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KG5EIU-10 K5ANE 01/03 03:32:35z Reply happy new year{15
KG5EIU-10 K5ANE 01/03 00:29:53z Reply happy new year{14
K5ANE KD0IQK-3 01/02 23:41:40z Send another Have a good drive de Kane{7
KG5UFR K5ANE 01/01 03:45:47z Reply Thanks{0
KG5UFR K5ANE 01/01 03:45:45z Reply Thanks!{5
K5ANE KG5UFR 12/31 23:40:49z Send another Happy New Year de K5ANE{1
K5ANE NR5K 12/31 23:15:57z Send another hello!{1
K5ANE EMAIL 12/31 22:21:06z Send another k5ane@vel0city.net Testing APRS email capability. Seems cool.{6
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/30 20:09:16z Reply your call then messages, you will see... Not Great for sure..{LS}
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/30 20:03:27z Reply Taking a long time for me to receive ack's.. Look on aprs.fi and+{LR}
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/30 20:02:58z Reply I just got an email on my phone..{LQ}
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/30 20:01:28z Reply If you are not "Live" it is.. I suppose..{LP}
K5ANE N5YSQ 12/30 20:01:24z Send another I set 10s auto ack,is that normal?{4
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/30 19:57:20z Reply Getting ack's today.. but slow..{LO}
K5ANE N5YSQ 12/30 19:57:02z Send another AA:ACK
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/30 19:56:46z Reply not always around..{LN}
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/30 19:56:09z Reply HI.. Just got your msg.. rgr.. I leave on 24/7 here, but I am+{LM}
K5ANE N5YSQ 12/30 19:53:55z Send another Missed earlier TX,saw u on aprs.fi. Kane here in Richardson{3
K5ANE KC9KSM-14 12/30 16:11:31z Send another Hi! How do u like the new rdio?{2
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/29 18:16:19z Reply Yaesu is the way to go.. WiresX is BEST.. Fusion is 2nd best.{LA}
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/29 18:13:29z Reply name here is Billy, taking multiple retries to get ack from you..{KZ}
N5YSQ K5ANE 12/29 18:10:10z Reply Seeing you in Paris, TX EM23fp de n5ysq{KY}
K5ANE CQ 12/29 18:06:27z Send another Hi from EM12PX{1