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K4AG KF7EU 12/18 00:25:44z Send another Hi, nice to see u on the map, de John in Miami{47
K4AG K7MT-11 12/01 23:27:04z Send another Happy Holiddays to you also, John in Miami{46
K7MT-11 K4AG 12/01 23:23:39z Reply Happy Holidays Bill in Mt.{CH}
XE3N-1 K4AG 11/17 13:59:29z Reply Hello John, thanks... I'll be reading 73{81
K4AG XE3N-1 11/17 13:27:07z Send another Hi, you have email, de John{45
K4AG N8VWY-1 10/16 03:33:58z Send another test received OK{43
N8VWY-1 K4AG 10/15 23:20:23z Reply testing{01}