K4KDR-6 messages

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KE4AZZ K4KDR-6 06/01 02:49:54z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ 73{91
N1RCN K4KDR-6 05/31 18:09:54z Reply Hello from EL87 (Live)
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/28 20:36:20z Reply Heard thru ISS. Hello to K4KDR-6 fr Hamilton ON 720380295
W2RTV-9 K4KDR-6 05/25 03:05:54z Reply Good to see you, scott!{03
K9NBG K4KDR-6 05/24 22:21:16z Reply QSL AND 73 FROM EN52 ILLINOIS{87
N8URE-7 K4KDR-6 05/24 22:13:04z Reply FM19 QSL?{98
K7MT-6 K4KDR-6 05/24 22:11:28z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
W2RTV-9 K4KDR-6 05/24 03:56:53z Reply hello scott{02
K4KDR-6 W2RTV-9 05/22 03:56:02z Send another 73 from VA!
K4KDR-6 W2RTV-9 05/22 03:55:16z Send another Great to hear you, Rock!
K4KDR-6 W2RTV-9 05/22 03:54:51z Send another QSL - 73!!
W2RTV-5 K4KDR-6 05/21 21:34:50z Reply hello scott trying to learn the ftm300 hope your well !{TM}
W2RTV-9 K4KDR-6 05/21 21:28:48z Reply hello scott{01
K4KDR-6 W2RTV-9 05/21 04:43:57z Send another Good to see you, Rock!!
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/21 03:06:33z Reply Heard ur rply ovr the air on 1950 pass Grins! 0471044
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/21 03:06:31z Reply Heard ur rply ovr the air on 1950 pass Grins! 0461036
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/21 03:06:28z Reply Heard ur rply ovr the air on 1950 pass Grins! 0451027
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/20 23:52:23z Reply 73! 630490882
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/20 23:52:19z Reply 73! 630480855
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/20 23:52:10z Reply 73! 630470798
VE3YOA-6 K4KDR-6 05/20 23:50:25z Reply Heard thru ISS. Hello to K4KDR-6 fr Hamilton ON 633450188
N8URE-7 K4KDR-6 05/16 00:39:11z Reply TNX de Stephen{93
K4KDR-6 KG5EIU-11 05/14 02:14:33z Send another Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KE4AZZ-6 K4KDR-6 04/19 01:24:03z Reply 73{HB}
VE3YOA-7 K4KDR-6 04/15 19:17:19z Reply Heard you on ISS in Hamilton ON{AB
N6RFM K4KDR-6 04/15 02:40:06z Reply QSL and 73 via eos-7
KD4ADC K4KDR-6 04/13 14:23:25z Reply QSL your info; thanks and 73!
KD4ADC K4KDR-6 04/13 14:22:38z Reply Hello from Alabama EM74 via ISS...
KE4AZZ-6 K4KDR-6 04/13 02:29:14z Reply 73{Gq}
KE4AZZ-6 K4KDR-6 04/13 02:27:00z Reply KE4AZZ EL87{Gp}
KE4AZZ-6 K4KDR-6 04/11 03:54:56z Reply 73{Go}
K4KDR-6 KE4AZZ-3 04/11 03:54:50z Send another Heard you via EOS-7 in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KC5SWS K4KDR-6 04/08 23:34:19z Reply Great hearing you over the ISS 73's from flightmuseum.com
N7JRR-9 K4KDR-6 04/08 15:12:31z Reply hola from EN91 {42
W0JW-6 K4KDR-6 04/07 15:57:00z Reply CONFIRM QSO 73 de W0JW
N8URE-7 K4KDR-6 04/04 00:05:02z Reply FM19 QSL?{72
N0LRG K4KDR-6 04/03 00:51:08z Reply kb0tkv@live.com Hello!
KE0ASQ-6 K4KDR-6 04/02 01:48:21z Reply Cheers! I heard you in O'Fallon MO. EM48
W2RVF K4KDR-6 04/02 00:02:58z Reply Heard u in NJ{1
N3MLB K4KDR-6 04/01 19:08:54z Reply heard u in PA
NY2DS-7 K4KDR-6 04/01 00:51:46z Reply 73 Dale WNY
N0KBA K4KDR-6 03/30 22:20:08z Reply Hello via ISS from St. Louis, MO 73! - pse QSL?
VE3TSV-9 K4KDR-6 03/30 19:07:45z Reply Heard you via ISS{11
KD8BIL K4KDR-6 03/27 03:13:54z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KC9YTT K4KDR-6 03/24 22:18:29z Reply You are 599 in Williamsfield Illinois! 73'
K4KDR-6 KB2M-4 03/22 22:18:11z Send another 73 from FM17
KB2M-4 K4KDR-6 03/22 22:18:00z Reply good evening fr EL99
W4AEJ K4KDR-6 03/22 22:17:26z Reply 73 de Dale W4AEJ