 K5BDL-5 05/10 06:21:21z Reply N:HOTG iOS check in DE KN6PRD 73
dk5rv-10 K5BDL-5 05/10 05:11:12z Reply N:HOTG vy 73+55 www.dk5rv.de
VU3NEO-10 K5BDL-5 05/10 05:07:06z Reply N:HOTG Namaste 🙏 from India 73 Neo
N1NHT K5BDL-5 05/10 04:09:41z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Conway SC USA FM03
KA6TWR-5 K5BDL-5 05/10 03:46:23z Reply N:HOTG first time ever missing #aprsthursday
VE7ILZ K5BDL-5 05/10 03:26:21z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Princeton, BC
VA6GAC-9 K5BDL-5 05/10 03:19:15z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday Calgary AB
K5LGF-9 K5BDL-5 05/10 02:52:17z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 K5LGF
KD2UXF-10 K5BDL-5 05/10 02:20:54z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY THURSDAY Richie from NJ
XE2RLA-7 K5BDL-5 05/10 01:37:15z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Mexico
KD4QWI-9 K5BDL-5 05/10 01:27:41z Reply N:HOTG from GA KD4QWI #APRSTHURSDAY
KD9DOE-7 K5BDL-5 05/10 01:27:35z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin. 73
KO4UXX-1 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:58:08z Reply N:HOTG Greatings From High Falls GA EM73xe
KI5HBA-10 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:57:41z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprs Thursday ft65 w/TNC4 73 KI5HBA
AA1PR K5BDL-5 05/10 00:57:17z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthrusday from vt
KO4UXX-1 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:55:28z Reply N:HOTG Greatings From High Falls GA USA EM73xe
9W2KHE-7 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:50:21z Reply N:HOTG YAESU FT-1D #1ssid1device
9W2HFI-9 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:42:20z Reply N:HOTG salam from johor, malaysia.. 73
W1MRC-7 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:40:44z Reply N:HOTG 73 from SC
KF9NU-1 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:21:07z Reply N:HOTG Late checkin this week... good wishes to all
KW9UAX-10 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:17:56z Reply N:HOTG Good Evening 73
KB3BMT-2 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:07:15z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRSThursdat de Delaware!
HK1I-7 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:03:03z Reply N:HOTG Barranquilla Curramb
HK1I-7 K5BDL-5 05/10 00:02:04z Reply N:HOTG Barranquilla Curramba
KD6CWI-9 K5BDL-5 05/09 23:56:00z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY APRS
KD8UZS-9 K5BDL-5 05/09 23:55:16z Reply N:HOTG hello from ohio
KI5WMN-4 K5BDL-5 05/09 23:55:13z Reply N:HOTG Hi APRSrs! 73s from KI5WMN Laredo Tx. Checking in!
HK3JAT-1 K5BDL-5 05/09 23:52:06z Reply N:HOTG greetings from Chia, Colombia
KB1CRN-14 K5BDL-5 05/09 23:51:04z Reply N:HOTG See you all next # APRSThursday
N4MAH-7 K5BDL-5 05/09 23:50:43z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthur3days GREETINGS FROM MOBILE AL
AD8CI-5 K5BDL-5 05/09 23:49:57z Reply N:HOTG hello from Beckley WV