K4KDR-6 messages

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K4KDR-6 N1KM 12/01 01:10:02z Send another Good copy in FM17 Mark - 73!
W5BAK K4KDR-6 11/30 03:02:55z Reply Crazy Pass nice to work you.
KC9YTT K4KDR-6 11/29 21:01:20z Reply Nice to see you! 73's
N1RCN K4KDR-6 11/29 19:26:24z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
K4KDR-6 W4TBD-6 11/29 02:24:18z Send another Heard you via FalconSat-3 in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KM4FZA K4KDR-6 11/27 22:36:43z Reply Heard you in Denton, NC
WE4B K4KDR-6 11/26 20:10:17z Reply QSL 73!{6
N1RCN K4KDR-6 11/26 20:09:59z Reply Happy Thanksgiving!
N3PVZ-7 K4KDR-6 11/26 03:39:19z Reply Thanks for the report. First APRS contact with the ISS. 73
N1KM K4KDR-6 11/26 03:30:21z Reply QSL es 73!{1
KO4IHJ K4KDR-6 11/23 05:51:59z Reply QSL via ISS! Stay safe 73{14
KC2IEB K4KDR-6 11/22 21:48:39z Reply TX 4 the report 73
K4KDR-6 W4IIA-6 11/22 21:45:51z Send another 73 from Hanover, Dave!
KC2IEB-4 K4KDR-6 11/22 15:57:46z Reply Tx for the report! 73 de Kc2ieb{7A58C
W0JW-6 K4KDR-6 11/22 06:39:33z Reply UR 599 EN31BE IOWA
W2FLA-7 K4KDR-6 11/21 22:43:25z Reply 73s!
N1RCN K4KDR-6 11/21 22:32:12z Reply n1rcn EL87 Florida
K9JKM K4KDR-6 11/21 00:58:08z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
N3MLB K4KDR-6 11/16 01:40:34z Reply heard u in PA
KC9YTT K4KDR-6 11/15 02:27:30z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
KD9NGV K4KDR-6 11/15 02:26:38z Reply 67Hello from Hardin IL EM49qd de Perry QSL?
VE1CWJ-6 K4KDR-6 11/15 00:52:31z Reply Heard you via ISS in FN85! QSL?
KG4WOJ-5 K4KDR-6 11/14 02:01:53z Reply do you do aprs on 144.39{1
KG4WOJ K4KDR-6 11/14 01:52:11z Reply hello{50
N3FCX-4 K4KDR-6 11/13 15:35:35z Reply Gud to hear via iss de dan
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 11/13 02:26:42z Reply Heard in FM18iw de KM4HRR{49
WA2NDV-13 K4KDR-6 11/11 02:27:03z Reply Hello . de Frank FN30
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 11/10 03:14:31z Reply 73 de KM4HRR{39
WA2FHJ K4KDR-6 11/05 05:35:43z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
WA2FHJ K4KDR-6 11/05 05:35:33z Reply hi doug fn13
N1RCN-6 K4KDR-6 11/03 13:42:29z Reply Hello from Florida!
XE3ARV-2 K4KDR-6 11/03 13:41:47z Reply qsl . tks !!{73
KD0UHS K4KDR-6 11/03 13:39:56z Reply 73' to you from Rodney, EM29PD via ISS
KD0UHS K4KDR-6 11/03 13:39:36z Reply UR 59 in Kansas EM29PD 73 via ISS
K4KDR-6 WA2FHJ 11/03 05:34:40z Send another Good evening, Doug - 73 from Virginia
KC3PPM K4KDR-6 11/02 06:33:32z Reply YEA! Thany you this is my first! Finally successful!
WA4SXM-6 K4KDR-6 11/02 06:20:58z Reply rej
K4KDR-6 WA2FHJ 11/01 07:10:32z Send another QSL - 73!!
K4KDR-6 WA2FHJ 11/01 07:09:57z Send another 73 from VA!
K4KDR-6 KY4DAG-7 11/01 07:09:07z Send another Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KD2OJQ-7 K4KDR-6 10/31 14:27:58z Reply Heard you via ISS FM03{9
K3DQB K4KDR-6 10/28 15:15:19z Reply Hello from FM19{49
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 10/27 16:03:10z Reply 73 de KM4HRR{95
K4KDR-6 Heard 10/25 09:32:52z Send another N3FCX-4,KB2M-4,W2FLA
KD2OJQ-7 K4KDR-6 10/24 16:49:37z Reply HI FROM Myrtle Beach, SC KD2OJQ{6
KD2OJQ-7 K4KDR-6 10/23 17:36:30z Reply Heard you via ISS FM03{2
W8KRF-6 K4KDR-6 10/16 13:26:48z Reply QSL 73 via ISS
WD4MSM-7 K4KDR-6 10/15 20:59:20z Reply Wow! That's a long distance contact.
