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K1CKK K4AG 03/15 17:40:53z Reply gen + wood stove helped!{79
K4AG K1CKK 03/15 17:29:16z Send another Glad to hear, must be miserable, cold,no power{47
K1CKK K4AG 03/15 15:46:54z Reply power back after 24hrs off{78
KP3FT K4AG 03/14 20:13:32z Reply Band is picking up now.{3
K4AG KP3FT 03/14 20:12:05z Send another gud propagation today{46
KP3FT K4AG 03/14 20:10:21z Reply Hi, gud sig into PR.{XS}
K4AG KP3FT 03/14 20:09:23z Send another Good afternoon, hope all is well with you{45
K1CKK K4AG 03/03 16:44:50z Reply house shaking wind last night!{73
K4AG K1CKK 03/01 19:53:52z Send another Hi carl, tnx, worked on antenna yesterday{44
K1CKK K4AG 03/01 19:36:58z Reply Hi wx4nhc on map{72
KP3FT K4AG 02/14 22:42:47z Reply How are you?{KD}
KP3FT K4AG 02/14 22:26:59z Reply Hi! Good so far.{KC}
K4AG KP3FT 02/14 21:44:48z Send another Hi Jeff, how is the recovery?{43
K1CKK K4AG 02/10 17:52:43z Reply 55F here now ..unusual!{55
K1CKK K4AG 02/10 17:48:34z Reply all ok except gettin OLD !{54
K1CKK K4AG 02/10 16:23:03z Reply hpe all fb w/u{53
K1CKK K4AG 02/10 16:22:40z Reply gm John{52
KF7EU K4AG 01/24 22:44:58z Reply Thanks for nice report Toru in scottsdale, AZ