WD4MSM-7 K4KDR-6 10/15 20:58:12z Reply Got your message through the ISS!
WD4MSM-7 K4KDR-6 10/15 20:47:34z Reply WD4MSM@ARRL.NET - EN61VQ {3
AI9IN K4KDR-6 10/15 20:45:00z Reply QSL!
K4KDR-6 AI9IN 10/15 20:43:46z Send another QSL. Thanks QSO via ISS! 73 de K4KDR Scott FM17es
AI9IN K4KDR-6 10/15 20:43:27z Reply Hello from AI9IN EM79
N1RCN-6 K4KDR-6 10/15 14:14:10z Reply good morning!
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 10/14 15:01:02z Reply Hello from KM4HRR Reston,VA {5
KB2M-1 K4KDR-6 10/13 22:22:42z Reply HI FM29 {48
W4TBD-6 K4KDR-6 10/13 20:44:33z Reply 73 de Ed W4TBD VA FM17dk Heard you ISS
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 10/12 21:32:35z Reply Hello from KM4HRR Reston,VA {69
KD9RLC-7 K4KDR-6 10/12 15:51:30z Reply KD9RLC@att.net{88
W8KRF-6 K4KDR-6 10/11 22:18:26z Reply UR 59 in Cleveland OH EN91ck 73
K4KDR-6 KB2M-2 10/11 21:56:46z Send another Heard you via PSAT in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KI4ASK-7 K4KDR-6 10/11 21:55:23z Reply 73 via satellite{1
W4JHM-6 K4KDR-6 10/10 23:09:02z Reply TNX & 73 de W4JHM EL98 in FL
W4JHM-6 K4KDR-6 10/10 23:08:34z Reply Heard you via ISS in Edgewater, FL EL98
W8KRF-6 K4KDR-6 10/10 23:06:33z Reply QSL 73
N8TAR-7 K4KDR-6 10/10 21:43:51z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN82{6
KB2M-2 K4KDR-6 10/10 21:31:28z Reply HI FM29{43
VE2NGO K4KDR-6 10/10 21:29:57z Reply QSL TNX 73 !!{5
KI4ASK-7 K4KDR-6 10/10 16:36:02z Reply 73 via ISS{4
N0KBA K4KDR-6 10/10 15:42:33z Reply Thanks and 73!
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 10/10 14:59:04z Reply Heard in FM18iw de KM4HRR{17
KE3LB K4KDR-6 10/10 14:59:04z Reply in nepa near scranton
AB1OC K4KDR-6 10/09 22:18:53z Reply TU for Sat QSO! 73
AB1OC K4KDR-6 10/09 22:18:13z Reply UR 599 FN42er FN42er Hollis, NH USA OP Fred
W4TBD-6 K4KDR-6 10/09 15:47:16z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS heard you
N1RCN-6 K4KDR-6 10/09 15:46:45z Reply Gotcha!
N1RCN-6 K4KDR-6 10/09 15:46:07z Reply >>de n1rcn qsl?
WE4B K4KDR-6 10/09 00:41:52z Reply hi{8
K3RLD-1 K4KDR-6 10/08 23:06:08z Reply THANKS FOR CALL de K3RLD FN20{40
W4TBD-6 K4KDR-6 10/08 23:05:17z Reply got your reply
K3RLD-1 K4KDR-6 10/08 23:04:52z Reply YOU ARE 599 in FN20 de K3RLD{39
KG4AKV-5 K4KDR-6 10/07 23:54:03z Reply QSL and 73!{87
KG4AKV-5 K4KDR-6 10/07 23:53:45z Reply QSL and 73!{86
W4TBD-6 K4KDR-6 10/05 04:50:25z Reply got it
W4TBD-6 K4KDR-6 10/03 06:10:24z Reply QSL and 73 via FS3
SMSGTE K4KDR-6 09/30 01:49:19z Reply @cell Replying back from cell{M962
K4KDR-6 SMSGTE 09/30 01:47:14z Send another @cell APRS alias test